Cleaning the house
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Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/16/08
“Donghae, You’ll get punished for making all this mess. Clean the entire apartment, alone, tomorrow. Do you get it?” Eeteuk asked in a low angry tone.
“But hyung I didn’t—“ started to say
“You want another day?” I decided to keep my mouth shut and just bear with it.

The dorms are empty and I’m the only one with no actual schedule, only a lot of work. Darn!
I made a small list to know what I should do. So what’s next in my plan?
9:00 Make beds
9:30 Take laundry out of machine and put in a dryer
9:40 Clean bathrooms
It should be easy, right? I felt some kind of optimism filling me as I started to work.
9:10 Dang! I can’t make this bed. Why won’t this sheet lie flat?
9:20 The blanket weight a ton and the sheets won’t go straight and I have no idea how to make them look good. Yesung I’ll talk with you later. Are you hiding rocks there?
9:55 At last, forty minutes of hard work and I have made precisely one bad. I’m already way behind. Whatever… just keep moving. Laundry next…
10:10 No please, no…. what I have done? I can barely look; it’s a total disaster. Every single thing in washing machine has gone pink. What happened?
There must be a solution, there must be.
10:30 I’m sure Sungmin will be happy. I know I’ll hide it in his closet. Great idea.
10:40 Why does he have such a small closet? Oh no it’s going to fall out. Lock it. I need to lock it. Great. I did it.
10:45 What was that sound? Something--- oh no, all clothes fell out.
10:50 Bed. It’s a perfect place. Yes I did it. I hid it there.
11:00 I’m doing fine again. I’m doing well. I’ve got the Hoover on; I’m cruising along nicely. What was that? What just went up the Hoover? Why it’s making that grinding noise?
Have I broken it?
11:05 How much does a Hoover cost?
11:30 I’m cleaning bathroom. Nothing big, I can do that. I think. Ups I slop water out of bucket. I just need to find a cloth to clean with.
11:35 Oh no shower curtains! Will the others like them shreded? I can say it’s the newest fashion.
11:45 Why is this thing not coming off? What kind of cleaning tool is this? Superglue? Ups.
11:55 Heebum(Heechul’s cat) don’t---I think I traumatized him for life the moment he landed in a sink full of water.
12:05 Really nice, really nice. I managed, only with a scraped hand and shirt, to dry Heebum as clean as I can.
12:40 What’s wrong with the bleach bottle? Why is nothing coming out of it? I’m turning it around in confusion…. Ok, I’m going to squeeze it really, really hard---- that nearly got my eye.
12:42 SHOOT. What has it done to my HAIR?
12:45 Red, it’s RED!
12:47 My clothes! Nooo!
The rest returned at evening to find me in a general mess, clothes shred, hairs red, and sitting on the floor besides a broken Hoover.
Kyuhyun and Heechul smirked as knew that is coming. They still don’t know the worst, yet.
“HYUNG, WHAT’S THAT?” It came from one of bedrooms. Oh no! Sungmin!
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Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/17/08
poor donghae, yeah, sungmin would surely love d pink bed sheet, omo, heebum.. ehehhe. lolz.. great story
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