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22 / F / Vocaloid world
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
Name: Rina Miriam
Class: Day class
Hair: Blone,curly,long hair(lolita hair type)
Eyes: blue
Gender: Female
Uniform: Female Day Class
Clothes: black lolita clothes
Shoes: lolita black dolly shoes and socks
Form:normal human
Friends wit: Yuuki
Weapons: Death Voice
Description: i'm a quiet,shy,cute girl,just a little emo....
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25 / F / JAPAN!!!!!!
Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/10/09
Name: Death kusomi

Class: Night Class

Rank: level E

Hair: Long Black hair

Eyes: Red

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Bday: 13th Oct

Height: a bit smaller then yuuki

Uniform: Female night class

Clothes: Darked colours clothes

Ears: she always has earings that matchs her clothes and love 2 listen 2 music

Shoes: Sneaker or Converse

Form: Pureblood

Weapons: Artemis

Description: kusomi was borned pureblooded. shes love manga,musics and anime alot. shes smart, cute, nice(sometimes). kusomi never had a true best friend coz everybody only wantz 2 be her friend just coz she pureblooded. when ppl wantz 2 be her friend she always ask them first if they just want 2 be her friend coz shes pureblooded. so kusomi only plays with her pet every year was the same 4 kusomi.always lonely and sad.
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105 / F
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/14/09
Name: Call me Akira

Username : Jeezzzz

Class: Day Class

Rank : Student

Hair: red hair

Eyes: red eyes

Gender : Male

Age : Secret

DOB : Jan 5th

Height : 6'2

Uniform : Male Day Class

Clothes: T-shirts, jackets, jeans, singlets, shirts, ties, Cross Academy uniforms, gothic clothings

Ears: listen to musix and everything

Shoes: sneakers, shoes

Weapons : using sword, take ppl soul, hypnotize voices, sucking blood

Describe : no ambitions, no dreams, hate annoying ppl, like sucking ppl blood, like sweets especially chocolate, playing piano, play sports, like to sleep

It's me

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23 / F / Why do you need t...
Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/17/09
name: Miyuki Kitamura

class: day now switched to night



Status: you'll know in due time

Eyes: one dark purple and the other one blood red yet wears contacts to hide her real eyes

Hair: long black hair to the waist with dark purple and blue and red streaks in it (pretend the pic has the same hair couldn't find one with same hair clor)

Form: pureblood vampire otherwise a noble

Weapons: dual swords called the blood twins or it's nickname Luna. It is two swords with blood red jewles in the hilt and the blades are very sharp stainless steel with engravings of a sapphire crescent moon on both of them and blood red swirls dancing down and around the moons.

Gender: girl

Friends with:Kaname, Aidou, Akatsuki

Clothes: is a tomboy but very pretty so she asked for the boys school uniform which confused Yuuki and Zero but had caught the attention of the night class. Went on like that for a while until the headmaster found out I was a pureblood noble vampire (how did he find out anyways??) so he sent me to night class and forced me to wear the girl uniform, which I still resisted so he gave in and let me wear the boy uniform. *sighs* but likes to wear girl clothes every once in a while.

Personality: Has a mean, cold personality yet is like a leader she doesn't really get scared easily, smart, sporty, but very merciless in a fight unless kaname holds her back

Crush: no one for now

Family: has none is currently living by herself taking care of herslef

Past: Her family when she was 5 got killed by humans. Her father had told them to take shelter and that he would protect them only she wouldn't listen so she saw her father got stabbed by the hunter and sliced up some of the blood splattered on her than she ran to her mother but when she got there she saw a vampire she thought it was going to help and when she got up close, her mother got a hand through her chest and bitten blood once again splattering on the poor girl. She got enraged and with unimaginable speed she grabbed the vampire she knew was now level E and crushed it to death. After she sunk down and cried untli her heart was broken. From that day she never trusted anyone not even real vampires and became coldhearted.

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28 / F / Canadahh.
Posted 9/4/09 , edited 9/5/09
Your character is pure Marysue. Day and night? Male and female? Younger sis of 4 people? Daughter and cousin of two?
Sadly, forums are invaded by marysues left and right. Here`s my character.

Name: Izumi Tsukuyomi
Class: Day class.
Status/Ranking: Very smart witted, and enjoys deductions. Show`s very little interest in everyday classes.
Form: Human girl, strong aura.
Hair: Pure White.
Eyecolor: Green. With her bangs lightly covering her other eye, which is revealed to be white.
Friends: Never opened up to anyone.
Clothes: White. Long shoulder high glove, connected to her middle finger, and covering her thumb. A cross with a green jewel, and chained by small metal chains to her wrist. Other arm revealing a small glove, showing all her fingers.
Weapon: Strong, large, sword attacks, using her pure white sword with embedded green jewels. However, she doesn`t show anyone her power, and plays along with the rest of the crowd.
Personality: She has a very cold glare, and shows absoloutely no emotion, even when being stabbed. Her calmness lets her act fast in quick thinking situations, and therefore making a great companion.

Example of a marysue.
( # = the problem that`s wrong with it. )

Name: Shizuka Neko nageshito Suoh ( but every1 calls her shikuko, and sometimes Sumeki. )
# super long name.
Class: Day and nite clas
# Included in everything.
Form: she is a vamprir a pureblood, half warewolf, fairy, angel, and devil.
# Has a billion forms, and therefore making her "popular"
hair: blonde and glows in the nitetime
# Some overexaggerative hair color, with a billion highlights.
eyecolor: golden that glistens in the sunlight
friends: zero, kaname, everyone of the student council, all the vampires,
# Friends with almost everyone. No one hates her.
boyfriend: zero, kaname are fiteing over her
# Has all the crushes falling over her.
clothes: very very pretty, every1 luv hao she dreses
# Dropdead gorgeous.
weapon: wand, sword, scynth, magic, fangs, claws, but she is very prety
# Has over a million weapons that are all srpinkled with gold.
personality: cute, kind, hates to see friends get hurt, wins every battle, saves her friends a lot.
# Inhuman personality, that no one could achieve.

Typical marysue. I`ve read through a lot, and a lot of them are like that.
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27 / F / Hell
Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/27/09
Name: Yumi Hikaru

Class: Night

Hair: Exactly like Zero’s Haircolor (Silver) but abit darker

Age: A year younger then Zero

Eyes: Exactly like Zero’s (Lavender) but abit darker

Gender: Female

Uniform: Night class Females, Night Class Males and Day Class Males

Clothes: T-shirts, Hoodies, jackets (Hoodies and Non-Hoodies), Shorts, Jeans, Skinny jeans, Shirts, Ties, Cross Academy uniforms, Lolita, punk Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Punk clothing’s, Gothic clothing’s, Chains

Shoes: Boots and Sneakers

Form: Ex-Human

Friends with: Zero (Her Boyfriend), Kaname (Half the time), Kain, Shiki, Aidou (Half the time), Rima, Takuma, Yuuki (Half the time), Sayori (Her Bestfriend)

Weapons: A Sword, 2 Sais and her Claws

Description: Is kind of Emo, Is scared and called a demon by all boys, Has high self-esteem but some times low, Creative, she is not Shy at all, Quiet, Independent, Serious, Bossy, Adventurous and Messy. But if you get on her good side and know her very well she can be: Dependable, Responsible, Self-confident, Reliable, Funny, A good listener, Friendly, she never lies to you and is Outgoing! She is also a total Tomboy. She is sneaky and is a great fighter!!

She hate Kaname half the time, for being what she calls “evil” and for being mean to Zero. She hates Yuuki half the time, for being annoying and too girly. Sayori is her best girlfriend and Yumi cares for her dearly, that’s why Yumi told Sayori she was a Vampire! She loves Zero to death and will do anything for him! Most of the time she gives her blood to Zero instead of it being stupid Yuuki and "evil" Kaname. While Sayori is Yumi’s Best girlfriend... Takuma is Yumi’s Best guyfriend, she tells him anything!

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22 / F / In A Dark World T...
Posted 10/27/09 , edited 10/27/09
Name: tai haruka

Class: night class

age: 15

Hair: gray and short

Eyes:one is yellow the other is blue

Gender: Female

Uniform: Female Night Class


Shoes: vans, converse, dc's

Form: if i can a demon vampire

Friends wit: ...........

Weapons: black and red sword, twin guns, and daggers

Description: sometimes calm, likes fun things and likes to play sports and likes music
call me haru, tai, or haruka i u like

a bit of her past: ran from home after her family was killed. stayed away from people since she 4 and hasn't drinken blood since then. her strength in resisting isn't all that good but she maintains calm when she sees or smells blood. :3

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22 / F
Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/9/10
Name: Mitsuki Tanemura
Age: 15 (same as Yuuki)
Height: 5'3
Weapon: Katana and a gun (used during extreme emergencies)
Race: Half blood vampire
Nicknames: Mitsuki-chan, Mitsy, and Moon.

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24 / M / In a place were e...
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/21/10
Name: semek



friends with-haruka-chan

Race:demon angel

Class:male day class

Hair:brown (its short)

Eyes:grey mixed with red

Gender: Male

Uniform: Male night class

Clothes:random types(maybe emo,maybe


Form: Pureblood

Friends with:i dont know anyone in this group (yet)

Weapons:Katana,scythe,twin guns,gun sword,

Description:Friendly,active,conversionalist,funny,very random,smart,talks allot becouse im random and i like meningless conversations,allways is listening to music,sporty,plays all the sports there is (even dancing),likes to draw,is sometimes reading a book,can be quite shy sometimes, haves a very positive attitude.

backround:raised in heaven like a angel but when came to the human world was kidnnaped by some mad demons how by a sacred ritual transfromed him into part demon and was put awai in a dar cell in hell for 2 years was rescued by his parents but they wont leet him back in heaven so he had to move to the human world with his parents how lost there angel powers in the age of 14 his parents were killed by the same demons that ruined his life but was rescued by a girl named haruka a demon vampire how told him about a academy that takes 'special students' that she was in they became very good friends and he went to this school and was enroled inmedietly, now he lives a normal but sometimes wierd life trying to find out how were those demons he keapes a positive attitud and is very happy but when he was a angel he was the guardian of the gate...the sanctuarygate.

you can call me seme,anmon(almost like almond),but i like te be called sanc

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24 / M / In a place were e...
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/8/10
hello haru i joined!
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F / a m a i m o n ' s...
Posted 4/13/10 , edited 4/14/10
Name: iwantchocolate
Class: Ex Human Morning Class
Hair: long dark brown//black -up to my knees-
Eyes:Dark Brown
Gender: Female
Uniform: Female Morning Class
Clothes: anything that suits the season and time
Shoes: anything that suits the season and time
Form: Ex Human
Weapons: Katana,Gun,Antidotes,Samurai
Description: just your simple normal girl, focused on studying and idolizes aido-kun secretly...playful,hyper,street fighter
Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/19/10
Name: Alyss

Class: Day

Rank: Mystery

Hair: Sliver, long

Eyes: Bloody red

Gender: Female

Age: 10 years old who looks like 17 (stopped aging)

Bday: Nov 15th

Height: As tall as Rima

Uniform: Day Class Female

Clothes: White vampire lolita

Ears: Bunny ears with a little crown in the middle(Can be hidden)

Shoes: Normal schoolar shoes /White stockings with bloody red line and long white boots

Form: A mysterious human-vampire that sucessfully turned into a pure blood because of her hidden power

Friends with: Yuuki (friend), Kaname (friend-enemy), Zero (friend; Met once when Zero was a kid, but he forgot), Rima (childhood friend), Shiki (childhood friend), Night class (friends), day class (protecting them), the rest is all enemy

Weapons: Cards, mind powers (Control minds, read minds, control the person)

History: Long ago in the era time, a 10 years old girl went missing. The truth was, she was murdered by a pure blood vampire. Her hate was really great as the rabbit doll she was carrying called out for her and gave her insane vampire power and became a pure blood. She then started to age rapidly for straight 7 days. Even tho she appears to be 17 years old, but she was actually 10 years old. Her hate was great as she stepped into the vampire world and murdered the pure blood vampire who murdered her when she was still a human without anybody noticing. Later, she met the Kaname gang as they slowly calmed her and decreased her hate for the vampires. They taught her to use her power properly and provided her a place to stay. Later, she was invited to the school. Because she could change into a human form, she was put to Day class to protect the students there.

Description: She's a very dark character, yet remains some of her human emotions and habits. She could be fun and nice if she wanted to, and could murder vampires/humans without any trace.. (except, of course the night class would know) She loves pudding and candy, and would do anything for it. She's Godly in music, and she could use her music to mess with other people's mind. Her deadly skill is to freeze time, and her strongest and weakest time is night. (She is scared of the dark, yet she was "created" from the dark) Her eyes is her weakest spot. If she was blind-folded, she would be scared and start panicking. Her eyes changes colour depending on her mood. If she was killing or attacking other people or killed other people or super pissed, it will turn light red.

Nickname: Baka (Zero calls her that), Honey (Old people calls her that), Aly, Alice (People who do not know her name is actually "Alyss" instead of "Alice" calls her that), Hime-sama (Ichijou calls her that because she's such a baby inside her)

Pictures of her:

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