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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/21/08
I know some people don't care for the Gothic &Lolita Bibles (especially the American ones), but I find some of it useful. The third one will be coming out in a few weeks, and I thought maybe some of you would want a sneak peak so you know what to expect? Here's a list:

*Letter from the editor, special thanks
*Letters from the readers
*A short comic by Lilly Higgs titled "Needs more Lace"
*A Mana photoshoot, along with Words from Mana about the photoshoot, MMM's autumn collection, Moi dix Mois, about Parties, and about a movie he likes, Count Dracula
*An article on Black Peace Now
*Voltaire Music Video Report
* A little article on party rules, etiquette, tips, categories that are useful for lifestyle lolitas
* Japanese Brand Clothing (AP, Atelier Boz, BTSSB, Black Peace Now, h.Naoto, IW, Putumayo
*"Street Meets Chic" interview with Naoto Hirooka
*U.S Brand Clothing ( Blasphemina's Closet, Candy Violet, Megan Maude)
*Gothic and Lolita shoes
* Interview with artist Asumiko Nakamura
* "Hollowed and Haunted" photoshoot featuring Layla Smith and Briony Yorke
* "Je Desire: A Few of Our Favorite Things" product recommendations
*Halloween Makeup and Hair guides (Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Witch, Pirate)
*Party Hair and Makeup guides (Gothic Lolita, Gothic, Lolita)
*Book recommendations
*Halloween sweet recipes
* Sewing projects designed by Kana (ruffle blouse, knickerbockers, 3-tier one piece)
* More sewing (Millefleurs georgette blouse, MA bat mini-hat, AP double-ruffle lace headdress, AP wrapped rose corsage)
* A short photostory by Novala Takemoto
*Designer Spotlight: Blasphemina's Closet
* Harajuku Street Snaps
* Mana Interview
*Tokyo Dark Castle
* Event Snaps: BTSSB Halloween Party
* Event Snaps: GLB1 launch party
*Event Snaps: Michael Grerro Photoshoot
*Event Snaps: Sakuracon Lolita Fashion Show
*Event Snaps: New York Comic Convention
* Event Snaps:Spring in Stockholm, Sweden
* Event Snaps: Grand Galena Getaway
* Brand Giveaways
* Kokusyoku Sumire News
* " A Sparkling Summer Tea Party" (AP & GLB event snap)
* Japan Expo in Paris
* Sweets and Treats Quiz
* Royal Gothic Lolita Theatre of Nonsense: Spiritualism in England and Lillian's Sacred Robe
* A Gathering of Friends (Whisper's of young ladies, goth-loli photos, art submission, fortune telling advice corner, interview anecdotes, more special thanks)
* BLOOD article
*Reader's Snaps
* Reader Spotlight: Angel (aka Tian Shi)
* Artist's Voice (musicians who appeared share their opinions on this issue)
* "In the next GLB..."
* Short manga story

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