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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/20/08
Well, this was for another writing contest on livejournal...I didn't make it to the second round so I might as well post it here =). This was my losing entry...we had to write something based on the word "Brilliant".


The wind swept through him. The breeze through his hair. It kisses his skin. He closed his eyes and basked in the cool zephyr. Soft music was playing in the background accompanied by nothing but the pleasant chatter of his friends and the soft purring of the car engine. It was relaxing.

They were miles from civilization. They were alone, except for grass, trees, the stars, and the full moon. They were celebrating, the end of exams, the end of university, the start of life.

“What are you thinking?” jerking out of his daydream Josh looked to his right, where the gorgeous blonde was talking to him.

“Nothing.”, was his simple reply.

She raised an eyebrow a d smirk, “I don’t believe you. You have that whole thinking aura around you.”

“He’s probably thinking about you.” His best friend since high school said. He should kick him but it’s not wise to distract the driver.

“Shut up Brian.” He retorted. He turned back to his right, to Sophia, and smiled. She smiled back, he was sure it was much more radiant than his. “I was just thinking…how nice it is here. Really peaceful.”

“Yea it is.”

“I sometimes wonder if I could just live here, away from the chaos that is the city.” He mused.

“You don’t like the city?” she asked.

“It’s alright, but sometimes, it just seems so evil. Here, there’s no one but nature and everything just seems alright.”

“Hey, hey!” his other friend, Melanie interrupted, “We are done the exams, tonight is about getting drunk and having fun, no deep thoughts.”

“But isn’t that just…every night…for you?” he teased, which earned him a slap from his friend.

“She got a point though, you are thinking too much.” Sophia added, “Besides, nature is evil too, pesky mosquitoes, they bite you know.”

He laughed, it was a nice feeling, laughing. After the months of studying and stressing out over school it was like he forgot how to laugh. He lost himself into the sea of textbooks and became an automaton designed just to study. For the first time in a while, he felt like him again, someone who likes to laugh, relax, and just enjoy time with his friends.

“Yo, we’re here!” Brian shouted. The car stopped at the middle of nowhere. Josh looked up at the sky, despite the lack of lights it was still really bright, the many stars and the full moon illuminated the sky. He thought it was more beautiful than any artificial lighting.

“Stop staring at the sky and come on!” Sophia said, she grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the car. He laughed and ran with her.

Their other friends were waiting for them. Everyone was laughing, talking, just playing around. Awhile after, there were fireworks and he sat up on a grass hill just admiring the lights and colors exploding into stunning images.

“Hey.” Sophia sat down next to him. He sometimes wondered how anyone can look so effortlessly amazing. Even the fireworks couldn’t compare to her.


“Beautiful isn’t it?” she asked. He felt her hand sneak up on his and it stayed on top.

He looked at the full moon, the twinkling stars, the people laughing, the fireworks, and her....

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