Your Anime and Game Comics!
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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/17/08
So post your own comic from a game or a anime, have fun! ^^

here is mine, its from Sims2:
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Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
Well here is one of mine but it's only two pictures ^_^ These are three of my characters so


Posted 3/26/11 , edited 3/27/11
My OCs. I am only posting three of them up because I am lazy to improvise on the effects; I am very lazy.
There is Jeng Kong, the main guy, Endie Krane, the main girl and character, and Ekin Lewish, the one who has a crush on Jeng. :D
It would be confusing to comprehend the situation because these three are picked randomly by me; all there is that is needed to be known about is that they are doing a relay run and he finally shaves his mustache. Yay! Oh, and this is an American comic, not a manga, so it's left to right. :D

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