Hana Kimi Japan meet Hana Kimi Taiwan
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Posted 11/25/07 , edited 11/26/07
yo~! to all hana kimi lovers...These past days, there are so many comparisons between Hana Kimi Japan and Hana Kimi Taiwan. So to settle this, you should watch this video.

Hana Kimi Japan meets Hana Kimi Taiwan

In this video, Wu Chun and Jiro Wang gave a message to Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Horikita Maki and the cast of Hana Kimi Japan!

there are no subtitles here so i'll give you the translation:

Heard that the Japanese HK has debuted in Japan and had #1 rating in Japan. Wow! There were a lot of handsome guys and of course, a pretty girl.
We feel that Maki did a great job and was quite brave as there was a scene in the show where she had to wrap a cloth over a slightly naked body to bind her chest.
We take our hats off to them.
We wish all of you great success on this film and hope that there'll be a chance where you could watch the version of HK which we acted in.

seems like japanese cast didn't know there's TW version of Hana Kimi. during TW video, Toma said "she's cute" to Ella. and Maki said "that's Mizuki, righ?" like that.

MAKI: sugoi~ sugoi~!(great~ great~) it's nice of them to say so coz that was really hard to act as a boy(scenes like taking a shower, changing clothes and entering in men's restroom and stand in front of urinals).
TOMA: this is the first time to meet them(in a video though). watching some one from different country acts the same caracter as i did is kinda embarrassing(get shy?).
HIRO: both of them look really cool. i'd like to see the other TW cast too e.g. nanba as i did the role... so i may rent it(i guess it means rental DVDs of TW version).
TOMA: it would have been nice if we had been able to(i guess invite them as guests in japanese Hana Kimi and) act together for once.


NOTE: Please, i am spreading this video so that everybody will respect Hana Kimi Japan and Hana Kimi Taiwan. NO COMPARISONS PLEASE.

Thank You~~!!
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Posted 11/26/07 , edited 11/26/07
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