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i changed my story. :] LOL. i don't really like japanese names. (>> ^.^ >>) so instead i changed it. :] LOL. sorry for the ones who commented. :] Umm.. P.S. guys. this story has no japanese words in it. >.> sorry, if you don'
t like, don't read. :]

Chapter 1

Being immortal is nothing to fear, my dear.

Scrambling through the streets, his voice echoing through Suki's head as she was pelted and pestered by the driving rain. I have no idea where I am... , she thought, wet hair slapping her across the face as she looked frantically to and fro. Where had the vampire taken her during the time she had blacked out? Suki retreated towards a empty porch to gather her thoughts and to ward off the hard driven rain from her frail body. Rubbing her hands together for warmth and shivering, Suki curled into a tight ball in the farthest corner away from the onslaught of water with a frightened look on her face as she reached a realization. What if the vampire came back for her? Suki's shivering grew worse as the thoughts became more clear to her, the reality she was in was a nightmare.

Reaching up cautiously, she fingered her fangs with a sort of fascinated horror. Jerking her hand back, she went onto examine the rest of herself. Hoodie and shirt okay? Check. Jeans okay? Check. Converse? Fine and dandy. Everything was, of course, soaked but it was no big problem. Figuring out where she was was the main priority.

Strife moved smoothly and slowly through the darkness of the night, his all black attire helping him blend in with the shadows. His gaze was that of a very aloof being, even the rain was no thought to him especially with the help of the black umbrella he held in his left hand. His eyes scanned his surroundings and although the bored look remained it would be obvious to those who could pick up such things that those chocolate brown eyes of his missed nothing. He was hunting tonight. He traveled along till he stopped short then went out of his way following a scent. He cames across a figure huddled shivering alone. He looks at them for a second before he makes his decision and approaches them clearing his throat as a warning to them of his presence.

She jerked backwards further into the corner, her shivering intensifying tenfold compared to before as the stranger approached.

"What do you want?!" Suki half-sobbed, half-yelled as she glared at him with her own forest green eyes, baring her fangs at him in hopes of making him dash off frightened in to the dreary night.

He raised his eyebrows at the bared fangs and stared at what he realized was a scared female newborn. He cursed inwardly but stayed where he was for the time being.

"It is a waste of tears. The change is irreversible."

He then turned and began to walk away.

Slowly, and not of her own accord, she began to follow him placing one foot after another without a second thought. Muttering something under her breath, she stuffed her hands into her hoodie's pockets staring in wonder at her seemingly moving feet. Falling in step behind the stranger, the rain took the place of tears on her face as her thoughts became occupied with others.

He stopped his stride and turned back at her with a questioning look. Within him raged several emotions having to do with the situation although nothing showed on his face. After the war with his emotions he finally made a decision. His gaze once again focused on her.

"How long has it been since you were made?"

"I don't know."

She spoke firmly and clearly in a beautiful voice, one that must have been used for singing in the past. "I woke up on the street a few blocks away. This is not my home." A pale hand brushed a lock of earth brown hair out of her face as she returned his gaze through the dense amount of rain splattering on her.

He moved to her in a slow non-threatening manner before he, in the same fashion offers the protection of the umbrella. He blinked inwardly and wondered what had caused this but he did not retract the unspoken offer and instead focuses on her answer.

"I see. I assume you know what happened to you of course?"

"If you mean me being a vampire, then yes. If you're referring to how I got here, you assume too much."

She answered quietly, blinking as she stared calmly at him with her intelligent green eyes with maturity that seemed beyond her mortal years.

"A man made me this way. I don't know his name or what he looked like since he came from behind. Normally in a situation as that I'd react and fight back, but he was too fast for me."

He nods once in understanding his only outward sign towards what he truely felt, which was anger. A deep hatred for whoever did this to her. She seemed to be a beautiful young girl, one that would have grown to be more lovely still. Now she was to live out the rest of her existence as she was. He noted the wise soul that her eyes exposed... but she still seemed so young.

"I am... sorry."

"Don't be. Save your sorrow and rage for yourself. Whatever happens in life is meant to be, good or bad."

She shrugged, turning as if to leave him behind and go her own way indifferently into the world as a vampire.

For the first time this night his face shows emotion as a small quirk of his lips forms, something that one might call a smile. He looks at her as she turns and moves to walk away.

"Hold on. Have you... fed?"

"Yes. Are we done with questions now?"

She turns back and taps a finger impatiently on her chin with a sly smile.

"If this is some trick to get me to stay with you, you can forget it. I already have an eternity alone to look forward to."

He stands there an eyebrow lifting his only response to her words before he decides to reply.

"I have no need for tricks... I merely asked because I plan to hunt and I wish not to have another hungry newborn to be roaming around my territory."

"I'm only kidding. No need to take me so seriously."

She shrugs and begins to walk off before pausing mid-stride.

"I would like to make you a deal. You teach me everything you know about being a vampire, no questions asked, and I'll give you myself. A companion, lover, whatever you want."

His lips gain that familiar quirk before he moves to be at her side.

"You could have simply asked me to teach you. I am a simple being, who has no use for slaves."

He then continues past her with the quirk forming once again.

"Now... if you wish you can follow me... I want to feed before the night is done."

"Everyone has a use for slaves, simple or not. And everything comes with a price whether it's said or not."

She huffs, her steps behind you gradually syncing with yours as she accepts the offer.

As they continue walking along he turns his gaze to her his face seemingly innocent, in a mocking way.

"Thank goodness for my sanity and yours that I am not 'everyone'. Thus I have no need for a slave. But you are right... there is a price for you tagging along, an answer to a question."

"I told you no questions. You're less intelligent than I thought. Fine, whatever suits your fancy then."

She feigns a bored yawn while gazing back with the same mocking innocence.

His lips form that same quirk before his gaze turns back to where he is walking.

"It is not a question I can ask you."

"Oh great. A riddling vampire. Just what I need right now."

She sighs, crossing her arms as she continues to follow him, the rain slowing to a drizzle then nothing as the midnight dark enclosed them further.

He chuckles lowly a full smile flitting across his lips before he clamps down on it and his face once again becomes expressionless, yet his eyes are still dancing with humor now.

"As I recall you are not a slave and can leave at any time you wish."

"As I recall there's a question left unanswered. If there's anything I hate more than riddles, it's an unanswered question. If I am not your slave, then I am a slave of the questions, sir."

She smiles lopsidedly, one fang showing, the other hidden behind her pouty lips. She stretches her arms out towards the sky and fakes a yawn again.

He looks at her and smiles. He then realizes he was finding the answer to his question, slowly.

"The question concerns you not."

"So you say."

She raises one eyebrow doubtedly at him, then points forward into the hazy night while walking next to you nonchalantly.

"So where am I exactly? Oh... whoops. I'm Suki, by the way. Not my real name, but you don't need to know anything other than Suki for now."

"I am called Strife, though that is not my real name either. It is something long unused. As will be yours if you exist long enough."

He gave her a grim look as he said the last before he stopped and sniffed at the air.

"Of course I will. I'm not stupid, I know how to survive... I just have one question."

She crosses her arms, watching you with her green eyes that flickered with fascination.

"How do you stand centuries alone?"

He turns and looks at her with an unreadable expression before he begins to talk in a slow dead manner.

"You begin by realizing it will always be that way."

"Not very optimistic, are you?"

She tilts her head to the side in a curious manner, gesturing sarcastically with one hand.

"Let's say, for amusement's sake, that I fell in love with you. Would you be alone then?"

"Decidedly not, but for amusements sake why would you?"

His expression remains the same but the light has returned to his eyes as he finishes his sentence.

"Love doesn't need a reason."

Her eyes dance playfully across his face as she gazes at him thoughtfully.

His gaze meets hers for a second before he turns away looking off to the side.

"I for one, even as a vampire, will find someone. I can't bear to be alone."

She walks past him, not even bothering to check the emotion on his face as she continues farther ahead.

Many emotions crossed his face before he continued on after her placing a gentle nonthreatening hand on her shoulder his face once again expressionless.

"Have you... somewhere to stay? If not I can provide you shelter."

"And why would you do that? I guess I'll accept the offer anyway seeing as I have no idea where I am or the layout of surrounding area."

She shrugs his hand off her shoulder coldly, before turning around.

"But get this straight. You are not my friend nor anything else. This is only temporary. I don't need to make any bonds that will make it hard to say good bye."

His face for the most part remains expressionless except for the small almost unnoticeable frown that crosses his lips.

"I offered no friendship, merely shelter."

"I'm just kidding. If anything I want to be your friend. Okay?"

She smiles happily for the first time since meeting him, then skips off even further ahead.

He looks after her with a full flooded smile that he quickly smothers. He then begins walking again and moves in front of her beckoning her to follow. He weaves expertly through the streets as he leads her back to his residence which is in a seemingly old abandoned apartment building in a very poor neighborhood. As he lets her in It becomes immediatly clear that although the outside made it look deplorable the inside had been amazingly well kept. He hands her a ring of keys.

"Here. Find yourself a room. You can choose anyone of them... I'm sure you'll find one to your liking. I am leaving to hunt... I wish you to lock the door after I leave. I can re-enter key or no key but... as you have seen the condition of this area I wish no one to get any ideas, and there to be any... mishaps."

He then turns and leaves the closing the door after him moving to stalk the streets once again.

She locks the door with a click and devilish smile, twirling the keys on one finger as she wanders further into apartment whistling jauntily to the beat of her feet. Opening the first room, she finds not a bedroom but a lounge type room such as those used in the 1800s. Moving slowly towards the edge of the room, she finds an old fashioned record player and picking up a record, sets the needle down to begin a slow stream of music which she hums to then gradually sings quietly to.

Strife moves swiftly through the dark streets following the scent of a person who is alone that he soon catches up with. Some time later he enters a building and walks up to a very beautiful looking vampire who is standing behind a counter. At his entrance she smiles and leans forward over it.

"Strife!! Long time no see. Come here to see little old Renia?"

He turns his head to the side and ignores her question altogether.

"I need clothes. Women's clothes, and lots of them."

She giggled at him her chin resting on the palm of her hand.

"Since when did YOU go dressing in drag?"

He turned his gaze back to her and glared while she laughed, and moved towards the back room of her building.

"Okay, okay!!"

She shivers in her wet clothes, then slowly peels them off layer by layer not really caring whether it would surprise Strife when he got back or not, leaving her last thin layer on just in case. Sitting back down on the antique couch, she closed her eyes, not due to fatigue but just to be able to think clearly again. Silence... She flinched, then began to sing a light melody to the music again to lighten her mood.

Strife returns to his apartment building some time later and lets himself in. He closes and locks the door after he enters and hears the sound of someone singing beautifully. His normally expressionless faces shifts to something akin to confusion before he remembers Suki. A smile crossed his lips, Suki could sing... He then walked towards the sound of her voice before he enters the room she is inhabiting. His eyes move across the room before they catch sight of her and widen. He drops all the bags of clothes in his hands and his jaw drops as he stands there speechless.

"What? Never had a half naked girl in your parlor?"

She crosses her legs and rests her arm on her legs then her chin in her palm with a grin and a wink.

He looks at her with wide eyes before he turns his gaze to the side.

"I... Uh... No... I haven't..."

"Yeah, your reaction was a dead giveaway I'm afraid. What'cha got there?"

She gets up and points to the bags, standing very close to him on purpose to make it even more uncomfortable.

He shifts uncomfortably his gaze moving to everything and anything except her.

"...Clothes. For you."


She grins devilishly before leaning over to kiss his cheek, then bends down to examine the clothes up close.

He stands there shocked his hand raising up halfway unconsciously before he notices it his eyes moving down to see you examining the clothes before they move up and away again.

"I... am tired after hunting. I shall retire to my bedroom, and will see you again when I awake."

"Sure you don't want a half naked woman in your bed instead of your parlor?"

She jokes, giving you her best smile as she holds up the clothes to herself.

He sighs at her before he leans forward and leaves a soft kiss on your forehead.

"Night Suki."

He then turns and leaves the room in a hurry cursing inwardly and wondering why he did this. He swiftly retreats to his room and closes the door. He lays down on the bed for a time thinking to himself before he gets up and begins pacing the floor.

She blinks confused, wondering why he did it to herself before trying on some of the better clothes. She looks into a mirror before realizing, of course, she can't see herself due to being a vampire.

"Stupid myth is what it's supposed to be."

She walks quietly to the door to his room, rapping softly with her knuckles.

"Hey, are you okay? If so I need you to tell me how this looks."

He opens the door his eyes meeting hers as he prepared some scathing remark. He swallows it and looks down at her outfit and swallows again. Suki looked stunning. He had already decided she was a beautiful being but... He silently hoped that she didn't plan on trying on several outfits and asking him to look.

"...should have brought Renia..."

He mumbles to himself where she can barely hear.

"Would bother you if... I tried on the rest and showed you? It's not like I can see myself in a mirror."

She smiles happily and giggles a bit, twirling around in her current outfit before looking at him pleadingly.

His hand finds his face before he removes it and looks back at her.

"Ok Suki."

He then returns to his room to find his liquor. He was going to need it.

Chapter 2

She claps happily, then runs off to change into another outfit before returning with another knock to his door.


He opens the door with a half empty glass in his hand smiling widely at her seeing he had already taken three other glass fulls.

"Yes Suki?"

"What do you think?"

She spins around slowly to give him a better view of the entire ensemble. She raises an eyebrow at the scent of drink on your breath then glares at him.

He smiles again partially unaware of her glare.

"It looks great Suki."

She grabs the glass from his hand, then drops it to the floor before stalking off, anger flashing across her face. Silently fuming, she grabs the keys that were left in the parlor and opens the door across from it, slamming the door and flopping onto the bed.

He blinks once and stands there wondering what happened. He moves through the building to her room and knocks on the door.


"Don't you want to drink a couple more rounds before talking to me?"

She calls out sharply, more sharply than she meant to so she clamps a hand over her mouth.

He sighs resting his head against the door.

"Its wasn't about you. Why I was drinking."

"Then what was it?"

She jumps off the bed, speaking into the door towards him.


He sighs and, even though she can not see him, shifts nervously.

"Have a problem with talking to... attractive women."

"Me? Attractive? Pffft."

She rolls her eyes then opens the door to stare at him with forest green eyes, tapping her fingers on the door frame.

His eyes find and meet hers as he stands there.

"Its true..."

"I don't believe you."

She moves slowly to close the door on him.

He catches the door in his hand before he moves to kiss your lips. He blinks then moves back closing the door and retreating to his room without another word but inwardly cursing himself the entire way.

She blinks, standing still with the door nearly touching her nose, frozen to the spot.

"He tried to kiss me... He needs to work some confidence up before that ever happens."

She giggles, crawling into bed after taking her clothes off again and pulling the covers over her head with a yawn. Soon, she's asleep, snoring softly.

He removes his clothes and climbs into bed. He sits up awhile thinking over his actions before he slowly drifts away into sleep.

She wakes up again, during the night, slowly drifting out of sleep before noticing a pair of pale white hands caressing her cheek and running through her hair. She frantically scrambles away and falls off the bed with a loud thumping noise before the hands cover her mouth to silence her. Once again the room is quiet, except for the rasping sound of her breathing.

His eyes snap open at the loud thumping noise. He senses that something is wrong... that someone has entered who was not invited. He lifts himself up and moves off the bed to the door only stopping to put pants on. He then moves through the house to Suki's door to check up on her. He slowly and silently opens the door and peers into it.

A tall, pale figure dressed in a pure black suit smirks at him as he enters, holding her by the chin with his pale hands. His fine, pale blonde hair seeps over onto Suki like a morbid fountain, but she doesn't move but rather seems frozen to the spot with wide eyes. The vampire picks her up like a doll into his arms and licks her neck slowly with a wicked glow in his eyes.

"She's mine. You can't have her."

His eyes narrow at his words, and he feels that anger from before, the anger at the one who changed her surge forward. He takes a step forward baring his fangs at him.

"She is her own. Neither of us lay claim to her!"

"But you would like to... wouldn't you?"

He runs a finger calmly down her neck before laughing coldly with his head in the air, his fangs glistening in the dull light along with his long, silky locks of shimmering hair.

He very nearly growled at him and took another step forward just barely keeping himself from leaping at the other vampire.

"Not the way you wish, and I can not stand idly by while you 'claim' her. Is it not enough that you robbed her of her youth?"

"Or have I saved it? Look at her. She'll never change... always be beautiful and innocent."

The vampire holds her in his arms out towards him, offering her to him with a sort of satisfied look.

"I won't be back. I only wanted to say... good bye."

He simply glares at him as he takes her into his arms holding her to him protectively.

"You have wronged her. More than you, I, or even she will ever know."

"You might see it differently when love comes into play, my friend."

In the blink of an eye, the pale vampire is gone, leaving them in the room alone with Suki still in a frozen state in his arms with a blank stare towards the ceiling.

He looks down at her with concern before moving and laying you back down on the bed. He looks at her blank stare his concern for growing every second she doesn't respond.


She says nothing as she turns her gaze towards him and blinks, her hair slowly creeping into her face as she reaches an arm out and takes hold of his hands. Suki's hands are cold, very cold as she weaves her fingers through his with a sad smile.

"You claim me, huh?"

She asks quietly in a sort of frightened tone since she is still not over the incident.

He meets her gaze with his own his feelings clearly reflected in his eyes.

"Only if you wish to claim me..."

He whispers this then moves to softly brush his lips across your forehead. He then stands and moves to the door.

"Wait! Don't leave me alone!"

She scramble out of bed, clinging to him from behind with her face buried in his back.

He slowly stops in mid-step before pulling himself out of her embrace. He then turns around just as slowly and pulls her into an embrace of his own holding her to himself for a time, saying nothing.

"Okay... I won't."

"He's lying... he'll come back... he said it before."

She mumbles into his chest, sounding frantic as before, her arms circling you tightly.

"He said he was going to leave me last time...but he came back..."

His arms tighten around her and a frown forms on his lips before deepening.

"I won't leave you Suki... If he comes back or not..."

"Then sleep in my bed with me... please? It's not a trick I promise... I'm just scared..."

She mumbles, looking up at him with a frown.

He looks down at her meeting her eyes and nods slowly. He then takes her by the hand and leads her towards his room.

"My bed is larger... We can sleep there."

She nods and follow, squeezing his hand tightly as she looks not at him but to the floor shyly.

"Of course."

He squeezes her hand back giving her a reassuring look as they enter his room. He leads her to the bed and pats it giving her a small smile.

"Sleep. I'll stay up and keep watch."

"Thank you..."

She sighs gratefully, getting into the bed but before giving him a small peck on the lips.

"...Don't think this means we're more than friends...yet..."

She mumbles the last part out too quietly for him to hear.

He blinks at her kiss before deciding to simply walk over to where his chair is in the corner of the room. He sits down in it and pulls a book into his lap. He begins to read silently his eyes moving every so often up from the book to check on Suki.

Suki shifts in the bed, a pleasant smile on her face where there was once a frown. She mumbles something unintelligable in her sleep, but it seems to be about him from the looks of it.

He looks up at her as she mumbles in her sleep silently and slowly moving over to her side. He looks down and smile at her for a moment before he moves the covers up a bit and turns to return the the chair.

She grabs him by the arm in her sleep and tries to pull him in with her.


He tries to gently remove her hold from his arm before he he realizes startlingly that to remove it he would have to exert force, to much force for her to remain sleep through. He looks to her beautiful sleeping face and merely kneels at the bedside letting her 'win'.

She continues to sleep contently, snoring ever so often, not even realizing that she has him in defeat.

"Mmmnph... Strife..."

He smiles at her as he kneels at the bedside before it become uncomfortable to him. He then after a minute in indecision climbs into the bed spacing himself away from you.

She rolls over a little closer to you, but not close enough to make you uncomfortable. She breathes quietly, her snoring having ceased completely.

He gazes at her sleeping form with a smile as his free hand reaches up towards her face unconsciously before he catches himself. He pulls his hand back with a frown wondering to himself...

What had come over him? Why had he taken her in of all people? Why was he so very attracted to her even after all his years of building walls against such a thing... what was so special about this girl that he felt not only that he wanted to protect her... but to love her?

"Strife... hold me..."

She mumbles in her sleep for the third time, rolling over away from him, apparently having a very interesting dream about him. It was only natural though, considering she had just met him and the memory was fresh on her mind. Suki was a hopeless romantic after all, and even in her dreams she did not enjoy being alone.

He looks at her with widened eyes for a long time before he slowly and softly pulls her back over to him and puts and arm across her not fully holding her to him.

She turns over towards you, her face inches from yours, her breath gently brushing across your lips as she still sleeps soundly.

He swallows deeply, his mind telling him simultaneously to capture her lips in a kiss, and that she was asleep... and that awake she would not wish to kiss him. He merely turns his head to the side and stays still beside her.

"You should have just kissed me. If you'd rather not though... that's fine with me."

Her eyes flicker open slightly as she looks towards her with a smile on her lips in a state of half-sleep.

His eyes widen and he turns his head back quickly.

"You were awake."

"Barely. You want me a lot... don't you? I can tell by the way you move, the way you speak... the way you look at me. Just admit it and I'll tell you my feelings on the matter."

She speaks calmly, turning up towards the ceiling and away from your face.

He lays there thinking for a bit before he begins talking.

"I... There is something about you Suki... besides your beauty... I feel I can grow to care for you deeply... Deeper than I already do."

"Then kiss me, you fool. Can't you tell I'm crazy about you?"

She laughs, but her tone suggests she isn't joking at all as she secretly smiles not at him but at the ceiling.

His hand reaches out and gently turns her face towards him before kissing her lips passionately. His arm tightens around her as he continues.

She kisses him back in the same fashion, one hand stroking his cheek affectionately before she pulls back and looks towards him with a smile.

"Do I ever have to sleep in my own bed? I like it here better."

His hand moves to carress her face as he smiles himself.

"No, not unless you ever wish to..."

"Let's sleep now... I don't think he'd come back twice in the same night..."

She curls up against him with a smile, closing her eyes slowly as sleep finds its way to her.

His arms circle her slowly and gently. He kisses him forehead before falling asleep himself with a small smile on his lips.

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i like it so far!!
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i like it so far!!

LOL. i changed the story. :] ahahah! :] ;] gomen. :]
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