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tamaGotchi- Preschool
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
Tastiella-sensei: So we're all here, please stop from moving and don't stand up while the bus is moving. Something bad might happen if you do. Remember to check on your partner and tell me when something is wrong (ex: lost,crying ect.) Don't forget the bus number is 001 if you get lost ok? *passes info card's to all students*

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Lucia-chan: yay!!!!!FIELDTRIP!!!FIELDTRIP!!!You know Suzune-kun I cried cos I thought you wouldnt be coming..
Suzune-kun: Of coursse id come!!!! ITS MY FIRST FIELD TRIP!!!
Lucia-chan: *smiles* Oh no....Im starting to feel something in my tummy....
Suzune-kun: HUH!? NOW??!! when we just got on the bus!?
Lucia-chan: Actually its been a long time we've been on the bus....URGH!!!HeLp Me.........!!!
Suzune-kun: Right.........Tastiella-sensei!!!!WE'VE GOT A CRISIS HERE!!!and i dont even know what crisis means.....i just heard it from my mom....
Tastiella-sensei: What???what happened??!!Lucia-chan are you alright??
Lucia-chan: MmMmM!!!!!!*holds mouth then starts to cry*
Tastiella-sensei: OH NO!!!!who has an extra towel or some tissue??a plastic bag!!!and some water!!???
Himeka-chan: Ihave TISSUE SENSEI!!!!!!
Tastiella-sensei: GOOD!!!!BRING IT HERE!!!!
Yoru-kun: I have Water sensei!!!!
Kazusa-chan: I have a plastic bag!!!
Tastiella-sensei: ok HURRY!!!GIVE THEM TO ME CHILDREN!!!*kids give items to sensei*
*tastiella reaches out the plastic bag under Lucia's mouth and just on time she let it all out*
and the whole class shouted *EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Tastiella-sensei: WUH!!!!JUSt on time.....please give me the tissue *himeka gives the tissue*
*tastiella wipes tissue on Lucia's mouth*
*she makes Lucia gargle the water and spit it in the plastic bag multiple times*
lucia finally drinks water
Tastiella-sensei and the class: Are you ok Lucia-chan????
Tastiella-sensei: WOAH!!!that was pretty exciting was'nt it class???
ALL: YES!!!!!!!
Tastiella-sensei: ok evryone back to what your doing!!!!
Suzune-kun: R you sure your alright lucia-chan???
Lucia-chan: Yes Im alright...thank you...ill just sleep thats what I do when I feel dizzy or ill just do something so that my mind will forget about the dizziness...
Suzune-kun: well ok...How bout we talk so that u are doing somtin!!!

Lucia-chan: YEAH!!!!SURE!!!
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Kazusa-chan: Misha-chan what do you like doing best? Here have some milk. *smiles*

Misha-san: Kazusa-chan me's love stalking-walking Kotarou-kun,surey wure suu. Arigatou!

Tastiella-sensei: *arrives at a souvenir shop* We'll be stopping
at the store for a while longer. Please enjoy bringing merchandise home but don't forget to choose wisely you can never know if its such a good item.

Kazusa-chan: (Thinking : I wonder what I can
buy...) *decides on it* Oh, um.. I'd like to buy Seven Colored-drink with chocolate lover-chips please. *after giving money,recieves it* Wow!This is yummy, classmates do you want to try this??

All Classmates: I wanna try that
, Gimme!! *all tries* Yummy this is cool....
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Tastiella-sensei: This is Kazuki-kun he is a transfer student,please be nice to him and don't forget to become friends with him.

Kazusa-chan: *walking at the playground of souvenir shop* I wonder what everyone thinks of ---*slides* Ouch! That hurts, I better get going...but I can't even stand. *Kuga Jin walks to her*

Jin-kun: Are you ok, Kazusa-chan? *looks at her wound* Can you do it by yourself, I'll help you if you want..

Kazusa-chan: Oh..I'm ok, I'll do it
myself you might get hurt.

Jin-kun: *carries
her in back* No, I'm good! I'll bring you to sensei.

Kazusa-chan: *blushes and smiles* ---...... ... .. .... . . *after telling Tastiella-sensei she gets aided and goes to Misha-san and talks to her*
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Lucia-chan: Hi Kazuki-kun!!!Im Nanami Lucia and this is Kujyou Suzune, Kujyou Kazune, Kujyou Kazusa, Misha-chan, Kuga Jin, Kujyou Himeka & this is Yoru-kun.
Kazuki-kun: UUUHHMM....Nice meeting you all!!!!!Im very happy today!!
Kazuki-kun: Hi Lucia-chan!!!thanks for introducing me to all of our classmates!!!!:D
Lucia-chan: Your welcome!!!!

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Himeka-chan: Honestly, Lucia-chan you seem very friendly to Kazuki-kun. Why don't you become best friends??

Kazusa-chan,Kazune-kun and Suzune-kun: Yup, thats right! But aren't you going to buy something at the stop shop?

Yoru-kun: Nyaaa, thats right but wait I think I gotta buy some goods too.

Misha-san: I also saw a shoppy wop called gamers, my friend Di gi Charat/Dejiko lives there.

Kazuki-kun: Oh.. I remember Rabi~en~Rose and don't forget Petit Charat/Puchiko!

Tastiella-sensei: Well then lets visit them right now we still have a few minutes left. Then we'll be going to the Memorial park and other places as well it is in Kyoto,Japan.
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Lucia-chan: WHAT????whats wrong with making friends??
Himeka-chan: Its nothing we're just saying your a good person is all!!!!
Lucia-chan: oh ok!!!hehehe.....sorry........
Himeka-chan: Its ok Lucia-chan!!!!
Kazuki-kun: Whats wrong/???I hear my name!!!
Lucia & Himeka: Nothing!!!!!!!

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Kazusa-chan: Aren't you buying souvenirs, Lucia-chan?
Jin-kun: I'll buy something from Shima-san for awhile. But I'll be back, Kazuki-kun wanna come?
Kazuki: Sure! *goes with Jin, after awhile*

Kazuki-kun and Jin-kun : Were back!! We got something for all of you but I'm not sure if its good enough^-^ Here this is a Lucky Charm for everyone. *gives all classmates and sensei*

Kazuki-kun : Um... Lucia-chan thank you again! *Smiles then blushes after that gives a stuff toy*
Jin-kun: Here!! Kazusa-chan have this, hope you're ok.... *Smiles then blushes after that gives a stuff toy*

Lucia-chan and Kazusa-chan: Domo Arigatou..

Tastiella-sensei: Arigatou Jin and Kazuki. We will be having a picture taken please try your best smile and pose!
Puchiko and Dejiko: Stare~~~-------

Suzune-kun: Wahh! Its Puchiko-san and Dejiko-oneesama you're still here , why don't you take a picture with us? *turns to Shima-san* Can you take a picture of us Shima-san??

Shima-san: Sure! Are you all ready for the picture? You will recieve this after the trip, One... two... three GO!!!

*Click!!click!! FLASH........ ===-_++++++***********

D - O - N - E !!!!!!!!!!
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Kazune: *runs out of store with 2 bags* im done buying my suvioniers sensei! sry i took so long!

Yoru: the moron couldn't find a good gift for Laarnie and Karin thats why we took so long

Kazune: Shut up Yoru!

Yoru: sorry but it was the truth

Kazune: fine you don't get this tasty cat food i got 4 u *shows cat food*

Yoru: i said i was sry!!!!!

Kazune: *throws cat food at yoru* hope it satifies ur taste
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Tastiella-sensei: Now children!!!!stop your fighting!!!!And Kazune where did you learn the word Shut Up???*tries to stop them from fighting*
Kazune & Yoru: GRRR!!!!!!!*stares at each other*
Tastiella-sensei: Ok now children we'll only stay a while longer so take pictures and have fun the best way you can!!!!!
*after awhile*
Tastiella-sensei: Ok everyone!!In the bus now!!!!
All: O.....K.......
Tastiella-sensei: Ok now children!!!!!Next stop the Mamiya Zoo!!!
ALL: YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
*near the zoo a person goes in the bus*
Stranger: HELLO EVERYONE!!!!I'm Tamachi Kito!!!your Zoo Instructor nice to meet you all!!!
ALL: Hello Tamachi-san!!!
Tamachi-san: Ok now kids I'm Going to tell you the process of where to go In the Zoo, well the First stop is to see the deers!!!then we will drive around and then stop at the Monkeys!!thento the tigers then to the lions then to the...............*continues the way in the zoo*
ALL: YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
*they get off the bus*
Tastiella-sensei: Ok everyone, Line up by partner!!!
*all line up*
Tamachi-san: Ok we're off!!!
*then they continue around the zoo*
*after a few hours*
Tamachi-san: Ok everyone!!did you all bring your snacks??
All: YES!!!
Tamachi-san: GOOD!!!because Its LUNCH!!!!
ALL: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*they all eat at some tables in the zoo, away from the animals*
*after eating they continue*
*they get in the bus*
Someone: That was fun!!
It really was fun!!
Tastiella-sensei: Ok everyone!!!keep down now!!!!Take your seats!!!Say farewell to Tamachi Kito-san!!!
ALL: Goodbye and thankyou Tamachi-san!!
Tamachi-san: Oh your welcome! Have a safe and Joyful trip!!
All: BYE-BYE!!
Tastiella-sensei: Ok children we will now go to Tatsuhiya Museum!!!!

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Tastiella-sensei: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8......OH NO!!!!Someone's missing!!
ALL: HHUUUUUHH!!!!!!!!????????
Tastiella-sensei: Ok now class who's missing a partner???
Kazusa-chan: Iam Tastiella-sensei!!!
Tastiella-sensei: oh no......Misha-chan...driver please help me find Misha-chan ok children hold on to your partners and lets search for Misha-chan!!!Kazusa-chan stay with me first ok??
Kazusa-chan: Yes sensei...
*meanwhile at the lunch area..*
Misha-chan: Hewo??Is anyone hew suu???Hewoooo!!!!Oh no....I was weft behind!!!!*starts to cry in one corner*
*near the bus area*
Tastiella-sensei: Ok now Kazusa-chan where did you last see Misha-chan??
Kazusa-chan: She told me after she was done eating that she'd look at the birds that were near the Lunch area and I forgot about her and I think she didn't know we were already leaving......
Tastiella-sensei: Ok....uhhhmmmm....we'd better call Tamachi-san *calls Tamachi-san, after awhile*
Tamachi-san: Ok now....the Birds???Oh theyre near the lunch area just please follow me
*at the birds area*
Tastiella-sensei: She isn't here!!!
Tamachi-san: well....If she didnt know we left....that means she must have gone to the Lunch area!!!
Tastiella-sensei: OH YES!!!!That could be right!!!Ok now children!!!let's go to the Lunch area!!
*at the Lunch area*
Tastiella-sensei: OH!!!There she is!!!!Misha-chan!!!!
ALL: MISHA-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!
Misha-chan: MINNA!!!!!Tastiella-sensei!!!WWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tastiella-sensei: Are you alright Misha-chan????
Misha-chan: I am alright suuu...
Tastiella-sensei: Ok good...Ok now children!!!To the bus!!!
*at the bus*
Tastiella-sensei: Thank you wery much Tamachi-san for helping us find Misha.
Tamachi-san: It was my pleasure M'am
Tamachi-san: Your welcome everyone!!Goodbye!!!
ALL: BYEBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tastiella-sensei: OK next stop Tatsuhiya Museum!!!
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Tastiella-sensei: Ok now class here are your class numbers!!!

#1 Hihara Kazuki
#2 Kuga Jin
#3 Kujyou Himeka
#4 Kujyou Kazune
#5 Kujyou Kazusa
#6 Kujyou Suzune
#7 Misha
#8 Nanami Lucia
#9 Yoru

Kazusa-chan (misha___chan) can you please put the Last Names of the others??cos Idont know some of theyre last names and arrange them again by they're last names ok!!!!Thank you!!!
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Tastiella-sensei: Ok, next stop is Tatsuhiya Museum. Since you all are unfamiliar of this historical place it was Kaguya-himesama's home, did you remember the story I read to all of you? This is not just a museum, there are also other parts of it such as the Shrine of the havens, Cherry blossom park, riverside lake and more. Please try not to touch the artifacts and antiques there to avoid accidents.
(All goes to the bus and arrives at Tatsuhiya Museum after a few seconds)

Tastiella-sensei: We will start, just ask me if you have any further questions. Oh.. That one over there is the Sculpture of young Kaguya-hime.

Tastiella-sensei: If you want to read about her again please look at this then ; Class, do you want to read it?
All Classmates: Yes, sensei! We'd love too. Yayyy!!
Kazusa-chan: *after reading the story* That story was very good, sensei. Still I'm wondering what happened to Kaguya-hime sama and where she is. When I grow up I wanna meet her!

?????: I'm glad you thought that was good, I'm looking for the answer in that question also like you.
Tastiella-sensei: Himeka Karasuma-san is that you? You're the shrine maiden here?!

Himeka-chan: Its me Himeka Karasuma, and I'm the shrine maiden here. I know you think I don't look like one Tastiella-sensei. (Himeka is actually younger than Himeka Kujyou but works as a shrine maiden) Thats Himeka-neechan right?

Tastiella-sensei: This is Himeka Karasuma-san, she is younger than all of you but still works as a shrine maiden to devote her life to the Gods. She's the other half of Himeka Kujyou whose with us right now. She'll be going with us around the fieldtrip from now on and will guide us as well.

Himeka-chan:*After the tour of the museum* Finally we are done, did you all like it?
All: Yup, Himeka-chan that
was great of you to teach us even if ---- ahh never mind about that!

Himeka-chan: Next stop ater Tatsuhiya Museum,Shrine of the Havens is the Traditional Tea house. We usually take tea in the afternoon as our tradition for welcoming visitors. Please enjoy some tea feel free to ask more but not after the Tea ceremony. *smiles then serves tea*

Yoru-kun: Nyaaaa! That was the best
tea I've tasted. Whats next I'm soo excited!!

Suzune-kun: Suzune thinks that we will go to the riverside lake, and after that maybe the Cherry Blossom park unyu.
Tastiella-sensei: Thats right Suzune-kun, did you find that out using the chronus clock? *Suzune nods*

Misha-san: Riverside lake, suu? But thats where Kotaroh-kun um he ....
Lucia-chan: Ahh mm... My head it hurts so much, someones coming and he might be------ oops I kinda forgot!
Misha-san *thinking* : My dear sweet Kotaroh-kun is it really you? *blush*

Kazusa-chan: Someones over there at the cliff could he be Kotaroh-kun *walks nearer and notices* Wahh!!The waters red like blood (thinking: Wait its smell is like blood! I'm....) *faint, almost falls at the water*

Jin-kun: K...Kazusa-chan! *saves her from falling* What happened to you?

Himeka-chan: NO!! It can't be but this is blood. Who could of done this to the water?!

------------ No one moved for awhile but after a wave from the lake a person appeared****

Kotaroh-kun: Who's that over there?

Misha-san: *startled* Kotaroh-kun!! Is that really you or not?

Kotaroh-kun: Misha-san its me Kotaroh Higuchi... remember?

((( To be continued please do not reply after the next post comes it will still be part of this)))
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(((( NEXT PART - Please read this and also the post before it which is part one.)))

*after both of Misha and Kotaroh talking*

Misha-san: Tastiella-sensei, I'd like you to meet Kotaroh Higuchi he was my friendy wend before my lifey wife here in earth-suuu!

Tastiella-sensei: Wow thats very interesting! You both know each other very well...

Kotaroh-kun: This is actually called Riverside Lake, it is where my family was born. Though it might not look like a good place to live in now but many people say that they see magical creatures. The lake which is now red as blood used to be clean until my older self committed something by throwing himself into there and drowning the body wasn't found but it is said that crows ate it.

Now this body only serves as my "eyes" my true form became the vessel of this lake, the older self was looking for something for a long time and that was Misha-san. Many people fear me because of my ability to see one's death(something like Shinigami knows only) but I only try to help them stop that event, its not like I'm causing troubles I just want to warn them thats all....

Kazune-kun: *controlled by Kazuto Kujyou* I understand that because I am also a clone and so is Karin *thinking: I hope she isn't listening* Karasuma and I split the research in the Gods to both Himekas. But I being a clone was incomplete, thats why I don't like the result of this factor! *not controlled anymore* Huh what was I saying??

Both Himeka-chans: Kazune-chan/ Kazune-san...?

Yoru-kun: Nyaaaa, thats pretty bad but... Cheer up nyaaa!

Tastiella-sensei: Look at the sky class, its what happened before! And to Kotaroh-san as well. *after watching* (Kotaroh-san and Kazune-kun is like me as well they're still strong even though but what about me, am I strong?)

*After spending some time watching the memories they decided to play Kimodameshi*

Tastiella-sensei: there will be kimodameshi, please pick a card in the box and we'll see who you are partnered with. Please cooperate with him/her it will be girl-boy arrangement. After the kimodameshi we will be going back to school for you to be fetched.

Results of Partnership:

Lucia-chan - Kazuki Hihara
Misha-san - Kotaroh Higuchi
Himeka Kujyou - Yoru-kun
Kazusa Kujyou - Jin Kuga
Kazune Kujyou - Suzune Kujyou

Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08
Ok, the Kimodameshi starts! Please participate in it, you may now post a message about it...
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