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26 / F
Posted 8/25/18 , edited 8/25/18
I once had an account made in the beginning of 2007, but I don't remember the email/username/password that 14 year old me had used, so technically I'm new-ish.

1. Name: Xenia
Close friends like to call me Xena, but I don't kick ass so that's a bit ironic. (I'm a librarian)

2. A/S/L?
I'll be 26 in 2 months time. Female. United States of Alcoholism.

3. Something interesting or weird about moi?
I once clip a toenail that flew about 10 feet right into one of my uncle's right eye.

4. What got me into anime/music videos/games?
Well I don't play games anymore (I read). Last time I played games was when Dishonored was released. I do remember being obsessed with Zelda games for a while during childhood. As for anime, I remember watching Dragon Ball, but wasn't into it. Then Sailor Moon came and I was hooked on it like it was Heroin.
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23 / M / An Imouto's Lap
Posted 8/25/18 , edited 8/25/18

I suppose that despite already being established as a staple of the Crunchyroll Forums, I should formally introduce myself.

1. I go by the online handles "PeripheralVisionary" and "Calm". Some of my friends will also refer to me as "Nii-san" or "Onii-chan", in regards to either my fetish for the incestuous fantasy I hold toward having younger sisters that I do not actually have, or more rarely, my guiding and loving role to them.

2. I am 22 years old, located in Virginia for now, majoring in Biomedical sciences. I am a male.

3. I am a very depressing individual for most people, to my knowledge. Also quite lonely. So I spend time ruminating on topics such as where self esteem should be derived from, the concept of having a healthily established pride, and the general topic of self improvement and seeking a more meaningful existence.

I use Discord and attempting to use Snapchat, but the reason I use the forums is that most people on instant messaging apps are not as willing to read or leave lengthy messages, whereas forums are far more conducive to the type of communications I crave; meaningful ones that can span pages.

4. I assume a mixture of anime breasts, a puerile love of all things animation, and my overarching interest in Japanese culture, or so I suppose.

I will warn you now, I am not the type of friend you would hang out with for a good time, but perhaps the one who would offer you his shoulder when you were feeling down. Or the one to discuss serious or thoughtful topics. Just a small caveat.
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24 / M / Denver CO
Posted 8/26/18 , edited 8/26/18
Hey Everyone!

My name is Ryan. I've been a huge anime fan forever but never felt like it was a part of who I am until recently. Now I want to meet as many people who are interested in the same things as me!

I live in Denver, I'm 23 and I'm male, I'm not good at reaching out to new people but, I'm very good at giving advice. I went to school for psychology, and now I run my own business and invest in the stock market. I also had minors in chemistry and biology. So I can talk about a variety of topics and help with many more things! I'll always respond if someone messages me!

The weirdest thing about me is my tattoo. It's an "R" inside of a circle on my rib cage. Or the copyright symbol as some people say.

What got me into anime was One Piece. Late night on Toonami watching the terrible 4Kids dub was a great memory of mine. I eventually caught up to the most recent chapter in the manga and for two years of high school every morning I would read the wikia on One Piece. Since then I've consumed any and every anime that has interested me. Even some that didn't.
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23 / M / United States
Posted 8/26/18 , edited 8/26/18
1. My name Nick
2.I'm in my early 20's and I'm from the United States
3. I'm a twitch streamer as well as an Amateur cosplayer (I know those two things aren't really weird but I thought they might be considered interesting)
4. I got into anime and gaming at very young age, watching Toonami with my siblings as well as gaming for as long as I can remember. They've both been a huge part of my life ever since then!

Low key need some friends lol
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28 / F / Trinidad and Tobago
Posted 8/30/18 , edited 8/31/18
> name - Anisa Yuki Mazaki
> a/s/l - 27/F/Trinidad
> something interesting - I'm a Freelance Artist who's semi blind and suffers from depression <.<
> what got you into anime - General interest. I got exposed to it when I was a kid and decided that I wanted to make my own stories and animations in that media/art style.
Posted 8/31/18 , edited 8/31/18
1. I'm Chris, but you can also call me Chris. Please don't call me anything else until we get to know each other better, then you can make up a nickname for me.

2. 29 year old male living in the Kumaverse, which is a universe of my own creation in which most people are bears. Not everyone, just about 46% of the human population.

3. I have a very self-deprecating sense of humor. I make fun of myself so that it hurts less when other people make fun of me. It's a defense mechanism I developed in my late teens/early twenties and has pretty much just become part of my identity now.

4. I started watching anime back when DBZ and Sailor Moon were in syndication in the 90s. I've been playing video games and listening to music longer than I can remember.
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Posted 10/13/18 , edited 10/14/18
1. Drew or Aoi!
2. 25/M/Tokyo
3. I Love to drink in social settings but I dislike people.
4. It all started with a Saturday morning at my Cousin Lamar's House when I was about 12 years old. The opening
song to .Hack Legend of the Twilight Bracelet came on. It sounded cute as fuck. I was glued to my TV the entire
drawn into the glory of fantasy/ RPG game anime. To this day it's still my favorite genre.

I've been a member of this site for like 10 years now but never reached out to the community on here.
Posted 10/29/18 , edited 10/29/18
Hi everyone.
I joined a long time ago but due to school, I haven't been on here much.
I plan to start using my account more often.
Anyways, here's a little bit about me

1. Selket

2. 17 (in november)/female/south west

3. Even though I'm Egyptian, and I know the original yugioh made up like 90% of the ancient Egyptian stuff, I sometimes find it hard to believe that it isn't true (because I convince myself otherwise ).

4. When I first moved to the United states, we had a TV that only had channels for adults but they had cartoons really early in the mornings at 5 or 6 AM so I would get up just to watch yugioh, dragon balls, pokemon (the usual that everyone starts with)
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23 / M / Canada
Posted 10/30/18 , edited 10/30/18
That Nuka-Cola
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38 / M / Cambridge UK
Posted 11/1/18 , edited 11/1/18

1. Rock

2. It would appear that I could be older than the majority of you / M / UK

3. As I'm not good at introductions I'll wear my heart on my sleeve; I'm an introvert with avoidant personality disorder with an escapism addiction.

4. Ninja Scroll got me hooked, however Akira is the first anime I saw years earlier.
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28 / M / Leanbox, Gameindu...
Posted 11/1/18 , edited 11/1/18
1. Kevz or Kev either works

2. 27/M/ Greater NYC area, USA

3. I had a one-show college musical loosely based of my life in my early 20s and no I didn't write it, things siblings do

4. Was going through a rough time in my life 5 years back my then roommate introduced me to it to cheer me up, started with Full Metal Panic!, then went onto simulcasts, joined CR and the rest is history
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19 / F / Washington,DC
Posted 11/7/18 , edited 11/8/18
1)The name's Dana
2)I'll turn 19 in the end of november
3)I love food,stuffed toys,animes,drawning and videos games
4) I don't remember when i've started to like anime i've always liked it since i was young in middle school i joined a japanese culture and now i like everything related to Japan like anime(and *cough* shonen ai,yaoi,) and food
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29 / M / South Wales, NY
Posted 11/19/18 , edited 11/19/18
Hello, everyone. While I've been here since 2007 as a premium member, I suppose I should formally introduce myself.

1. My name is Gregory, but you can call me Greg.
2. I'm a 28 year-old male who has been living in Upstate New York since August 2006. I was originally from Arizona before I moved up to Connecticut in August 1998.
3. I'm a composer/orchestrator/conductor and a freelance musician who plays about seven different instruments, including the piano, tuba, guitar, bass and percussion. I have a bachelor's degree and an advanced certificate in music performance, both from the University at Buffalo. In addition, I love playing video games and watching films and TV series.
4. I first got into anime when I watched Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and, of course, Speed Racer in my early years. During my teenage years, I watched Spirited Away and other films by Studio Ghibli and eventually, I got into Japanese culture. Since then, I like everything regarding Japan, including music.
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28 / M / Florida
Posted 12/1/18 , edited 12/2/18
Hi everyone, I'm new here so I figured I'd start off with an introduction and see where my adventure takes me.

1. Kris. It's shortened for a bit of privacy's sake. Though I guess it could be pretty easy to guess since my name is sort common.

2. I'm 27 yrs old. Floridian male.

3. I'm currently wandering around.Truth be told I'm coming off a difficult relationship. I'm trying to find peace with Anime and getting back into GFX as a hobby since it's giving me some peace by being occupied. I'm here to see if I can few friends and of course talk about Anime.

4. I first got into Anime when I was small although at the time I had no idea it was Anime. I guess the first was Pokemon and then Dragon Ball Z. I got really into it when I was in 5'th grade where I started to buy Shonen Jump mainly due to DBZ and YuGiOh. As I grew older I grew to like it more. I also like video games such as Kingdom Hearts and I'm starting to get into the Yakuza series by starting to play Yakuza 0. But to me the King of all video games is The Witcher 3. I know it's not a Japanese video game but I put 700 hours into it.

That's about it; I guess.
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