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28 / F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 1/12/18 , edited 1/12/18
Hi I'm Tasch


I am a total Anime & Manga enthusiast. I first started watching Anime and reading Manga's when I was little and funny enough I started both with Dragon Ball. I grew up watching anime's such as Dragon Ball / Z, Zoids: The chaotic century/new century, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, Ranma 1/2, Detective Conan etc. While I absolutely love watching anime, I am also one of those otaku's, who watch favourite season anime's waaaaay later than the majority..pretty much once the hype has calmed down a lot. I have no explanation why...

Something weird about me:..I can eat ramen and pho really fast (=w=)
Posted 1/13/18 , edited 1/13/18
Hello I've been on this website for goodness knows how long yet I have never really delved into this section of the forums so here we go.

1. Yo I'm Rinon
2. 19/F/Earth (jk I'm on Mars)
3. uhh my wall is decorated with colorful origami
4. I think I had always kinda liked anime as a kid (I just didn't know what it was) but I remember watching Skip Beat or something on here, and then Code Geass (still my fave anime of all time) and then I just started to get really into it, I guess?
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Posted 1/13/18 , edited 1/14/18
1. name


2. a/s/l

Im 21, male and im from Sweden.

3. something interesting/weird about you

Uhm, im all-type random dude, so most of me is either funny or completely werid.

4. what got you into anime/music videos/games

When i was around 12 Year's old my brother showed me Naruto. Since then i started watching. So i'v been watching anime for quite a while now.
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21 / F / Finland
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/14/18
1. Jasmin
2. 19/F/Finland
3.I do art, comics/manga, trying to write novels and I do dance covers. I love asian food <3 ;_;
4. Videogames I've been playing since I was litle kid, my big brothers were huge gamers so I have grown around games. Later I got into anime and first anime I remember watching is HOTD. (before this I had watched tons of pokemon and ginga series) and my first manga I got into was Tokyo mew mew.

pls be my tomodachi <3
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21 / M / United States
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/14/18
1. Jerry/Jeremy/Jeremiah (Everyone has a different name for me, so there you go)
2. 20/m/Oregon
3. I'm pretty short, that's something interesting.
4. I've loved video games since I was a little baby. I got into anime when it played on toonami, and then discovered the internet. I believe Cowboy Bebop was the first anime I saw, later being dragonball.

I've seen a good handful of anime since then, an currently watching more.
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22 / M / Canada
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/14/18
1. My name is Jacob
2. I'm 20/Male/West Coast Cananada
3. Well I don't mean to brag but I can spam you with only the most mainstream of mainstream memes
4. What got me into anime well I guess it was just the people I hung out with before hanging out with them I used to be a weeb hater now look at me now
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Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/15/18
Zup, im Steve
im a law student and shitposter
My first anime was Pokemon
I hope to make friends over here
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16 / M / USA
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/15/18
Whats up, im Caiden
Im absolutely petrified of riding bikes.
Got into gaming whenever i was like 6 starting out on the PS2 playing Need For Speed and Burnout, getting into anime whenever i stayed up late one night and started watching Dragon Ball Z on Toonami
Feel free to add my discord CaidenM8#7616
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28 / F / USA
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/15/18
1. Hi I go by Kam
2. 26/F/USA
3. I'm weeb trash, and a huge pervert. I love shitposting.
4. Sailor Moon popped my anime cherry. I've been into anime since.
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60 / M / Houston, TX
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/15/18
Well, since this is the place to do this..

1. Hello folks. I'm Tal Greywolf, otherwise known as Raymond, Ray, or "Hey, you!".
2. I'm probably one of the old pharts, at 58. Male, and live in Texas (pseudo-part of the US.)
3. Being as old a I am, my interests, hobbies and habits tend to range.
4. And being 58, my interests in animation and anime vary widely. From AstroBoy and Kimba the White Lion to The Ancient Magus' Bride, I've probably seen much... yet have hardly seen but a fraction of anime.

Anything else is subject to debate.
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33 / M / Canada
Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/15/18
It's been ages since I was on the forums, so I can't remember if I posted here or not?

Regardless, my introduction would probably need an update anyway if I had made one on here a few years ago.

1. Name's Lionroarshot.
2. 31/M/CA
3. Been into anime since DBZ, Pokémon, Ranma 1/2, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc. I've watched quite a number of anime over the years.
4. I go into each anime with the hopes that I will find new top favorites. Like anime I consider to be the "best of the best" toward my personal tastes. I love a lot of the older anime that I've watched during the 90's and early 2000's, but I also like to make renovations, so to speak, to my personal top favorites as time goes on.
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46 / M / In the deeps of a...
Posted 2/19/18 , edited 2/19/18
Hello to all!

1. name - Marcelo Doraemon
2. 44 years / male / Goiânia - Brasil
3.Well... I'm only one Doraemon who wants to make friends and talk 'bout.... Everything.

I'm married with a gorgeous woman and i have a child with 11 months (almost 1 year!!). I'm working in a syndicate here, but i not a president (only a 'carrer man') / Talking 'bout some weird stuff: I have fear of balloons (yeah! That's..... Serious, and complex to explain)
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games

Since my young age, i was fascinated in anime/games. Music Videos? Not so fast, but i love J/K pop...
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30 / M
Posted 2/20/18 , edited 2/20/18
Hello, I'm HeroOnAQuest but you are welcome to use "Hero" as a nickname for me. I'm a male around 30Y/O in the mid-western United States. I joined Crunchyrol/MAL early in December of 2017 and forgot( not only that Crunchyroll/MAL exist, but ) to introduce myself to you all; please forgive me. Cowboy Bebop and InuYasha were my first exposures to "otaku" culture and I've been enjoying anime/manga as hobbies ever since.
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34 / M
Posted 2/20/18 , edited 2/21/18
Hello to all respected members
Posted 2/24/18 , edited 2/24/18



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102 / F / USA
Posted 2/24/18 , edited 2/24/18
1. Mai
2. 24/F/Maryland
3. I worked in Antarctica.
4. I was very close with my brothers during my childhood, so they heavily influenced me to play video games, watch anime, and read manga.
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