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Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/18/08
Hey there! My name is Cal (pen name: Jaina de Vere). Last summer, I had an epiphany. Walking down the scifi/fantasy aisle of the bookstore was turning up very little of interest--nothing was screaming "READ ME!". So, I decided to write my own fantasy series to fill the little creative void in my heart.

As the world began to unfold in my mind, I realized just how heavily influenced by anime and manga it was. I wanted so badly to write it as a manga. I really did. But I just can't draw worth a damn, so my medium became my keyboard, and the story has developed in text, rather than by graphite. They always say "write what you know". Being heavily inspired by anime, it is only natural that my series has elements of eastern influence. Everyone who has read it recognizes the anime feel. Even the humor is anime-inspired.

I don't know of any other commercial fantasy that has been written in this style. However, I believe there is a big market for it. I have completed the first two novels and started the 3rd, and I'm just beginning the dreaded agent-search now. Wish me luck!

What happens when you make a Binding Oath to protect the very thing you swore to destroy?

When young warrior Kir Ithinar finds Vann under the brush in the forest, she swears to protect him, unaware that she has invoked a powerful Guardian magic which ties her to the exiled and hunted Crown Prince. Now, as Vann's Guardian, Kir must deliver him safely to the Crown she so vehemently hates, through a sea of enemies that share in that sentiment. With the addition of two more Guardians to their party, Kir begins to discover that family binds are not made in blood, but in who will wash it off your hands.

If you want to read a few excerpts and see some of my pathetic attempts at drawing, I have a CR group for the series. Most of the members are my friends and family, but you're welcome to join if you're interested. I have them beta-reading for me, and if you'd like to beta as well, PM me.

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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/20/08
heyy~~ looks cool!!! I'll read it!!!
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I'll read it to ^_^ !
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