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It was 10:00PM. All of the club activities at school were over. Everyone already left the school and headed home. A short girl with silver hair that went all the way down to her knees with red eyes was sitting in the classroom. So still like a doll. A group of girls suddenly came into the classroom.

"By now, everyone should be gone, so now is when we can start our plan-" one of the girls said. "Is that Kawagoe-san?"

The girl just nodded.

"Hey! What are you doing here? You should've went home by now!" Another girl said.

"You're here too, aren't you? You're talking as if you're some type of special snob," the doll-like girl said finally making a response.

Then, there was the "captain" of the group of girls who came up to the girl.

"You've got some nerve to talk to us like that, you brat"

"So do you. What makes you think you can treat me like garbage? Everyone should be treated equally," the girl said quite calmly. She really did seem like a doll. She seemed to have no emotion at all.

The group of girls were so furious. That girl sure knew how to talk.

"How can you be so calm? We can hurt you if we want!"

The girl just just blinked and stared at them with her pretty, yet mysterious red eyes. "You think you can scare me like that? Then so be it. I don't mind."

One of the girls in the group tried to dig in their bag for something. "This ought to shut you up," the girl said as she took out a knife.

"I'm guessing you're gonna stab me with that. Am I right?"

The captain took the knife from the girl so that she could see how it would be like to stab the "know-it-all silver head girl."

"You irritate me so much! You get so many good grades in class! And so many boys like you because they think you're cute! I'm always second in the class! But once you die, I'll be number one!" The captain stabbed the girl in the stomach. "You're lucky i didn't slice your head off instead!"

"Actually... not really. I can always put my head back in place on my neck. You can try it right here. Right now."

The girls were shocked were shocked and all shouted at once, "How do you not feel any pain? And what you said just now.... are you serious?"

Outside was a full moon. The girl took out the knife from her stomach. "A full moon tonight, huh? Well, I don't know why I don't feel any pain, but I'm sure it wouldn't really matter to you." Then, her eyes changed. Almost like a cat's eye. A tail grew. And so did ears. "Well..... just so you know...... I never die. So feel free to do whatever you please."

The girls ran out of the school and screamed insanely.

"Hm..... I've done it again. Well.... I guess it just can't be helped. I was born this way. I rose into this earth and will never set to heaven or hell..... or any other place. I'll just stay at this cruel world" Mitsuki said as she stroked her long hair. She looked into the moon. "Such a nostalgic feeling...... It seems kinda sad too."

I am Kawagoe Mitsuki. I lived so long now that I can't even keep track of my age.
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Chapter 1

So I got another 100% on my test huh?

"Oh my gosh! Mitsuki-san got a 100! She's the only one in the class who got a perfect score! As expected from her!" a voice said. Mitsuki really didn't understand what was the big deal about a perfect grade.

"Mitsuki-san! You have your hair out today! It's so cute that way!" another voice said.

Mitsuki was pretty popular around the school because of her looks and grades. Mitsuki was the type of quiet and mysterious person. Everyone always asks her to go home with her, but she declines because she has a secret that they don't know about. On full moons, she grows a cat ear and tail. She doesn't know why though. Also, she never dies.
It was after school. Mitsuki saw many children going home. She secretly lives in the school, though. She has no home, or parents. She doesn't know where she comes from. All of a sudden, she heard voices. She looked around in confusion, she looked around. The, she saw a three, weird looking people. They had wings, a black cape on, and they were each holding a scythe. Mitsuki stared at them wondering what type of people carry scythes and wings.

"Hi" one of them said. "I'm Yuka. These are my partners, Mayumi and Yuuji." The girl wore a crimson colored dress with boots.

"Hello" said Mayumi and Yuuji. Mayumi wore a purple dress that looked kinda like lolita that went down to her knees. Yuuji just wore a long-sleeve shirt and pants in all black.

"...... Are those wings real?" was the only thing Mitsuki said.

"Y-yes they are" Yuka said. "But just forget about them, ok? Anyway, we have something to tell you."

Mitsuki nodded. "Yea, go on."

"Well.... You're half shinigami, half cat," said Mayumi.

"Is that so?" asked Mitsuki.

Yuuji nodded. "You were born from the moon, which caused you to feel nostalgic while looking at it.

"Also, since you're only half shinigami, you can't stay in the shinigami realm or possess the same powers as shinigami, but you are still able to live forever like a shinigami" said Yuka.

"Is that so?" asked Mitsuki. She smiled a bit. "You've actually answered one of my questions that i haven't been able to answer myself in so many years. Thank you."

"That is all we have to say. Good day to you," said Mayumi. In a few seconds, the shinigami disappeared.

Being a shinigami...... must be tough.

The next day, the teacher had an announcement to make.

"There's a new transfer student. Please make him feel right at home."

Everyone was surprised that there was a new transfer student. He then came inside the classroom. He looked very kind and calm. "Hello, I'm Keisuke. Nice to meet you."

Mitsuki looked up at him. Then, they made eye contact. She turned her head a bit. She slightly blushed. Damn! Why am I blushing?

"There's an empty seat right behind Kawagoe. Go sit there," said the teacher.

He went to his seat and said. "Hello, Kawagoe-san."

"Umm..... Hello. I'm Kawagoe, Mitsuki"
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