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[Fanfiction] Love Is Painful
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iNekoz wrote:

Ah!!! Is this really Natsuya?!!! This is Natsume Yuiki~~!! Hi hi!!~!!!!!!! I se you review my fanfics often~~THANX SO MUCH X]]]]] !!! Your's is really good too!!!
Sorry with the over use of exclamations.... =.="

hi Natsume!!! i didn't know u have CR account! but that's good!! and thank you for reading my story and no prob! i love ur stories too i use a lot of exclamation points too!!!!

and by the way, i just posted my chapter on fanfiction and i am going to post it here in a few minutes
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for the spoiler i gave u, i changed it a little but it's still the same idea

Chapter 12


Ikuto’s POV

"Where was the first place I showed you?"

"Why are asking that now?!"

"I just want to know if you still remember," She hesitated for half a second.

"It was the amusement park. Why are you asking this now?"

"Thank you. I just wanted to see if you remembered." My lips curved into a smile. I turned around to face the lady again.

"Are you done with your farewells?" Her face had a menacing smile.


"Are you really willing to die for a cold and heartless person like Amu?"

"Amu is not cold and heartless. You are," I smirked.

"Oh, please!" she scoffed. "I can't believe you are foolish enough to die for Hinamori Amu."

"I am willing to die for her. It's just that I won't die for someone I don't know." My bangs covered my eyes. I saw her right foot step back one small step.

"Of course you won't die for somebody you don't know! That's crazy!"

"Even you think so?" I whispered quietly.

"Of course,”

"Then I am not going to die right now."

"Why?! Don't you want to protect your precious Amu?!"

"I will always protect her. However this girl," I turned towards Amu. "is not Amu." Silence filled the room for one full second.

“What are you talking about?” she laughed. “Of course this is Amu!”

“Really? Now I didn’t lie to you. I said that I will die for the real Amu. However, this girl is impersonating Amu. Where is the real Amu?!” I shouted my voice rose from calm to furious.

“This is the real Amu!” I smirked. I brought my hand to pocket. My hand pulled out a silver object.

“What is that?! If you try anything, she will die!” she threatened but clearly her voice was quivering. I blew hard into the whistle. She scoffed.

“A whistle?! What good is that?”


“You’re just bluffing! Now since you won’t die, I guess she will.” She jabbed her finger to ‘Amu’.


Everyone in the room turned towards the door. A guard came in staggering and then fell down.

“Ikuto! Are you alright?!” Ran popped into the room with everyone else behind her.

“Hey, it actually worked.” I joked. She grinned at me.

“Of course,”

“Is that Amu-chan?”

“Unfortunately, it isn’t Miki.”

“How do you know, Ikuto nya?”

“She called me Ikuto-koi and Amu would never call me that. Plus, when I asked her where the first place I showed her was, she answered wrong. The place she said was correct but wasn’t not the first place. I’m guessing that Sachio was spying on Amu and me when he first came here.”

“I see,” Fukushima-san said with her bangs covering her eyes. “You two are close after all.”

“Hey guys! What did we miss?!” Our heads turned towards the door. My eyes widened.

“Kukai?!” we all shouted.

“The one and only,” he grinned. “I’m not the only one.” He jabbed his finger behind him. I saw that everyone has gathered including Sachio which made me hiss to myself.

“Guards, get them!” a high voice shouted.

“Yoru, Daichi, Miki, and I are going to go down these steps.” My finger pointed at the said place.

“I’m coming too!” Utau and Ran exclaimed at the same time.

“No, we need the fighters up here.” I said in a flat voice. Ran pouted.

“I’m not a fighter!” Utau argued.

“I’m sure you would want to be near Kukai,” I teased. Utau blushed. Yoru, Miki, Daichi, and I raced downstairs. What we faced was unbelievable.

“Holy crap! There are so many doors!” Daichi yelled. He was right alright. There were doors everywhere and hallways after hallways.

“Let’s start searching.” I said.

“Wait!” My body turned to find the person that spoke. It was ‘Amu’.

“Amu-chan?” Miki whispered quietly. ‘Amu’ shook her head.

“You don’t remember me, Miki-chan?” I saw Miki’s blue eyes widen.

“Miyuki?!” The girl named Miyuki smiled.

“You’re right, Miki.” She reached up to her hair and pulled it off. Silver long hair replaced her pink hair. “Wait a second. Let me take off these contacts.” She turned around for a few seconds. She turned back round us. Red eyes met my dark blue ones.

“My name is Fukushima Miyuki. I am so sorry for the trouble that my mother has caused you.”

“Miyuki-chan!” Miki ran up to her and hugged her. My jaw dropped.

“Hi, Miki-chan. How have you been?”

“Great, but how about you?!”

“I’m doing ok…” her voice trailing off at the end.

“Miyuki nya? Do you know where Amu is?”

“Yes and we must hurry. She has already lost a lot of blood.”

“What did you say?!” I shouted.

“I’ll explain on the way! Amu’s cellar and Yumiko’s cellar is the deepest room. Let’s go!” We started to run following this Miyuki girl.

“Who’s Yumiko?” Miki asked.

“Sachio’s sister.”

“Why is she here?” I asked.

“My mom asked her family to help her since Hiro’s parents wouldn’t help my mom. Yumiko’s mom refused and my mom was enraged. She kidnapped Yumiko one night and held her hostage. She would give Yumiko back if Sachio would spy on Amu-chan. When she found out that Amu had a boyfriend, she began making another plan.” Her eyes bored into mine. “At first, she wanted to kill Amu but that somehow never happened so she decided to ruin Amu-chan’s life instead. She wanted Tsukiyomi-san to die in front of her eyes like how my brother died in front of Amu-chan’s sight…” Her voice came down to a whisper.

“Well, let’s hurry up and rescue both of them nya!” Our groups has been turning around a lot of corners. We had to go upstairs once into an empty room while Miyuki opened another trap door in that same empty room.

“How much further, Fukushima?” Daichi yelled.

“Just a bit more,”

“Wait, before you mentioned Amu losing a lot of blood. What exactly do you mean?!” Miyuki let out a sigh. Tears welled up under her eyes.

“I’m sorry…it was entirely my fault. I wouldn’t impersonate Amu-chan but then my mother whipped Amu-chan. Amu-chan told me not to listen to her and that I had a free will and my mom got angry after that and whipped Amu till she was almost unconscious. I couldn’t do anything! Yumiko and I tried to stop her but guards held us.” she sobbed.


“Ikuto! Don’t curse about Miyuki’s mother when her daughter is right here!” Miki yelled.

“It’s ok, Miki-chan. My mother is evil.” Miyuki’s lips came up in a small, sad smile. We soon heard faint screams.

“That’s Amu-chan!” Miyuki shouted.

“I’m going on ahead!” I raced down the hall to the last cellar. I heard my friends close behind me. My heart stopped beating when I saw what was in the small, bloody room. I saw Miki blur past me and knocked down a guard in front of me when I heard thumps behind me.


Amu’s POV

“Ugh…” My eyes fluttered open but it was hard to keep them open.

“Amu-chan! Are you alright?! I know your friends are going to save you! Just hang on!!”

“I’ll try…” My voice came out in a tiny whisper. I was fading in and out of consciousness.

“Right, got’cha.” A deep voice said. I believed it belongs to one of the guards. I lifted my head up to see a man walking towards me with a whip in his hand. I was so terrified and struggled.

“It’s no use, girly. Ma’am’s orders.”

“You can’t do that, you bastard!!” Yumiko yelled.

“Shut up!” He brought his attention back to me. He started to whip me. I screamed so loud that it almost broke my ear drum. He did it again but on my stomach this time.

“Stop it you bastard!! Stop hitting her!!”

“Shut up, you annoying pest. It’s Fukushima-san’s orders. Apparently, this girl’s friends are under here right now. She told me to kill this pink headed girl but slowly and painfully.” I looked up and he had a sadistic smile. He whipped me again and again. I screamed until I couldn’t anymore. I was fading in and out of consciousness to even scream. My head was down low and I saw my bathing suit was ripped showing my chest.

“You know what? Let’s have some fun before we kill her.” I saw another guard walking towards me with an evil smile. The guard on the right touched my breasts. I moved away but he moved me back and pinned me even more against the wall. He began to kiss my neck while the other guard groped my bloody body. I kept my lips shut because no other man than Ikuto could kiss me. ‘Keiichiro too but he's gone...'

“Stop…” My voice was barely audible.

I was too tired to pay attention or even move. Yumiko was screaming for them to stop. She wasn’t pinned against the wall but her legs were and she couldn’t reach me even if she lay straight on the floor. ‘I guess this is the end. Goodbye, Ikuto. I love you.’

Before I sank into unconsciousness, the guards in front of me fell in a thud. I saw Miki, Daichi, Yoru, and Miyuki with her original hair and eye color. Pain and shock were etched across all of their faces. My eyes searched for the one person I wanted to see before I was gone forever. I looked past them and found him. He's the one person that could make my heart beat fast, slow, or make it stop completely. He was the most important person to me in the world. Tsukiyomi Ikuto. I found him standing at the entrance of the cellar with hurt and shock in his eyes. I smiled at him and my eyelids closed for the last time.



Hope u guys enjoyed that!!! It was actually longer than this. This was 7 pages on Microsoft Word. I was up to page 10 but I stopped and decided the last 3 pages is going to be on the next chapter I'm evil aren't I? If i hadn't done that, this chapter would've probably been 13 pages or 14 pages on Microsoft Word.
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how dare that bastard kiss amu ikuto said

ikuto just calm down and wait 4 the story 2 finish said shugodansen (me)
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shugodansen wrote:

how dare that bastard kiss amu ikuto said

ikuto just calm down and wait 4 the story 2 finish said shugodansen (me)

lol but that guy kissed Amu on the neck not the lips so rest assured ^^
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Here's a part for chapter 13! it's not much but i want to leave u guys hanging in suspense ^^

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23 / F / at home
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TT_TT ur so evil make us w8 lol jk but great chapter cant w8 4 the next 1
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u are kidding right??
u cant kill amu >.< ................
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23 / F / Somewheree.
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This my reaction...O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Chapter 13

Breaking Up?

Ikuto’s POV

“Amu…” Miki saw the guards that were apparently trying to rape Amu which I was enraged and she took them down in two seconds flat. Daichi and Yoru took out the other two guards at the door. What made my heart stop was when I saw Amu’s body and all the blood on the floor. Pain also stabbed me when Amu smiled at me and her eyes closed. I couldn’t protect her.

“AMU!!” I ran up to her and untied the ropes on her feet. Miyuki unlocked the metal cuffs that were wrapped around Amu’s wrist. Amu’s body fell and I caught it gracefully. Her body was a mess. Her sweatshirt was practically all red instead of white because of her blood, her legs has many huge scratches on her white, smooth skin, and her bathing suit was ripped up and the guards ripped it up even more exposing her body. I clenched my teeth together. I swear I’m going to kill the guards who tried to rape her. Only her face had the less damage. She has blood on her lips and a scratch on her left cheek but other than that, her face is still smooth and white. Her hair had blood in it though. My eyes wandered down to the floor covered in blood and gazed into a pool of blood. How much blood has she lost?! I’m so useless.

Miyuki unlocked the chains on the girl that is said to be Sachio’s sister. The now free girl began talking about what happened to Amu after Miyuki left.

I laid Amu down with her head on top of my lap. I unzippered my sweatshirt and took it off and wrapped it around Amu covering her body. I held her in my arms again.

“Quick, call the ambulance, Miki-chan!!”

“Wouldn’t it be quicker if we drove her there?!”

“Maybe but the doctors could come here and treat her on the way to the hospital! Also, call the police because we need to put these people in jail or something.”

“Ok,” I heard numbers beeping. Miki began talking fast but I wasn’t paying attention.

“Amu…” Tears rolled down my eyes. This is the first time I have cried in years. I brought Amu’s lips to mine. Amu’s lips were cold but I didn’t care. I would only kiss this girl in my arms and only her. I broke the kiss and more tears rolled down my eyes.

“Tsukiyomi-san?” I rubbed my tears away on my arm. My eyes looked up to see Miyuki looking down at me.

“Amu-chan shouldn’t be dead.”

“How would you know?!”

“She might still have a heartbeat. See for yourself.” I placed my head on her chest and there was a faint but slow heartbeat. Miyuki smiled at me.

“However, she may die if the ambulance is too late. She has lost a serious amount of blood. Hurry and run back outside Tsukiyomi-san so they could treat her quickly!” I stood up and carried Amu in my arms. We all ran retreating our footsteps to find our way out of this damn place. When we came back up into the room that I was in when I was talking to Fukushima, guards were sprawled all over the floor. Fukushima was unconscious on the floor too next to Ran.

“Hey, you’re back!” Kukai yelled but stopped abruptly when his eyes looked at what I was holding my arms.

“Hinamori!! Oi, Tsukiyomi, what happened?!”

“The ambulance is coming. Let’s hurry.” I said urgently ignoring his first question and I began walking outside.” I heard siren sounds. ‘Finally!’ I sighed in relief. Police cars were also here. Paramedics stepped out of the ambulance.

“Let’s move quickly!” One of them shouted. Two of them ran towards me with a stretcher. They took Amu away from me and placed her on the stretcher. I got into the ambulance as well as Miyuki.

“Don’t worry Ikuto nya! We’ll drive to the hospital as soon as we can!” I nodded once and the ambulance doors shut in front of me.

X-x-At the hospital-x-X

It’s been an hour already! How much longer do we have to wait?!

“Tsukiyomi-san, I’m sure Amu-chan is alright.”

“What do you know?!” I snapped at her. Her head ducked down.

“I’m currently studying in medical classes.” I didn’t respond to her comment. We waited in silence for a few minutes.


“Miyuki-chan!” Miyuki and I turned our heads to our left.

“How is Amu-chan?”

“I’m sure that she is going to be alright, Miki-chan.”


“Hi, Su and Ran.” She enveloped Ran and Su in a group hug.

“Tsukiyomi Ikuto, how long has Hinamori-san been in there?”

“An hour, you kiddy king.”

“Shut up!!”

“Ikuto-kun!” I diverted my attention to the right.

“Midori-san? Tsumugu-san?”

“How is Amu-chan?!” they yelled.

“I’m not sure. Miyuki says she will be alright.” Amu’s mother sighed in relief. Amu’s dad was crying. Ami started to cry. I walked over to her and patted her head.

“Wait, do you mean Fukushima Miyuki?!” Midori-san asked incredulously.

“Yea, she is right behind me.” Miyuki came from behind me.

“Hello, Hinamori-san.”

“Miyuki-chan!” Midori-san hugged her. I was bored so my eyes wandered up to the lighted sign that says, ‘Operation’, again for the hundredth time. The light turned off. I walked up to him quickly.

“How is she doctor?!” My voice came out nervous and scared.

“She’s still alive. If you came sooner, she could have died.” I gulped. “Furthermore, her condition is unstable at the moment. She has a lost a serious amount of blood but she should wake up soon but I’m not sure when considering her injuries and loss of blood. She’ll be fine though.” I sighed in relief.

“Thank you, doctor.” I whispered.

“I did what I could.” He walked away.

“Onii-chan! Onii-chan!” I looked at Ami. “Is Onee-chan going to be okay?” she sobbed. I smiled at her.

“Your Onee-chan is going to be alright,” Ami’s face broke into a huge smile. I turned to Midori-san and Tsumugu-san.

“Midori-san, Tsumugu-san, you should go home now. I’ll be watching Amu and I’ll contact you if she wakes up. Visiting hours are almost further and I talked with the lady at the front and she says that only one person could stay after visiting hours.” Midori-san nodded.

“Thank you, Ikuto-kun. I’ll be more at ease now because I trust you completely with Amu-chan.” She smiled.

“Remember, if anything happens, call us!”

“Yes I will, Tsumugu-san.” Amu’s family left. I turned back to my friends.

“You guys should go back to the villa. Did you contact Yaya and Kairi?”

“Yea, I called them earlier telling them what happened.”

“Thanks, Miki. If you were listening to what I was saying before to Midori-san, you guys should leave.”

“Ok, fine but tell us if anything happens!”

“I will, Ran.” They bid their farewells and I went to Amu’s hospital room. While I was talking, the doctors moved her to another room. I walked over to Amu’s bed on her right side. I took her hand and gripped it tightly. Her face seemed relaxed and the scars on her hand was taken care of but it’ll take a while before her body was like how it was before. I brought Amu’s hand that I was holding to my lips and praying that she will wake up soon.

X-x-Two hours later-x-X

Still Ikuto’s POV

It was around midnight. My eyes threatened to close. I yawned loudly. I decided to take a nap. I looked back at Amu and her expression was still the same. I laid my head down on the edge of the pillow near her face and dozed off. I began having dreams of Amu having fun and blushing whenever I teased her. I miss that terribly.

X-x-5:30 a.m.-x-X

Amu’s POV

Darkness was all I could see. When will I wake up from this horrible dream?! But this is reality. I guess I am dead after all. And when will I wake up? There is only one person I want to see right now and he is not here within my sight. The thought of it makes me cry. God damn it! Wake up already, Amu!! I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t even though I knew that I would never open my eyes again because I’m dead.


I tuned in my ears to pick out the sound.


There it is again! What is that sound?

Thump. Thump.

Is it my…heartbeat?! But I’m dead aren’t I?!

Thump. Thump.

Apparently I’m not. But how could that be? I could have sworn that I died in the cellar. I shivered thinking about that scene again. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t. I sighed to myself. I guess whatever I think and do in my mind doesn’t show outside right? I’m sure the others are worried sick but I can’t make a reaction showing I’m ok! This is so frustrating!

I’ve been trying to open my eyes for about an hour. What time is it anyways? I tried again. I growled. No use. I began to feel something on my hand, something warm. I wonder what was holding my hand. Is it Ikuto? I want to jump up so badly and hug him. I decided that instead of making my eyes open, I’ll make a part of my body move. I started on my fingers. No use. I imagine my hand moving but I know for sure that it didn’t work. I sighed. I decided to stop this for a while and enjoy this warm feeling from my hand.

It’s been a while and that warm feeling was still there. I tried to move. My finger twitched. I knew that it did this time. I tried to open my eyes. Still no use. Then, I tried to open it really slowly. I ever slowly imagined me opening my eyes. I saw a white ceiling. ‘Score! It actually worked!’ My eyes were wide open now. I was happy and proud of myself. My head turned to the right and what I saw made me so happy than nothing else could make me as happy as I am now. Ikuto. He was sleeping soundly and his handsome face was so peaceful. I brought my right hand slowly to his head and caressed his angelic face awkwardly because it was difficult considering his head was next to my head. I saw his eyes open slightly and then widen all the way. I smiled at him.


Ikuto’s POV

I was in dream land when I felt something warm on my cheek. Could it be what I was longing for?! I opened my eyes slightly and saw honey eyes staring at me. My heart stopped. My eyes opened all the way now realizing what happened. Amu has finally woken up. My head jerked up and looked at Amu’s opened eyes. Amu sat up a little.

“Amu?!” I couldn’t describe in words how I felt right now. I was overfilled with relief and joy. I saw Amu smiled her smile, the smile that I have been waiting to see since she lost consciousness. Tears broke from my eyes and streamed down my cheeks quickly.

“Hey, Ikuto. I missed you. Sorry for wor—” I cut her off by enveloping her in a tight hug.

Amu’s POV

“Amu?!” I smiled my special smile that makes Ikuto really happy. I saw Ikuto cry. This was the first time I have ever seen him cry. He was always tough in any situations.

“Hey, Ikuto. I missed you. Sorry for wor—” Ikuto cut me off by pulling me into a hug. I was taken aback but hugged him back. His hugs were really tight!

“Ikuto, it hurts. Could you let loose a little?”

“Oops,” He loosen a little.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him. He pulled me a little and pulled my chin towards his face and his lips crashed into mine. It was a passionate yet gentle kiss. I’ve been longing for this kiss with the man I love. We kissed for about a minute and I let go gasping for air but right after that kiss, he began kissing my neck when I was still catching my breath. I moaned and placed my lips on top of his head and enjoying him kissing my neck. He finally stopped for what seemed like seconds but in reality, about 5 minutes. He laid me back down on the bed and told me to wait here because he was going to call the doctor and tell everybody know that I was awake.

After he left, I began to sing a song quietly to myself. My throat was dry but I could still sing like before.

Blue Moon by Nana Mizuki (decided to do a peaceful song and Japanese song. Listen to it while reading this and it will have a better effect.

hoshi o kakushiteru utsumuita hitomi ni
tomadou dake nanimo deki nakute
te to te kasanete mo dokoka gikochinai ne
yume no naka mitai ni waratte yo

yoru no kanata hibiku senritsu
atsui mune wa sawagidasu

sasayaku Blue Moon te o nobashitara
sugu ni todoki sou na noni
itsumo yasashiku hohoemu dake de
oikakete wa kurenai ne

ichibyou ichibyou hikaru sunatsubu da ne
hitotsubu mo kobosenai wasurenai
kiete shimai so na hosoku togaru tsuki ga
muboubi na senaka ni tsume o tate

amaku nokoru kizuato fukaku
kizamu akashi idaite ite

hakanai Blue Moon doushite kimi o
suki ni natte shimatta no
onaji bamen de togireta mama no
kanashi sugiru monogatari

miageru Blue Moon kimi o omou toki
watashi no jikan wa tomaru

nageki no Blue Moon hatenai yami no
fukasa ni nomikomareteku
kanawa nakute mo aishite imasu
itsuka sora ga sakete mo
eien ni omotte imasu

Ikuto’s POV

“Hello?” she said groggily. I probably woke her up.

“Sorry for calling so early Midori-san. Amu woke up.”

“Really?! I’ll be right there!!”

“You can come now or later because it is early in the morning and Amu doesn’t want to worry you.”

“I think I’ll come now, Ikuto-kun.”

“Ok, then. See you.”

“Oh, Ikuto-kun!”


“…Thank you.” I was taken aback.

“No problem Midori-san. Bye.”


I then went to the doctor’s office.

Knock. Knock.

“Come in,” I opened the door.

“How can I help you?”

“Amu has woken up.” His eyes lit up.

“That’s wonderful! I’ll be checking her condition in a few minutes. However, she’ll need to stay here for maybe two more days to heal some more because her injuries are severe.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.” I walked out of his office and back to Amu’s room. I walked inside finding Amu with her eyes closed.

miageru Blue Moon kimi o omou toki
watashi no jikan wa tomaru

Was she singing? Quite softly but still audible.

nageki no Blue Moon hatenai yami no
fukasa ni nomikomareteku
kanawa nakute mo aishite imasu

Her voice was beautiful as always. I decided to surprise her.

Amu’s POV

itsuka sora ga sakete mo
eien ni omotte imasu

This song was one of my favorites. I closed my eyes because this song was like a lullaby to me. My eyes opened and I found myself gazing into beautiful azure eyes. I finally realized what it was.

“IKUTO!!” He chuckled.

“Stupid Ikuto,”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“Scared should be the right word.” He brought me in an embrace.

“Aw, come on. I didn’t scare you that much did I?”

“Pervert,” I mumbled. He laughed.

”Do you like to sing?”

“You could say that music is my passion.” I smiled at him. He growled and my eyes showed confusion. He pulled my face towards his and my lips met his. I opened my mouth to say something but he slipped his tongue inside as an advantage and explored every inch of my mouth. I broke the kiss for air.

“Why did you growl?” I gasped. He pulled me into another kiss.

“Because you are too damn cute,” he muttered still kissing me. I pulled away from his face and laughed.

“Stop laughing!”

“But I’m not cute at all!” He pulled me into a hug and I looked up staring into his breathtaking eyes.

“Whatever man says you’re not cute, beautiful, or pretty or anything, just tell me and I’ll smack him for you.” I giggled.

“No, I don’t want you to get arrested or anything,” I joked. He chuckled. Then my face got serious. “Okay, Ikuto, spill.”

“What are you talking about?”

“About what happened after I lost consciousness.” His expression grew dark.

“Well, Miki saved you from being raped by those two bastards.” He growled. I patted his head to calm him down.

“We called the ambulance and police to come to the Fukushimas’ house. We then got you to the hospital and you survived. End of story.”

“Yea right, that’s not the whole story. Tell me what happened to Fukushima-san, Yumiko, and Miyuki and everyone else.”

“I obviously wasn’t there when the police did their thing but Yoru told me. Yumiko is now free from Fukushima-san’s grasp.” I sighed in relief. “Fukushima-san, escaped somehow, Yoru does not know why and Miyuki is currently going to live with Sachio’s family. For the guards, Yoru’s not sure what happened to them but I know they got punishment even though they were paid to do the job. Right now, Yoru and everyone else is at our villa.”

“Poor Miyuki…but wait, did you stay here all night?!”


“Idiot! What if you got sick or didn’t get enough sleep?!”

”I don’t care as long as I get to stay with you.” I was touched by his words. I smiled at him.

“Now the doctor is coming to check your condition and your parents are coming soon. Your parents should be here in half an hour because this hospital is far from your house. It takes about 45 minutes to come here from you house.”

Knock. Knock.

“Speak of the devil,” Ikuto murmured.

“You can come in,” The doctor stepped inside the room.

“How are you, Hinamori-san?”

“I’m just sore but other than that, I’m fine.”

“That’s good but I’m afraid you’ll have to stay for about two more days for your safety.” I sighed.

“I understand.”

“Very well then. I’ll be taking my leave now,” And he was gone. I pouted.

“Great, that means I can only stay at the villa for the last day.”

“It’s ok. Summer vacation isn’t over.” He said reassuringly.

“Thanks, but I rather stay at the villa with you.” He smirked.

“Perverted kid,”

“I am not perverted like you and I’m an adult!”

“Ha ha, but you look like a kid.”

“Shut up!”

X-x-Two days later-x-X

“Yes, I can finally go home!!”

“Yea yea, now hurry up, Amu-chan! We don’t have all day!”

“Sorry, Ran. I’ll be down in a jiff.”

“You said that 5 minutes ago! Let’s go!”

“Ok, now I’m ready!” We made our way out of the hospital and I got into Ran’s car.

“It feels nice to get up and move around outside.”

“Yea, it must’ve been hard to be cooped up in that room. I would’ve literally escaped from there and run back to our villa.” I laughed.

X-x-At the Villa-x-X

I opened the door and confetti flew everywhere.

“Welcome back, Amu-chan!” Wow, everyone pulled together a party to welcome me back! There were balloons, streamers, confetti, food, games, and lots more!

“Thanks so much, you guys!” I hugged each of them individually. Tadase-kun blushed when I hugged him and same for Kairi. Kukai also blushed a little when I hugged him. I hugged Ikuto last and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ikuto was angry for me hugging other boys but I didn’t mind it too much.

After we ate and talked, we went outside for a game of beach ball. We never got to finish our game because I was kidnapped.

“You’re gonna lose again, boys!” Ran shouted.

“You wish, Ran!” Daichi yelled back. The boys had the first serve and Kukai was going to start to the game.

“Ready, go!” Kukai hollered.

X-x-After the game-x-X

“I told you we would win!”

“Shut up, Ran!”

“Heh, you just won’t admit defeat, Daichi!” That’s true. Well the score was 38-25 with us winning the game.

“Well we have to go back to college. The day is ending so we have to pack up nya.”


“We’re back! I sorta miss this place.”

“How can you miss school, Ran?! I thought you hated it.”

“Not the schoolwork stuff, Miki! I mean the place.” Ran was right. I did miss this place a little.

X-x-Morning the next day-x-X

10:45 a.m.

I looked at me cell and found a message waiting for me.

Amu, do you want to go out somewhere today? How about I’ll meet you at the mall today at 1:00, does that sound good? Meet me in the center of the mall where the sun shines down.

Love you always, Ikuto

I messaged him back.

Sounds good. I’ll see you at 1:00.

Love you too, Amu

I closed my phone got ready even though it’s in hour.

1:00 p.m.

Ah! I’m late! Even though I got ready early, I’m still late! I began seeing a guy with blue hair ahead of me. There he is! When I saw Ikuto clearly, I stopped in my tracks. A girl was hugging and kissing him on the cheek. The handbag slid from my shoulder and down to my hands. My fists clenched. Ikuto turned towards my direction and saw me. His eyes widen and tried to pull the girl clinging to him away from him. It doesn’t matter what he does. I guess I’m no good for him. The girl with him is much prettier than I am and I’m not even that special. Ikuto got the girl off of him and ran towards me. I stepped back a few steps and then turned around so I could run away.


hope u guys enjoyed that ^^
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is this the longest chapter?
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That was ssoo good!!great job!!
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ohh my god ikuto dont cheat on amu good chap!!!!!!!
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Chapter 13 made me think of the song:Gotta Go My Own Way.Nice story!Keep writing!
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