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Posted 11/30/17 , edited 11/30/17
1.) Sarah

2.) 28/F/South-East Asia

3.) Love to write some lists especially to list the skincare I want to buy though at last I only buy one or two pcs among dozens things I list. Sometimes, I also want to take care my skin as almost all women do, use toner, ampoule, essence, serum, moisturizer. But when I'm about to buy them all in the monthly shopping, I only took the skincare I reguraly have: face wash, face oil, sunscreen. Done. The reason is because I'm too lazy to put various skincare so it will be a waste.

4.) I watched HunterxHunter (old version) on TV when I was a little kid. Since then, I want to watch more anime.
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20 / M / New Jersey, USA
Posted 11/30/17 , edited 11/30/17
1) Manny

2) 19/M/NJ

3) I draw little strips inspired by my life every week only during a college semester (See them on my IG @_emvelez). There are only 3 Weeks left of Semester 3 before I take my little break!

4) I got bored with large gaps between my classes so I watched Bleach, which my cousin said he loved, then I decided to watch more anime like Orange, Attack On Titan, Death Note, and now I'm mostly hooked with new anime like King's Game, Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, and Evil or Live. Anime really helps me with college life.
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32 / M / ohio
Posted 12/6/17 , edited 12/6/17
I'm David
31/male/ohio, USA
I used to watch dragon Ball and samurai pizza cats years ago and i recently have gotten back into anime in a big way and have really dove in
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24 / M / England
Posted 12/6/17 , edited 12/6/17
Hi dudes and dudettes!

1) Chris

2) 22/M/Newcastle

3) Umm... I'm not a particularly interesting individual, i don't think. I do seem to have a compulsive need to put chilli sauce/powder on nearly everything i eat though.

4) Games, the internet, cartoons and probably a bunch of other stuff sowed the seeds. Eventually i started to read a bunch of different manga in high school, and some freinds of mine got me into Death Note. Boom. Speaking of games, i've been playing them for as long as i can remember really. My parents liked their arcade games as it turns out.
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Posted 12/6/17 , edited 12/7/17
Hello Everyone!

1) Trevor

2) 22/Male/ Greeneville, TN is my home

3) Something interesting about myself...... Well i am currently a U.S. Marine. If that's not interesting enough well then i guess i would have to say that i am avid instrument player and cant wait to learn to play another one! I can currently play 8 different instruments.

4) I've been watching anime since i was very young and honestly just fell in love with it the first time i saw DBZ. The again when i watched Inuyasha as i got a little older and saw it on Toonami.
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30 / F
Posted 12/17/17 , edited 12/17/17
Hi, I'm Ashley!

I am: 28/F/US-East Coast

I work in the game industry as a tester. People find that cool when I tell them, I guess? It's a fun gig, so if you have any questions about it let me know! I also have a loooooot of grey hair for someone in their late 20's which people enjoy commenting on.

I initially watched anime after school during Toonami (DBZ, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing). I didn't really get into it until a high school band trip where a friend made me read through all of Love Hina. After that was when I started actually seeking out other shows
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29 / M / New Jersey
Posted 12/17/17 , edited 12/17/17
Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a mans soul and faith

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name.
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30 / M / North Texas
Posted 12/18/17 , edited 12/18/17
I. Greg, or Thorns

II. A 28 male from North Texas

III. I taught myself how to draw

IV. My introduction to anime was thanks to Toonami and the anime boom of the 90's. Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Ranma, Evangelion are but a few that planted a seed. My love of gaming was generated thanks to the SNES and the Legend Of Zelda, the earliest gaming memory I have.
Posted 12/22/17 , edited 12/22/17
1. Hi! My real name is Kimberley, but most people call me Kimmy

2. I’m 34 y/o (35 in February) / Female / from London, England, UK

3. I’m a devoted fiancée, total clean freak, huge cat lover and avid cinema goer

4. I first got into anime way back during my late teens & have become more & more heavily hardcore & super devoted every single year since...I have many favourite series, both old & new alike & will quite happily & freely talk to/chat with anyone on here about them whoever chooses to want to send me a buddy request in order to get to know me better
(I don’t ever like to talk/chat via PMs anymore nowadays, only via Guestbook entries from accepted buddies)

I look forward to meeting you! Take care and have a really great day!
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22 / M / Netherlands
Posted 12/24/17 , edited 12/24/17

1. Hi im Nithussiva

2. 20/M/Netherlands

3. Idk R&B lover?

4. Dragonball got me into anime.
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26 / M / London, UK
Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
Oh.. gotta keep the thread alive!

1. Hi all! My name is Alex (:

2. 24/m/London, UK

3. I am just an average dude who loves to joke around and smile! I play a lot of PC game too, so if you ever wanna game just hit me up!

4. I ended up watching something really weird like "When they cry" or "School days" .. and it was just soo different from Pokemon and YuGiOh haha Never knew animations could be so interesting in story! I've been watching a lot since then (:
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22 / M
Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
Here i go D:

1. Hello everyone! My name is Ronald :D

2. 20/M/Cali, Colombia

3. Ok i am a very emotions person and i love so much to draw <3 and listen to music (if i'm not listening in a device i play it in my mind or do the rythm with my hands etc) it's hard to me cry but when i cry, I cry a lot x'D Ummm i'm a good person and i like to cheer up the people in the bad moments so if you're feeling bad you can tell me :'3

4. I start watching Death Note and Eyeshield 21 and from there start a new world and i love it so much.
Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
1. Hi im Lina its nice to meet you all ^^

2. 27/F/UK

3.Iv just joined CR to meet new people and make new friends who hopefully love things that i do im a massive fan on My little pony and cardcaptor sakura also Tsubasa chronicles too. I love also the old classic Sonic and Mario games.
Im a very friendly and very caring girl who is very good at helping others when they are not having a good time.

4. i just started watching Devilman crybaby and im at a loss it doesnt make sense to me xD
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35 / M / UK
Posted 1/8/18 , edited 1/8/18
1. I'm Oli, aka 'Fasckira'
2. 33 / M / Milton Keynes, UK
3. Something interesting... um, recently went to Tokyo and spent way too much in the Evangelion store.
4. Big question. I got into anime when I found a Ranma 1/2 volume in the local library when I was a kid, and was instantly a fan. Gaming, well, that was since the NES came out.
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23 / F / Norway
Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/10/18
1) Hi, my name is Victoria

2) 21/f/Norway

3) I like gory makeup

4) I've always watched stuff like pokemon and I remember watching Spirited Away and loving it when I was young (Still love it), but it was my brother that got me really into anime a couple of years ago.
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