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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/19/08
Konichiwa Minna-san.
Lea-chan again. x)
I made a new topic where you can see in which underwater kindgdom you belong into.
The instruction may;be a little hard 2 understand so listen carefully.

(1) First of all you look at Table 1 for your ''Year of birth'' (it gives you a key) (example: Luchia was born on the 3.7.1989. The key for [89] is [1])

Table 1

(2) Then you look for your ''Month number'' in Table 2 (example: Luchia's Month Number is 7. (July) so the key [1] from Table 1 & the Month Number give the key [0])

Table 2

(3) In Table 3 you get your ''Day of birth''. You need your key from Table 2 & the number of the day you were born on. (example: Luchia was born on the 3. of July so the day number (3) and the key [0] give the key [Mon] which stands for Monday.

Table 3

(4) And for the end you look at Table 4. You see there are the names of the 7 days in a week (mon-sun) & the Mermaid colours. (example: Luchia was born on Monday. So her Mermaid Colour is Pink)

Table 4

Warning! You see there are some years in Table 1 marked with a star (*) Those years are ''tresspasing years'' (I hope you understand, I don't know how you say it) Anyways.. Those who were born in January on that year look at the key [°1] & for February key [°2]

There your done. =D It wasn't hard was it? xD
When you're done please go to the kingdoms you belong to get a membership card.


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