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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
this may not me that good topic.. but! in any case..
if haruma miura is your long lost childhood friend and u got to find him.. and all in your mind was that, "I WANT TO GIVE HIM A LETTER" ahah^^

now, this will be great! express your feeling towards him..

in this forum, feel free to make a LOVE LETTER for him, as if. he will really read it wen u mail it to him.. ill start it!

My ever loving sweet miura-chan..

its been a while, isnt it? how are you doing ryt now? really ai miss you so much.. ai really got all worried wen ai heared that u went somwer just to escape your parents.. my sweetheart, ai really wanna see you so badly. =`( just cant helped not to CRY.. hoping that u`ll return home.. am just waiting here! i love you so much my miura.. Take care!

yOur sweetheart,

minna-san, its somthing like this.. u can make ur own story why u want to send him a letter..

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