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tamaGotchi- Preschool
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Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/28/08
Yoru: NYA?? I got Himeka?? B-b-but she's too good!!
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08

mimioncrak wrote:

Yoru: NYA?? I got Himeka?? B-b-but she's too good!!

Tastiella-sensei: Then how about this Yoru-kun? Wait I almost forgot Himeka-chan's also here so this is the new partnership please tell me if there are any more problems!

+Lucia-chan - Kazuki Hihara
Misha-san - Kotaroh Higuchi
Himeka Karasuma - Yoru-kun
+Kazusa Kujyou - Jin Kuga
+Kazune Kujyou - Suzune Kujyou
Himeka Kujyou - Puchiko/Petit Charat
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Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/28/08
Lucia-chan: Huh???My partner is Kazuki-kun???wow
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08
Tastiella-sensei: The kimodameshi starts now, we added some attractions along the way so please watch out and we'll see the last to surive as the winner the pair will get a prize as well good-luck! And for those who have classmate crushes, the hint is that you confess with him/her somewhere in a private place.

Jin-kun: Tastiella-sensei really seems
happy today right, Kazusa-chan?
Kazusa-chan: She sure does but I wonder why is it that ... *steps on something*

;A fake ghost called "Walking Doll" pops out of nowhere!! and chases them; "Booooo!!!! rawr~"

Kazusa-chan: *glomps Jin-kun while walking* Kyaaaa, whats that?!

Jin-kun: *Blush* Oh Kazusa-chan thats the walking doll but isn't that an Umi Bozu near it, how did it get here if this is land isn't it supposed to live at the sea?

Kazusa-chan: Um.... Jin-kun I have to tell you something personal (whispers something..)

Jin-kun: Sensei, were back!! We didn't really make it in time did we?
Tastiella-sensei: Thats ok, you did try your best. I know it! I hope the others pass...
Kazusa-chan: We'll be going to the bus for awhile.

*Goes back to the School bus* Both of them: That was fun!
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Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/28/08
Lucia-chan: Well Kazuki-kun, this is it...
Kazuki-kun: *gulps* yup let's go!!!
Lucia-chan: OOOOOhhhhh.............Im so scared..........!!!!*holds on to Kazuki-kun*
Kazuki-kun: *blushes* Hahaha....pretty scary....
Lucia-chan: *something holds on to her leg and she freezes while looking at her leg* *1....2.......3.....* WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*starts to cry then jumps on Kazuki-kun*
Kazuki-kun: *blushes more* Uhhhhhhhmmmmm...........Lucia-chan.....Its ok its just Kio-sensei...
Lucia-chan: OOHhh..............
*after awhile*
Lucia-chan: UUhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm...........Kazuki-kun I have something to say....

Tastiella-sensei: Wow!!!!your the 4th ones here!!!congratulations!!
Both: HEHEHE!!!!thank you sensei!!!!!
Tastiella-sensei: Ok now you 2 back to the bus with the others!!
Both: OK!!!!!!!!
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Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/28/08
Kazune: okay lets go now Suzune

Suzune: ok......


Kazune: *runs away from bugs screaming* AAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Suzune: *tugs on Kazune's shirt* its okay now they're gone

Kazune: oh *rubs head* heheheh okay then lets go to the exit now Suzune

Suzune: okay *smiles*

-near teh exit-

Tastellia-sensei: hello Kazune, Suzune, u both are the 6th ones to arrive!

Kazune: awesome!

Suzune: that was fun!

Tastellia-sensei: you both can go inside the bus now

both: okay sensei *they walk into the bus*
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Puchiko-chan: *looks at how others got scared*What a disaster nyu, they are all scaredy cats...
Himeka-san: Puchiko-chan
how do you feel about Dejiko-san as your older sister? Is she always there for you?
Puchiko-chan: Not really, she's quite selfish nyu. Someday I want her to change her stubborn attitudes so that we'll become closer nyuu.

Himeka-san: **Thinking while Puchiko is talking --- I hope Dejiko-san isn't hearing all these things**
(They don't know that Gema and Dejiko are eavesdropping and listening to them or what they are saying)

Puchiko-chan: Nyuu, I feel bad for her as well for doing stuff just to make me happy *starts crying*

Himeka-san: Puchiko-chan, don't feel bad. You don't want to waste her sacrifices right?
Puchiko-chan: Himeka-sama i'm sorry.. . . .*stops crying and tries to smile sweetly*
Dejiko-chan: Puchiko-imoutochan..!!! I heard everything. Just what you said nyo, I can't believe you had hard feelings that you did not tell but i'm not mad actually I'm happy you finally opened up to others nyo! Don't worry, I'll change sooner or later nyo.
Himeka-san: I'm glad that they learned how to bond with each other, I shouldn't disturb them so I have to go.
;Ghost pops out of the way; Kyaaa! A monster.. *Dejiko and Puchiko get alarmed* Well I better get going.. *leaves both sisters and gema*

Puchiko-chan: *before Himeka leaves* Wait, Himeka-san! Thanks for everything you made an exellent best friend, lets go to sensei nyuu...
Tastiella-sensei: Ahh... both of you are back, I'm glad you made it through you are the 8th ones to arrive please wait at the bus and talk to others
Both Himeka-san and Puchiko-chan: Arigatou sensei that was very fun and adventurous nyuu.
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Kotaroh-kun: Misha-san did you remember this place when we first visited it? Shino used to meet you every time you come take a visit, it was peaceful then but after that "one time" disasters started to happen just because of me. *sad*
Misha-chan: Kotaroh-kun it was very fun when we first visited it, and Shino-chan seemed happy as well. Its not your fault that this happened thats how things are suu.
Kotaroh-kun: I know Misha-san but I seem... I don't know but guilty. I mean its my fault you got left alone after some years.
Misha-chan: Kotaroh-kun its ok that wasn't very much pain,suu.
Kotaroh-kun: Misha-san, oh wait did if I forget to tell you something important. Older self taught me this one, but I really mean it.

Misha-chan: Eyaaaaaaaa!!!! *jumps to Kotaroh* That was scary-wary suu....
Kotaroh-kun: Misha that was really scary(?) Come on lets go to sensei immediately she might be looking for us.

Tastiella-sensei: You're both back safe and sound I just have to look for Yoru-kun and Himeka-chan, I wonder how they are. Why don't you go to the bus and have fun with your classmates! Both of you are the 10th to come.

Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08

Tastiella-sensei: It looks like all of us are done with Kimodameshi, but I wonder what happened to Himeka-chan and Yoru-kun? I hope they havent gotten lost or we will take to much time. Yoru-kun, Himeka-chan please come back after the kimodameshi if you don't know what to do just use the other's posts as an example.

Kazusa-chan: Himeka-chan, Yoru
-kun where are you? Are you hiding from us??
Himeka-san: I can't find them anywhere but I hope they at least finish the Kimodameshi together.
Kazune-kun: I wonder where they are, *sigh* are they really safe and not from harm?

Suzune-kun: I hope so theres
no way a large centipede will eat them or will there?
Jin-kun: Suzune-kun don't think badly your scaring me a lot....
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
Tastiella-sensei: Well class while waiting for Yoru-kun and Himeka-chan, this is Shurelia-sensei, she will substituting when I'm gone so be nice to her when we get back to school ok?
All: Yes sensei.
Shurelia-sensei: Hello everyone, My name is Shurelia Koriko nice to meet you all. And like what Tastiella-sensei said, I will be substituting you when Tastiella-sensei is gone. So please be good!!!
All: Ok!!!
Shurelia-sensei: Oh and I heard that two students are still playing kimodameshi, I guess I'll have to wait for them.
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/5/08

Himeka Karasuma: Yoru-kun... where are you? *looks for Yoru but bumps to the other Himeka* Ouch!! I'm sorry.. *looks at Himeka* H--Himeka-sempai what are you doing here?

Himeka Kujyou: I was about to go to the bus, Tastiella-sensei and Shurelia-sensei where looking for you and Yoru-kun. But why is he ---- I mean where is he? *wipes Himeka*

Himeka Karasuma: Himeka-sempai I don't really know where he is. *Hears cat noises, sounds, meowing and panting* what was that??
Yoru-kun: Nyaaaaaa!! I'm tired....
Himeka Kujyou: Lets get back to Tastiella-sensei and get home! *smiles*

Tastiella-sensei: Yoru-kun, Himeka-chan you're both back I'd like you to meet Shurelia Koriko-sensei she'll be your substitute teacher if I'm gone.
Shurelia-sensei: Pleased to meet you, Yoru-kun and Himeka-chan were about to leave please take your seats and pack up.

****All Tama-childrens went home and rested telling their okaa-sama or otou-sama their mini-adventure, excited they waited for the next events at school which are quite promising and exciting....****
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
*next day at Pre-School for young Gotchis*
Tastiella-sensei: Ohayou minna-san, are you all here? Today we'll be picking the guardians of the school, they will be incharge of the pre-school department as a Student Body called "The Guardians*". Anyone wanting to be part of them can apply as a guardian position but here are the five positions, they are the King-chair,Queen-chair,Jack-chair,Ace-chair and Joker. The King chair and Jack chair are for boy Gotchis and the Queen chair, and Ace chair are for girls but the Joker can be for both boy and girl gotchis. *writes on the board*

Oh and I almost forgot these young students who become one of the guardians can have access into many more school facilities that normal students are forbidden to enter just like our School's Royal Garden, Guardian's royal dorm, and many more so please apply to be one of the guardians and I'll respond to you just like what I said....

The first batch of Guardians in Seiyo Academy/ Tama+plus Preschool____________ --- - - -- - - - -- - -
*****!!!!!******!!!!!!!'""""""[email protected]@@@@@((((((((((())))))))))))))(()())())()A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

King's Chair(for Boy Gotchis) - Kazune Kujyou
Queen's Chair(for Girl Gotchis) - Kazusa Kujyou
Jack's Chair(for Boy Gotchis) -
Ace's Chair(for Girl Gotchis) -
Joker's Chair(for Boy or Girl Gotchis) -

[Hint: Just like what Tastiella-sensei said we'll be having Guardians to apply your gotchi as a guardian please state the guardian's position you want to be in and tell us what you would do if you where that guardian. But if you would like to vote a gotchi as a guardian please tell us what position you would like him/her to be in and state the things he/she will do if he/she gets picked as a guardian.]

{Here are all of the boy-gotchis that can be apply as the King's chair, Jack's chair or Joker's chair
~Kazuki Hihara
~Kotaroh Higuchi
~Jin Kuga
~Suzune Kujyou
~Kazune Kujyou

{Here are all of the girl-gotchis that can be apply as the Queen's chair, Ace's chair or Joker's chair
+Himeka Karasuma
+Kazusa Kujyou
+Himeka Kujyou
+Puchiko/Petit Charat
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
Kazusa-chan: I think I can be the Queen chair of Seiyo Academy / Tamaplus pre-school because I'm really good at finding pictures and I can help my students if they are gone, I can help out on the Q-chair alot, I spend most of my time here. I enjoy giving advices to friends,being friendly and helping others is one of my best qualities. I vote Kazune Kujyou-kun to be the in the King's Chair!

Tastiella-sensei: Kazusa-chan is decided to be the Q's-chair and Kazune-kun will be in K's-chair. There are still the Ace, Jack and Joker chair so please send it your applications before anyone else steals the position, but please don't get mad this is only the first batch of guardians there will be more guardians next time. The Joker's Chair will be occupied by one girl and one boy so please write in the applications.
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
how did my kazune-kun turn into king's chair when i didn't even enter him?
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08

japanmangapinay wrote:

how did my kazune-kun turn into king's chair when i didn't even enter him?

Misha-chan: I think he became King's Chair since Kazusa-chan voted him and he deserved it so much so Tastiella-sensei approved him.
Tastiella-sensei: Whats wrong Kazune-kun?? Is there something the matter? *worried*
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