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Which guy would you want as a...?

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27 / F / Moo Town USA
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/10/09
a. Aoi Kaji - I want to be treated like a goddess! >__< He would be the perfect guy for me!
b. Yunoki - He's would be protective of me and I'd hate him for it -___-
c. Hihara - If i was his big sister I'd tease him like there was no tomorrow:P
d. Len - me: 'play with me!!!111' len: 'dont waste my time' me: 'ahh come on, you play with hino' nuff said lol it'll be like Utau and Ikuto besides we're both violinist and add hino and you have an awesome trio ^__^
e. Ryou - He seems like the guy I would be 'forced' to like and hang out with. Like I am with my cousins.
f. Keiichi - He is my bun bun! Let's nap together :3
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
a) Kazuki Hihara
b) Ryotaro Tsuchiura
c) Keiichi Shimizu
d) Len Tsukimori
e) Yunoki Azuma
f) Aoi Kaji

(i wont tell reasons)
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23 / F
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
Wow! These are awesome questions!

As a...

A.) Boyfriend? DEFINITELY LEN TSUKIMORI! He's SO gorgeous and super good-looking! Plus he's very very talented as a violinist! I'd love to learn from him... He's great! Perfect as a bf!
B.) Big Brother? Obviously Ryotaro Tsuchiura. His ways show it. He's perfect for that role. I'd like someone like him to protect me and stuff... and also it would be nice to hear piano music all over the house! But I imagine him disapproving of Len as my BF. XD
C.)Little Brother? Keiichi Shimizu! So cute! CUTE INDEED! His angelic face just shouts out "I'm a little brother!" :D
D.)Best Friend? I'd have to pick 2 for that category: Aoi Kaji and Kazuki Hihara! They're so alike! and whenever I'm down, I'm sure THEY'LL Drag ME all the way to the amusement park to cheer me up!
E.) Cousin? Hmmm... I don't want o pick azuma on this... Cause no offense, but i don't want to share the same blood as his! So NONE! Well, If I'd have to place Aoi Kaji somewhere other than best friend... I'd put him here! It'd be a great honor to be related to such a perfect guy! :D
F.)Pet? Ha... I'd probably say that none should be pets... they're all too perfect to not be humans... but I guess I can put Azuma Yunoki here. That way, I won't hear him say bad and offending stuff and criticize me! >:D I also bet that as a pet, he'd also be cute! :D

I just love answering questions like this! THANKS!
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Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09

rinne wrote:

a) hihara is so happy and cute :)
b) tsuchiura since he seems so helpful and TALL
c) shimizu angel!!!
d) aoi since he's cool :)
e) len, i just like him being with kahoko :D
f) azuma -- imagining HIM as a pet LOL

You're right... I like Len with kahoko too... and If I wasn't refering to me... I'd definitely put Len as my big brother !
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28 / F
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
a) Boyfriend- KAzuki Hihara(i love him to death)
b) Big Brother-Ryotarou Tsuchiura
c) Little Brother-Keichi(cute)
d) Best Friend-Tsukimori
e) Cousin-Azuma
f) Pet -Aoi
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22 / F / Texas
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
a) Boyfriend-Hihara ;]
b) Big Brother-Ryo
c) Little Brother-Shimizu
d) Best Friend-Aoi
e) Cousin-Len
f) Pet->.< nah i'd rather have em human ;]
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24 / F / Monochrome
Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09
a) Boyfriend - Keiichi Shimizu..XD [...his quiet and charming personality says it all...XD]
b) Big Brother - Ryoutaro Tsuchiura...^^ [..i really like how he looks up for Kahoko like a real brother of hers..^^]
c)Little Brother - Aoi Kaji..^^ [....i don't know...his personality would be great for a little brother..^^"]
d) Best Friend - Kazuki Hihara...^^ [....his funny personality says it all...^^]
e) Cousin - Len Tsukimori..^^ [ would be great to be his cousin...^^"]
f) Pet - Azuma Yunoki... >:)) [...i don't know...for some reason i want to treat him like a dog...because of what he did to Kahoko...]
Posted 4/27/09 , edited 4/28/09
LOL WTH....A PET..THATS PRETTY SAD ! but.....oh well

a) Boyfriend = Kaji Aoi
b) Big Brother = Tsuchiru Ryotarou
c) Little Brother = Shimizu Keiichi
d) Best Friend = Hihara Kazuki (Also wants as a Boyfriend!)
e) Cousin = Tsukimori Len (i'd want him to be my other big brother/best friend)
f) Pet = Yunoki Azuma....bad doggie.
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24 / F
Posted 5/6/09 , edited 5/6/09
a.) Ryoutarou- he's very supportive and very nice
b.) Kazuki- I see him as a big brother
c.) Keiichi- I think he's more of a liitle brother
d.) Len- it would really be awesome if he was my best friend
e.) Kaji- its alright if he was my cousin ( Too bad, I already thought of Shinobu of being my cousin ).
f.) Azuma- it's the only choice left ( I'm a bit scared though ).
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24 / F / in my OFFICE
Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09

out of the 6.. i would want...

a) Boyfriend - Len Tsukimori (then i'll tell u wat his secrets are behind his cold stare.. LOL)
b) Big Brother - Ryotaro Tsuchiura (coz he's really nice^^)
c) Little Brother - Keiichi Shimizu (i would love the way he would call me "oneechan" kyaa~~ so cute^^)
d) Best Friend - Aoi Kaji (coz he'll treat me everyday after school^^)
e) Cousin - Azuma Yunoki (it's nice 2 have a male cousin, oh... a bishounen^^)
f) Pet - Kazuki Hihara (yaa~ he really seems like a good pet to me^^)

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24 / F / In front of ma la...
Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/11/09
a) Kazuki
-man that would be awsome and crazy
b) Ryo
-nice older protective older brother
c) Shimizu
-man i have always wanted a cute little brother >w<
d) Len
-That would be sort of cool and stuff
e) Yunoki
-that could actually sort of scary
f) Aoi
-what?he could be my hamster
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27 / F / Indonesia
Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
For me :
a) Boyfriend : Tsukimori Len (of course)
b) Big Brother : Yunoki Azuma
c) Little Brother : Shimizu Kei'ichi
d) Best Friend : Tsuchiura Ryoutarou
e) Cousin : Kaji Aoi
f) Pet : Hihara Kazuki (he's a glutton, right ^^)
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09
a) Boyfriend- Len Tsukimori: he play violin, cute and like his personality
b) Big Brother- Ryotaro Tsuchiura: he always protect u and i lik his piano
c) Little Brother- Keiichi Shimizu: he cute and love to sleep.
d) Best Friend- Kazuki Hihara: he make u laugh when u feeling down
e) Cousin- Aoi Kaji: he is cute
f) Pet- Yunoki: he is mean just like a pet do
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/30/09
Hihara: 7 vote for bf
Len: 11 vote for bf
Ryo: 3 vote for bf
Keiichi: 2 votefor bf
Aoi: 2 vote for bf
Yunoki: 2 vote for bf

Yay!!! Len won, i vote for him too!!!!
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Posted 10/20/09 , edited 10/21/09
a) Hihara! <3
b) Ryoutaou [so kind, and caring (: lovesit.]
c) Shimizu-kun =]
d) Hihara<3 [whatt? i can't have a sweet boyfriend AND bestfriend?!]
e) Yunoki [ehhh, he b aightt, but not my fav. BIPOLAR! xD]
f) Pet [not answering, since i don't know Aoi :D]
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