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I'll start off students can call me Tung-sama! j/k ahaha call me Tung-sensei

My qualification: science LOL

Biology- human mind, animal senses so far
Chemistry - Periodic table, polar and non polar compounds, chemical bonding
Physics- projectile motion, Uniform Circular motion, Gravity, Momentum in 2 dimension, Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, light and matter and photons geez that was a mouth full

Fun but strict when it comes to test muahaha

Extra thought:
I think we should split into 3 different sub classes for science like i can be the teacher for physics and someone else for chemistry and so on
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Hi~, I'm Melissa, Students Usually Call Me Melissa-Sensei!!

I'm Science A Class Teacher ^^

Knowledge :

Biology : Human Body, Animals, Ecosystem (Luv Biology Much!! ^^)
Chemistry : Periodic Table & Chemical Bonds ( Well, I've just learn basic Chemistry since i'm gade 10th ^^")
Physics : Well, Only Formulas, Diagrams and A Little Theory about physics..

Personality :
Cheerful and strict (but not to strict ^^) i just wanna make the class role fun!! ^^

Extra Thought :
Well, i think science should be divided into chemistry, biology and physics ^^
If the class is split , i would like to be a biology teacher ^^.
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Hi im Mitsuko pls call me Mitsuko-sensei
Im cooking class A teacher
Knowledge:cooking of every type of food
personality:cheerful luv to eat food that my students cook
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Can i have this as my teacher picture

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Hi i'm Silver , students can call me Silver-sensei .
I'm Class B Sports teacher

Knowledge :Biology: Anatomy
Sports: Body building , health improvement, conditioning
Personality: I'm fun in every road trip , pretty strict when it comes to sports.
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tungaroo wrote:

Can i have this as my teacher picture

ok! :D

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Hey Im Khoa or also know as John
i prefer being called Thay Khoa
but it doesnt really matter what u call me
My qualification: Maths/Science
Im a Maths teacher
Highest Knowledge:
Yr 11 Mathematics (Australian)
This consist of:
Quadratics and polynomials
Models of growth
Planar Geometry
Coordinate Geometry

Yr 12 Physics
Projectile Motion
Electrity and magnetism
Light and matter

Yr 11 Chemistry
Chemical equation
Chemical bonding
Acids and Base
Properties of H20

Strict?? What the hell is that!. However if any of you student mess around in my class, ill turn this class into a living HELL!!!! MUHAHAHA

Extra thought:
I think i am a nice guy
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Hi! I'm Moriki Yamazaki, also known as Moriko-senpai!
Teaches: Sports Class A teacher~!
Knowlege: Basically all sports~!
Personality: I'm VERY fun and active, pratically like a student myself! I love to join in the excersizes and help students. I try to make friends with my students, but do not make exceptions to the rules!!!! I do not make you do nonstop physical activities, we might take a break and just sit and learn the rules first. Most of all: I LOVE TO HAVE FUN! I make my class as fun as possible!
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hi im alyzza an English teacher in class A...
im not a strict teacher a little funny...
i don't like my students to be bored on my class...
i want them to learn at the same time have fun......

i am your teacher at the same time your friend..........
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