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[Fanfiction] Love Is Painful
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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/22/08
awesome writing! and crazy fast uploading. thank you!
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^ ^ great job
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it is awesome!!
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cant wait 4 the next chapter
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lol that was a great chapter!!and I loved how ikuto went into a daze lol!!

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Chapter 9

(I'm sick of writing flashbacks of the last chapters because i have to edit and stuff so you people have to go back to the previous chapter if you want to get a recap of the chapter. sorry! )


Injuries & Truth

Amu’s POV

“I’m Amu’s boyfriend.” I could have sworn that my jaw dropped as low as it possible could.

“Boyfriend?!” I sighed. My dad is overreacting again.

“Papa, calm down.”

“Amu-chan! That’s wonderful!” My mouth was in a shape of an O. I can’t believe my mother thinks it’s ok.

“Yea, I know Mama.” I reached over to Ikuto’s hand and held it tightly.

“How long have you been going out?”

“About a month.”

“A month?!”

“Papa, can you not overreact?” No use. Papa looked like he seen a ghost.

“Amu-chan, why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“I didn’t know if you would accept or not.”

“Amu-chan, if you think you made the right decision, I would agree with you.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I smiled at her.

“I don’t approve!”

“What do you mean, Papa?!”

“Hinamori-san,” I looked over at Ikuto. He looks so serious and sincere. “Please let Amu be my girlfriend. I love her more than the world and I would die for her. Please let her be my girlfriend.”

“Yea, Papa! Onii-chan is right! Even I think they look good together!” At least Ami is on our side. Papa ducked his head down low and I think he admits defeat.

“Fine, but if you make my daughter unhappy or hurt or anything, I will…” He didn’t finish his threat.

“Of course, Hinamori-san. I would never hurt Amu.”

“Ikuto-kun, call me Midori and call my husband, Tsumugu-san.”

“Alright. Thank you for letting Amu be my girlfriend, Midori-san and Tsumugu-san.”

“Hey, Onii-chan, call me Ami!”

“Ok, Ami.” He smiled at her.

“We should get going. Bye, Mama, Papa, Ami!”

“Bye!” Mama and Ami yelled. Papa was sulking in the corner. We walked into Ikuto’s car and I breathed a sigh of relief. Ikuto was driving since he doesn’t want us to get into an accident.

“I’m glad that’s over!”

“I thought it went pretty well, Amu.”

“Sorry if my Dad made you feel uncomfortable or anything to upset you.”

“No, your family is great.”

“Gee, thanks. Could I visit your parents sometime?” I asked. I saw Ikuto hesitated. “…Sure, Amu.” I didn’t bring up that conversation during the whole car ride.

“Hey, Ikuto,”


“Summer vacation is coming up. Are you planning to go anywhere?”

“Not really.” I saw his eyes lit up.

“We could invite all of our friends to the beach if you would like that.” His eyes fell.


“Sure, that would be great.” I smiled.

“Well, we’re here.”

“Thanks for the ride.”

“No problem, Amu.” We entered the building.

“I’m going this way. Good night, Ikuto!”

“Bye, Amu.” He looked right and left and bent down to kiss me. I kissed him back. I broke the kiss after a minute and waved and walked away. I was going up the stairs and had one set of stairs left to walk when I stepped on something wet.

Splash! Bam!

“OUCH!” I yelped. My voice echoed across the stairwell. I was on top of a big puddle of water. “What the hell??” The door opened in front of me. It was Ran. She was talking on the phone and I think it was Daichi. Her eyes widened when she saw me sitting on a puddle of water with my legs to the side.

“Bye, Daichi. I have to go.” She closed her phone. She started to run towards me.

“Don’t run, you idiot! There’s water everywhere!” Ran stopped and then carefully walked down the steps towards me.

“Amu-chan, are you ok?!”

“No,” I said bluntly. “Do you think I’m okay?” I pointed down to my knee and there was a bruise on my left knee because I dropped first on my left knee. I also have a scratch that was bleeding on my left palm and a small scratch on my left arm because I fell on my left knee and used my left hand to stop myself from falling any further but my palm slid across the tile floor and I still fell down with my arm sliding on the tile floor, too. My right knee only had a little scratch. Other than that, I was fine.

“Let me call, Su.”

“No! Don’t call her. It will trouble her and I can walk.” I tried to stand up but I fell back down again. I sighed. “Ok, fine.” Ran took out her cell phone and started to call Su.”

“Su, could you come quickly to the 2nd stairwell with a first aid kit?” I heard mumbling on the other side. I thought I heard Yoru’s voice and Miki’s and of course, Su’s.

“Amu-chan fell down.” Ran waited a second before speaking again. She looked at my injuries.

“She has a huge bruise, scratches that has blood on it. Hurry, Su!” She closed the phone. Big bruise? I looked down at my knee and sure enough, the bruise got worse. It was purple and clearly visible. I guess I would be wearing jeans or long pants to cover it up.

“What did she say?” I asked when Ran looked at me.

“Su and Miki are coming. Yoru is at our place and Miki asked Yoru to go back to his dorm.”

“You know, I really think We should get our own dorms. You and Su always come over to our dorms.”

“You’re right, Amu-chan. We should talk about it to the chairman.”

“Yea, but will there be a big enough room?”

“I don’t think so but he’ll figure something out.”

“I sure hope he will.”

“Are you ok?” Ran kneeled next to me.

“If you’re talking about mentally ok, yea I guess I’m alright. I’m accident prone or something.”

“That’s not true!”

”Do you remember when I got that bruise with the banana peel? How about when some burglar wanted to steal my bracelet? And how about the time in the café?”

“Yea, but that doesn’t exactly apply to accident prone.”

“Oh, they do. I was probably fated to be in accidents.” I said sarcastically. I was about to include the burglar accident a year ago but decided against it. Ran rolled her eyes.

“Ok, fine. Maybe you are accident prone but that’s doesn’t change anything.” I crossed my arms against my chest.

“Thanks, Ran.” I whispered quietly. I saw Ran smile.

“No problem.” I heard footsteps beyond the door. The door was wide open in an instant.

“Amu-chan!” Miki and Su yelled at the same time.

“Let me see your injuries desu.” Su went over to me and examined them. “These injuries looks bad desu.”

“I’m fine, Su!”

“Can you stand, Amu-chan?” Miki asked. I tried standing up again but my attempt was useless.

“Amu-chan, let me see your leg desu.” She reached for my leg and winced a little. She opened the first aid kit and took out this liquid, band aids, cotton, and much more. She started to get to work on my bruises, scratches, and cuts. After she was done, I tried to stand up. I swayed a little and winced every time I took a step but other than that, I was ok.

“Thanks, Su.”

“No problem, desu.” Miki and Ran were on my right and left sides in case I needed support. “Thanks, you guys but I’m fine.” I didn’t want to cause a commotion. I’ve had injuries before and I was just fine. I walked slowly but steadily. After what seemed like eternity, we finally reached our dorm. Once we got in, I walked to my bed and felt my knees buckle.

“Ah, I’m tired!” I exclaimed.

“Of course you are, Amu-chan.” Miki responded and plopped down on the bed next to me. “You should get some sleep.”

“Sure, sure.” I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


“You alright, Amu-chan?”

“I’m managing. You don’t have to carry my books.” I took my books from Miki. “I don’t want to cause a commotion. I’m aces.” I smiled at her.

“If you say so…” Miki said hesitantly. I reached my desk and sat down immediately.

“Amu!” I turned to my left and I saw Ikuto worried.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok? You don’t look so good.”

“Don’t ask me that! Are you ok? I heard from Yoru what happened.” Ikuto’s bangs covered his eyes. My hand reached to his face and caressed it.

“Ikuto, I’m fine! You don’t have to worry.” I smiled at him. I saw Sachio come in through the door. He looked pale. He walked slowly to his desk next to me. I was about to say something when he interrupted me.

“How’s your leg?” I gave him a confused look. How did he know? I was wearing jeans so nobody should see it. I decided to ignore my own question and answered his.

“It’s ok. Are you ok? You look pale.” His hand went to his cheeks. “I’m fine, Amu-chan. You should worry about yourself.”

“Class is starting!” Nikaidou-sensei said. I paid attention to him but Sachio seemed kind of dazed like he was thinking about something really hard.


“Hmm…Su wants eggs. Here they are!” I picked up a carton of eggs but something passed past my face and landed on the egg cartons. I picked the thing up. A ball. I turned around and saw a little boy run towards me. I gave it back to him and he ran away happily. Lately, there were many things happening to me. On Monday, I was taking a walk outside and someone dumped water on my feet by accident. I couldn’t see his face but he was in clothes that covered his whole body except for his face but he had a cap on. On Tuesday, I was walking past a group of kids playing with water balloons and someone threw it at me. My right side was soaked. I don’t think it was the kids’ fault because they were on the left side of me.

X-x-Summer Break-x-X

7:30 p.m.

“Yay! Summer break!!” Ran exclaimed.

“What should we do? Our vacation is a month.” I asked Ran.

“Hmm…I don’t know.”

“Do you want to go to the beach on Monday or something?”

“Sure! We have a day off from Monday to Friday so we should be ok.”

“What do you think, Miki, Su?”

“It’s fine by me desu.”

“I’m ok with it.” Miki said coolly.

“Let’s ask everybody!” Ran said excitedly.

“Let’s make a list of the people we should invite.” Miki stated.

“Let’s see…” I started to make a list by writing down the names of who we should invite. “We should invite Ikuto, Rima, Nagehiko, Kukai, Tadase-kun, Kairi, Yaya,”

“Yoru, too.” Miki said.

“And Daichi!”

“What about Sachio?” Su asked.

“Sure. Do you like Sachio, Su?”


“Hmm…suspicious.” Ran said mysteriously.

“Anyways,” I said to make Ran stop teasing Su. “Should we invite Utau?” I said hesitating.

“I guess so. She should be happy, too.”

“I guess so. Ok, that’s everybody! Ran, could you call everybody to let them know if they can make it?”

“I’m on my way!” Ran skipped to the other room to call everybody. I sweatdropped and regained my composure again.

“I’m going to go out for a while. Bye you guys.” I walked out to the hallway and made my way outside the building. I got into my car and started to drive. I finally reached my destination. I got out of the car and began to walk for a few minutes and stopped. The fountain. It was the first place that Ikuto took me to. I sat down on the edge and looked across and saw the sunset. The sky was colorful and beautiful! The sky had a slightly dark blue with orange, purple, pink mixed in it. The sight was exhilarating. I inhaled deeply and exhaled. I suddenly felt a pair of arms around my waist.

“Guess who?” a husky voice asked.

“Hey, Ikuto.” I broke from his grasp so I could turn around only to be hugged by Ikuto again. I blushed a deep red.

“What are you doing here, Ikuto?”

“I was going to take a breather and I saw your car so I decided to surprise you.” I laughed.

“You sure did, Ikuto. Oh, by the way, did you her about the beach invitation?”

“Yea, your friend, Miki called Yoru and invited us.”

“Are you going, Ikuto?”

“Of course.” I looked up at him and smiled at him. He smiled back and leaned down to my face.

Vibrate. Ring tone.

Our lips were an inch apart.

“Damn it!” Ikuto said groaning and let go of me. I pouted.

“What?” Ikuto said angrily. I giggled. After a few seconds, Ikuto spoke.

“Got it. See you.” He snapped his phone shut.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“I have to run an errand for Yoru so I have to go.”

“What? So soon?” I said disappointedly.

“Yea, sorry, Amu.”

“It’s ok. Just go already.” I said clearly showing sadness in my voice.

“Fine, if you say so. But before that…” I looked at him with perplexed eyes. He swiftly placed his lips on mine. My eyes widen because I was taken aback but I started to kiss him back. Ikuto placed his right hand in my hair and played with my pink hair while his other hand was on my back pulling me closer to his body. I wrapped both of my arms around his neck bringing him closer. My cheeks reddened. I broke the kiss panting. After two seconds of catching my breath, Ikuto captured my lips again. He took the advantage of my mouth being opened and slipped his tongue inside. I moaned with pleasure. This time, Ikuto broke the kiss and sighed.

“Bye, Amu.” He gave me a kiss on my forehead and walked away.

“Bye, Ikuto.” I whispered. I looked back at the sunset. The pink was faint but still there but the view was still stunning. I breathed in and out slowly. I looked at my wrist to admire my bracelet. Ikuto gave me one the other day. It was a white gold charm bracelet and the charm was in a shape of a bracelet.

I took in the view of the sunset once more and started to walk back into of the forest. I was humming a tune a hand grabbed my mouth from behind. I’ve been in this experience too many times so I knew exactly what to do. I kept on struggling and used my elbow to hit him in the stomach. He grunted but still held onto me. ‘What does he want?!’

“Get the hell away from me!” is what I wanted to shout but you could only hear me mumbling. He grabbed my wrist. ‘Aha! He wants my bracelet! No way in hell would he take it!’ I kept on moving and shoving him but his grip is still tight on my wrist and my stomach.

“Get the hell away from me!” I yelled. Sadly, there was no one in sight. Who would be out here during the evening?

“Got it!” His voice was low and husky. In his hand was my bracelet. Wrong move for speaking. I lunged at him and he fell to the ground with me on top of him trying to get my bracelet back. His hand wouldn’t open! I wanted to be careful because the bracelet could break. I slapped him and that seemed to have shock him which was surprising because regular burglars would get angry and try to slap me back but he was shocked instead and his grip on the bracelet was looser now. I opened his hand and grabbed my bracelet. Before I ran off, I took a good look at him. His body was covered in clothes, he had a cap on, and his face was covered with a black sort of clothing covering his face. My eyes widened. It’s the eye who dumped water on me! I took his cap off and made an attempt to take his mask off but he pushed me away and I fell to the ground. He ran off.

“Wait!” I yelled. He was gone. I looked at my hand. Great, another scratch.

X-x-At the Beach-x-X

“Wow! Your villa is huge, Ikuto!” The Tsukiyomis’ had a villa near the beach and all of us were going to stay here for the time being.

“It’s nothing,” Ikuto said coolly.

“What should we do first??” Ran asked excitedly.

“How about putting these bags down first!” Daichi exclaimed. Ran sweatdropped. All the guys were carrying our stuff and they looked like they were about to faint.

“Let’s go then!” We walked into the villa. The house was breathtaking. It was like a house out of a famous movie. The boys dropped our stuff and headed to our assigned rooms.

List of pairings for rooms (chosen by Yaya)

Ikuto & Amu

Kukai & Utau

Nagehiko & Rima

Sachio & Su

Ran & Daichi

Miki & Yoru

Tadase & Kairi & Yaya

“Ran, why isn’t Yaya sharing with Kukai? Aren’t they dating?” I whispered. Ran seemed to know everything.

“Yaya broke up with him.”

“What?! Why?”

“I don’t know that. I think Kukai is starting to like Utau since she is less obsessive over Ikuto now but she still is and Yaya noticed that so she decided to give Kukai a chance with Utau.”

“That’s really nice of Yaya! But how come she is sharing a room with two guys?”

“Well, Tadase-kun and Kairi-kun are the only ones left and Yaya doesn’t want to be alone and she doesn’t mind sharing. Well, maybe does mind it a little.”

“Yaya was very considerate.”

“Yea, she is. Now you should get going to your boyfriend, Amu-chan! Bye!” She walked away.

“Ran!” I shouted blushing. I sighed and turned around to find midnight blue eyes staring back at me. I was absorbed in them in an instant. I finally came back to reality and jumped back.

“Ikuto!! Don’t scare me like that!”

“I think you enjoyed that.” he teased.

“Stupid, who would enjoy that?” I folded my arms against my chest and put up my “Cool & Spicy” act but…

“Drop the act.” …it would never work on him. Ikuto walked up to me from behind and hugged me. I released my arms from my chest and placed them on top of Ikuto’s arm. We stayed like this for a few seconds.



“We should get going to our room.”

“Aw, but I want to stay like this forever. Do you want to continue like in our room?” He smirked. I blushed really hard.

“Pervert!” I marched to our rooms with my stuff. I dropped my bags and it seems like there was a balcony. I went to it and I could see the beach and the sun. I sighed with happiness. Once again, a pair of big, protective arms wrapped around me.

“Like it?”

“I love it. Thank you, Ikuto.”

“You know, this was originally my own room.”

“Really? Could I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Do you always have a balcony in your room wherever you are?” He laughed and put his shoulder on my right shoulder and breathed on my neck. A shiver went down my neck to my spine.

“Mostly because I like to go outside so I can always go on a balcony to have fresh air.” I smiled.

6:00 p.m.

I decided to walk along the shoreline. Ikuto was busy so he couldn’t come with me and I didn’t want to disturb anybody else and I wanted some along time. When I reached there, I took off my flip flops and held them in my right hand. I began to walk in the water and the cool water against my feet felt nice. The water was like 3 or 4 inches above my ankle. I kept on walking and the sky became a little dark. I looked back towards the villa and it looked so small so I decided to head back. The house slowly began to become big and then huge and I continued to walk along in the water. I looked to my right and the sunset was pretty over here too. I smiled.

A hand covered my mouth. ‘Is this like the fourth time someone did this to me?! The person here should try something new and not pick on me! I bet he’s trying to steal my bracelet.’ As suspected, the guy reached for my bracelet that Ikuto gave me. I bit his finger and yelled, “Help!!” The guy covered my mouth again. He was trying to yank the bracelet away from my wrist. ‘Not this time!’ I used my leg and kick him from behind and he released me and I started to run. I was not fast enough it seems. He grabbed my arm and yanked my down to the sand. I screamed. He used one hand to cover my mouth. He yanked my bracelet off my wrist and reached for my neck.

Ikuto also gave me a necklace to match my bracelet. The necklace was very similar to my bracelet. The chain was a little different though on the necklace from the bracelet. He somehow opened the clasp on my necklace and took it off. I tried to get him off me. I couldn’t.

“Amu!!” My eyes widened. It can’t be! I couldn’t talk since the thief was

covering my mouth. The thief got off of me and started to run. I followed my instincts and stood up and ran after him. Good thing I was fast. I caught up to him and pinned him down with me on top of his back.

“Amu!!” I turned around with my knees still on his back and my hand on his back holding him down.

“Ikuto?! How did you find me?” Did my screams actually work?

“I heard someone scream. At first I ignored it and I went over to the balcony and I saw you pinned down with this bastard on top of you.” he said with fury. I sweatdropped. Then I smiled.

“Thank you, Ikuto.” I looked back down at this guy.

“And you thief, have been chasing me and pulling tricks on me for quite a while.” I said menacingly.

“He what?! Why didn’t you tell me that he was stalking and hurting you, Amu?!” I looked back at Ikuto.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” He sighed exasperatedly.

“Let’s see who the mysterious burglar is.” I took off his cap and the clothing on his face. Brown hair. It can’t be! I stood up a little and turned him around. Chocolate eyes met my amber ones.



it took me all day to write this so I hope you enjoyed it!
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it waz AWESOME!!! i cant wait for the next one!!!!YAY!!
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please pleaze tell me when you put another chapter *puppy eyes* this is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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24 / F / THE GOOD OLD U.S....
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i cant wait for the next one!*sighs*
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23 / F / at home
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2 thumbs up
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24 / F / THE GOOD OLD U.S....
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waiting for the next chapter...*starts humming* hmmmmm... oh i cant take it anymore!!!i want the next chapter!!!waaaaahhh!!!
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Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08

appupuppu wrote:

waiting for the next chapter...*starts humming* hmmmmm... oh i cant take it anymore!!!i want the next chapter!!!waaaaahhh!!!

i'm now posting up the chapter so please wait a few minutes
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Chapter 10



“Sachio?!” You should have seen my face. My eyes were widened and my mouth was open so I looked ridiculous but I still couldn’t believe that the thief and the prankster that dropped water on me is Sachio, my friend!! Was my friend, at least he probably thinks that way. I still want to be Sachio’s friend but that depends if he wants us to be good pals again.

“That’s right.” Sachio stated smirking with his bangs covering his eyes.

“Why?! All those times! The stealing, the water balloon, the ball, and the bucket of water! That was your doing?!”

“So what if it is?” he said in a cold tone. I was taken aback. I think I was going to cry. My bangs hid my face.

“I can’t believe my friend did this to me.”

“I was your friend but not anymore.” A single tear from my honey colored eyes.

“Bye.” Sachio muttered and he pushed me off and I fell on the sand.

“Sachio! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave…me.” I sobbed. My tears started to fall. Too late, he was already gone. I banged my fist on the sand as hard as I could.

“Amu,” Ikuto wrapped his arms around me.

“It’s over,” I muttered. “Did he even consider being my friend in the first place?” Ikuto didn’t speak. Tears fell endlessly from my eyes burning my cheeks and blurring my vision. I didn’t make any sobs trying to hold it in. Ikuto embraced me and I started to sob and cry harder and louder. I wrapped my arms around Ikuto asking myself questions that I knew no one would answer except for Sachio.

“Why, Ikuto, why?! Why did it have to be that way?! WHY!!” I cried harder. I just lost a friend. I knew Ikuto wouldn’t answer. He just comforted me and rubbed my back telling me that everything was going to be ok.

“Amu, everything will be fine in the end.”

“Fine? Fine?! How can things be fine?! It’s my fault!”

“Who says it’s your fault?” I didn’t answer. It sounded obvious to me but what if Ikuto was right and it wasn’t my fault? But I highly doubt that.

“Let’s go, Ikuto.” I began to stand up on my own and swayed a little. Ikuto supported me so I wouldn’t stagger and trip. We reached the villa and before we could knock, the door burst open.

“Amu-chi!! Where ha—”

“I’ve been walking, Yaya. I’m going to go take a shower. Please let me go, Ikuto.” Ikuto let go of my hand as asked and I trudged upstairs. I heard Yaya asking what happened to Ikuto. I couldn’t hear what Ikuto said next.

I walked into the bathroom and looked t myself in the mirror. I was a mess. My hair was all tangly and sand was in it. My eyes were the worst. They were red and puffy. No wonder Yaya stopped in her tracks when she saw me. I got my shower supplies and opened the faucet. I stepped into the shower. I just stood there with the warm water pouring down on my head thinking. 'Why would Sachio do that to me? Does he have a grudge against me for…killing Keiichiro and Hiro?! But after we found out that they were dead, Sachio said he wasn’t mad at me. He didn’t think it was my fault. It was just bad luck or something. I trusted him with everything but I guess he doesn’t trust me. Will I ever find the answers to my questions?’ I sighed to myself. I got out of the shower and put on a pink nightgown. I was tired for the night so I went straight to my room.

I opened the door and I left the light off. I went over to the balcony. It was nighttime now. You could see the stars sparkling brightly and it’s a half moon tonight. I wish it was a full moon every night because the moon is so beautiful and flawless in my opinion. I inhaled and exhaled deeply. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind and something breathed on my neck. More like someone. I shivered.

“Hey,” Oh yea. I forgot that I shared my room with Ikuto. “How are you holding up?”

“Just fine, thank you very much.” I said sarcastically. I didn’t want to be weak and cry in front of him again. Ikuto started kissing my neck. I moaned his name.


“Hmm?” I moaned again as he continued to suck on my skin and licking it.

“I like your nightgown.” I blushed. The nightgown had spaghetti straps and the dress that reached just above my knees. It was light pink which made me blush to the point that my burning cheeks could rival the gown.

“Thanks,” I muttered. I could feel Ikuto smirk as he continued to suck on my neck. He then kissed my cheek and turned me around so he could kiss my lips. The kiss was passionate but Ikuto wanted more. He demanded entrance and I granted him access and he explored my mouth with his tongue. We had a tongue fight but as always, Ikuto won. I broke the kiss gasping for air. Ikuto then picked me up bridal style.

“Ikuto!” He chuckled. I was speechless. I can’t believe that Ikuto chuckled. Usually, he would smirk or hold in his laugh but he actually chuckled. Ikuto walked over to our king size bed and placed me gently on the sheets. He got on top of me and our lips met once again. Ikuto’s right hand was in my hair and my arms were on Ikuto’s neck. I turned my head to break the kiss because breathing was very important but that didn’t stop Ikuto. He continued to suck on my neck and breathe on it. That felt very good. His breath was warm. He used his mouth and moved up and down my neck making me moan. I was breathing heavily. Suddenly, his hand was on my thigh pushing my dress up. I stopped breathing completely. He stroked my thigh and he brought his lips to mine. During the kiss, he brought his right hand under my gown and his hand traveled up my thigh. I finally realized what he was doing and moaned his name. Ikuto smirked. He brought his hand out and used both of his hands to pull down the straps on my shoulders down.

“No, Ikuto.”


“I’m not ready for this.”

“Please, Amu?” Ikuto gave me those puppy eyes. I sighed.

“No,” Ikuto didn’t listen. He pulled my straps down and exposed my breasts. I shouldn’t have worn this dress. Ikuto was perverted so this was to be expected I guess. He squeezed my right breast. I stopped his hand from going anywhere further.

“Ikuto, no! I’m sorry, I’m just not ready.” Ikuto seemed to have given up.

“Fine,” he pouted.

“Let’s go to sleep.” I pulled my straps up and fixed my dress so it covered my chest.

“Good night, Ikuto.” Ikuto slept next to me and wrapped his arms around me protectively. I snuggled in his chest. Ikuto brought his left hand to my thigh again and started to stroke it. I gasped and moaned.



“I really need to sleep.”

“Fine,” Ikuto stopped and brought his hand to my back holding me tighter.

“One more thing,”

“What is it?”

“Thank you for everything.” I heard Ikuto saying, “I’ll protect you forever, Amu.” and I was in a deep slumber.


“How could you Sachio?!”

“I’m sorry I’m failed.”

“Since you failed me once again, what shall we do to her?

“Please, don’t!”

“Did you mention that Hinamori Amu has a boyfriend?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Hmm, use that boy against Hinamori Amu.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

X-x-In the morning-x-X

6:00 a.m.

My eyes fluttered opened. I looked up and saw Ikuto’s angelic face. I smiled and got out as quietly as I could. I left a note on my pillow and grabbed some clothes. I opened the door and went out. I went to the bathroom with some clothes and changed into a white shirt and a red and black skirt with black flip flops. I walked out of the house as quietly as I could and walked onto the sand. There was a cool breeze blowing at my hair. I sat down on the sand a safe distance from the water but still near the house. I was mesmerized by the waved. I sat there for 10 minutes thinking and looking at the water when I heard something behind me.

“Amu-chan?” I turned around.

“Su? What are you doing here?”

“The same goes for you.” I looked up at Su’s eyes.

“Su, were you possibly crying?” Su didn’t answer me.

“Yes, I was.”

“Sit beside me, Su.” Su sat down next to me as she was told.

“What’s wrong, Su? Why were you crying?” Su looked down.

“He left.” Su whispered quietly.

“Huh?” I then realized what she was talking about.

“Sachio-kun left. He made his bed and everything so it would look like nobody was at the bed in the first place.”

“Is his stuff still in your room?” I forgot that they shared a room. I also think that only Ikuto and I have one bed because that room was Ikuto’s and he only need one bed, not two.

“No, he got it at around 2:30 in the morning.”

“He came back?!” Su nodded.

“What did he say?”

“At first, I was sleeping and I heard noises so I woke up and Sachio packing his stuff. I asked him what he was doing and he replied that he was leaving. I asked him why but he didn’t answer. He just kept on packing and grabbed his bags away from him and asked him again but he wouldn’t answer. He grabbed his bag away from me and told me that he was sorry. He also said this to me, “I have to leave, Su. Goodbye, I…I love you.” I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know that Sachio had feelings for Su but I sorta saw the chemistry between those two. I hugged Su to comfort her because she looked like she was about to cry again.

“What happened next, Su?”

“He jumped from the window because we were on the first floor and said bye to me again. He wouldn’t tell me why he was doing this.”

“I’m sure he has a reason.” I hope Sachio does. I prayed with all my might that he did. But wait…



“How come you don’t say desu at the end of your sentences anymore?”

“Hmm, I think it’s because ever since Sachio came, I didn’t want to act like a kid in front of him so I stopped using it when he is within earshot but I guess that it rubbed off on me.

“I don’t think Sachio thinks that you’re a kid. You’re very mature in your own way and I’m mature in my way.” I smiled.

“Thanks, Amu-chan.” Su smiled back. I turned around and saw Ikuto standing at the door of the house.


Ikuto’s POV

I slowly opened my eyes. I reached forward to hug Amu closer but I all I found was the bed sheets. I focused and realized that Amu wasn’t there. A piece of paper on Amu’s pillow caught my eye.


I woke up early and I didn’t want to wake you up since you were sleeping so peacefully. I’m going out to the beach to take a breather.


What if Amu was captured by someone? She is attracted to thieves and accidents so I quickly got out of bed and dressed quickly. I walked down the stairs and out the door as quietly as I could. I saw Amu with someone. Panic welled up inside me. When I looked closely, it was Su. I felt instantly relieved. I saw Amu stand and turned around towards my direction.


Amu’s POV


“Hey, Amu.”

“What are you doing out here?”

“I should be asking you that.”

“Oh, sorry. Come on, Su. Let’s go.” Su simply nodded. We walked back into the house.

“Amu-chan! It’s time for breakfast!”

“Ok, thanks, Nagehiko.” We all sat down to eat. It seems that everyone knows that Sachio disappeared all of a sudden. Nobody really talked much.

“Hey, you guys!” All of us stared at the person who interrupted the silence. Of course it was Yaya. She doesn’t like being quiet and she wanted to cheer us up. I smiled.

“Where should we go today?”

“How about taking a swim in the water?” Utau suggested.

“Shopping?” Rima asked.

“We could do both. We could swim first and then go shopping afterwards.” I said to make sure everyone was happy.

“Great idea, Amu-chi! Are you okay with that, Rima-tan and Utau-chan?”

“Yea, I’m okay with that suggestion.”

“Ok, it’s settled then! Do you guys agree?” There were murmurs of yeses throughout the whole table. After we finished breakfast, we went up to get our bathing suit. I changed into a black and red tankini.

“You look nice, Amu.” Ikuto said coming in from the door.

”Thanks.” I blushed. “Let’s go.” I started walking out of the room but Ikuto grabbed my hand pulled me to his chest.

“Wha—” Ikuto pushed my head from behind and his lips crashed into mine for a fervent kiss. He broke the kiss and his lips were at my neck.

“You’re too tempting,” he muttered.

“Um, Ikuto? We should go.” He sighed and took my hand. Everybody else was ready to swim. I walked out and Ran took a beach ball with her.

“Come on, Amu-chan, Miki, Su, Rima, Yaya, Utau-chan! Let’s go swim first!”

“Ok!” we chorused while Utau just said, “Fine,”

The boys were playing beach volleyball except it was more than two players on the team. Ikuto, Yoru, Nagehiko were one team and Tadase-kun, Kukai, and Daichi were another team. Kairi wanted to watch them so he was excused from the game. After a while of swimming, us girls decided to take on the boys. We shouted to them when the water was up to our knees.

“Hey guys!” Yaya shouted. The boys adverted their attention to us. Their jaws dropped. It looked kind of funny but I immediately felt self-conscious. I looked at the other girls but they were giggling. Utau was looking smug.

“Ran,” I whispered. “Why are they staring at us like that?”

“Look at us! Look at yourself! We’re so pretty that we knocked the breath out of them!” Ran laughed. I looked around us and the girls were all so pretty. I guess it’s because of the water. The way water was in our hair and we’re dripping wet, they look like models. I looked at me but the water effect didn’t work on me.

“Hello! Are you listening?!” Ran shouted. The guys regained their composure.

“What is it?” Daichi asked.

“Could we join you?” Miki asked.

“Alright nya. Miki is on my team though!”

“No, it’s girls vs. boys, Yoru.” Rima said.

“So can we join you?” I hollered.

“Oh, fine! Come on!” Kukai shouted. We giggled and went over to the net.

“You sure you guys can handle it? We could help you, y’know.”

“No thanks, Ikuto. We can beat you without your help.” I smirked at him. Utau next to me looked smug.

“Kairi! Why don’t you join us?” I asked.

“It’s ok. I rather watch.”

“Oh, come on!” I walked over to Kairi and grabbed his hand. I could have sworn that I saw Kairi blush at my touch. “It’ll be fun!” I smiled at him. He blushed back. I turned around and saw Ikuto a little mad. ‘Ikuto doesn’t have to get jealous over that.’

Ran played rock, paper, scissors with Daichi and Ran won so we get to serve first. It was Ran, Miki, Su, Rima, Utau, Yaya, and me against Daichi, Yoru, Nagehiko, Kukai, Tadase-kun, Kairi, and Ikuto. Seven against seven. Perfect.

“Are you ready?”

“Yea!” we chorused.

“Go!” Ran shouted. Ran threw the ball in the air and made the first serve.

X-x-Midway of the Game-x-X

“Yay! We’re in the lead!” Ran shouted.

“Nice work you guys!” I cheered as I gave everyone a high five.

“I knew that we would win all along,” Utau stated looking smug.

“Hah! Those boys are nothing compared to us!!” Miki exclaimed. She was right. The score was 32-25 with us in the lead. I thought that we would lose but it wasn’t so bad. Ran was doing most of the work though.

“Oi! Beat that!” Yaya shouted at the guys.

“Shut up!” Daichi shouted frustrated.

“We still have half the game left! It’s not over yet!” Kukai hollered.

“You guys won’t win.” Rima said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“How much time until the next half?” I asked.

“Well, we’re going to eat lunch first so probably half an hour or so.”

“Thanks, Rima. I’m going to the woods for a while. I want to explore in it.”

“But, Amu-chi, what about lunch?!”

“I’m not that hungry, Yaya. I’ll be right back.” I grabbed a sweater just in case it was cold in there. I started to run towards the trees. When trees were completely surrounding me, I slowed my pace and looked at the scenery. It was a little chilly. I put my white sweatshirt on and started to hum a favorite tune of mine.


My head whirled around me. That was the sound of a stick being stepped on, I’m sure of it. I then heard someone behind me. A hand covered my mouth. His hand had a napkin. I couldn’t breathe. ‘This guy is trying to make me unconscious!’ I kept on struggling and caught a glimpse of the person. It wasn’t Sachio so I was slightly relieved but still scared. I backed up against a tree hoping to make this guy lose his grip on me. He banged against the tree and grunted but he wouldn’t loosen his grip on me even a little. My headband fell to the ground when I was struggling. My vision became blurred and then, all I could see was complete darkness.

Ikuto’s POV

“What’s taking Amu-chi so long?!” Yaya whined.

“Yaya, where was Amu going?” I asked her.

“The woods but she said that she was going for a little while but it’s been 40 minutes already! She should be back by now! She’s delaying the game.” Yaya complained.

“I’ll go take a look.” I said.

“Wait, Ikuto! Let me go with you.” I turned around to find Miki, Ran, and Su.

“I’m worried about Amu-chan so we’re going with you!” Miki answered my unspoken question.

“Fine,” I said. “Let’s hurry.” We began to run towards the woods.

“Amu-chan! Where are you?!” The girls kept on shouting Amu’s name.

“Ran, go to the right. Miki, go to the left. Su, go behind and see if we missed Amu walking past us or something. I’m going ahead. We’ll meet here after 10-15 minutes.”

“Roger,” they said and ran off to their assigned directions. I kept on running and tripping but I would always stand back up if I fell down. I don’t care what happened to me, all I care is knowing that Amu is safe.

“Amu!! Where are you?! Amu!!” Something caught my eye on the ground. I ran to it and picked it up. A red headband. (A/N: The headbands aren’t the cotton ones, it’s the ones that you slip on. It’s the non stretchable one or whatever you call it.) Amu was wearing this headband during the game so it would keep the hair out of her face.

“Where are you?!” I saw a piece of paper on the floor and a piece of napkin. The napkin was used before and it looks like it was covering something since the middle is wet and it was in a shape of an oval. ‘Amu could have been knocked unconscious by this napkin. Was she kidnapped?!’ Panic was inside me. I completely forgot about the piece of paper. I opened it.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto

We have your beloved Amu. Let’s see if you can make it in time before something happens to her.

I crumpled up the paper. I’m going to kill those bastards who did this. But where was she?! I noticed that there was something on the back of the piece of paper. It’s a name of a corporation. I headed back to our meeting spot. Ran, Miki, and Su were already there.

“Ikuto! Did you find Amu?”

“No, but I found this.” I showed them the piece of paper. They gasped.

“Do you know where that place is on the back of that paper?” They flipped it over.

“Star Records Corporation? I never heard of it.”

“I have.” Su whispered quietly.

“You did?!” I said.

“Yes, Sachio told me that Keiichiro’s mom and his mom works there.”

“Su, that’s just what we need!” Ran exclaimed.


“Do you know where it is?” Miki asked.

“Sorry, no.”

“It’s ok, we can use my GPS.” I said.

“Let’s head back first.” Ran suggested. We made our way out of the forest. All of our friends came running towards us.

“Did you find Amu-chan?” Nagehiko asked.

“No, she was probably kidnapped.”

“What?!” they exclaimed.

“Look at this.” I gave Kukai the piece of paper. He flipped it over.

“Oi, do you know where this place is?” Kukai asked.

“We can use my GPS.”

“But I don’t think Amu will be there,” Rima said.

“What do you mean?” Miki asked.

“Well, they wouldn’t bring her to a place filled with people. They probably went to their house to hold Amu hostage or something. We should go inside the corporation and ask for their address. We’ll make an excuse saying we have to give something to them.”

“Ok, but which house is it? The Fukushimas’ house or Sachio’s?” Ran asked.

“Let’s split up,” Tadase suggested. “Fujisaki-san, Mashiro-san, Souma-san, Takayashi-san, and Tsukiyomi-san, and I will go to Sachio-san’s house. Souma-san, both of the Tsukiyomis’, and both of the Takayashis’ will go to the Fukushimas’.”

“What about us?” Yaya asked.

“Yuiki-san and Sanjou-san, please stay at home just in case something happens.”

“Roger!” Yaya said.

Nagehiko, Rima, Kukai, Su, Utau, and Tadase went into their car and sped to the corporation. Daichi, Ran, Miki, Yoru, and I went into my car. I turned on the GPS and started to get directions. ‘Hold on, Amu. We’re coming to save you! Don’t you dare get hurt or even worse, die!’

Amu’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly. All I saw was bricked walls. ‘Where am I?’

“Are you awake?” I turned around.

“Aren’t you Yumiko, Sachio’s little sister?!” she nodded.

“Where are we?” I asked. I looked around the room we were in. It looked like a cellar for bad people. I moved my arm but I couldn’t. I was chained to the wall. My hands were above my head and my feet were tied and I was standing up. I kept on struggling.

“Don’t move so much or you’ll get hurt! Struggling won’t work. I tried to get out of here but I only injured myself.” She looked down on her wrist. There were red gashes.

“How long have you been here?”

“Since Sachio-chan went into your school.” My eyes widened.

“That was like a month ago or something!”

“Somewhere around that.” She shrugged.

“How can you be so calm?!”

“Well, I’m actually really scared but I know that Sachio-chan will save me.”

“How long have I been unconscious?”

“For a few hours.”

“Why are you here, Yumiko?”

“Their holding me hostage.”


Ikuto’s POV

“May I help you?”

“Yes, does Fukushima-san work here?”

“Yes she does.”

“Could you tell me her address?” Her eyes narrowed.

“I have to drop something off at her place.” I explained quickly.

“Ok, here’s the address.” She scribbled the address on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“Thanks so much for your help.” I smiled at her and she blushed. I sped out the door and into the car.

“Got it.”

“Nice going, Ikuto-kun!” Miki exclaimed.

“Let’s go!” The GPS began telling us where to go to the Fukushimas’ house. ‘Hang on, we’re almost there!’


Hope you guys enjoyed that!
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i love this story but its so sad
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wow so Saicho actually isn't the bad guy.I'm glade for Su ^-^
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