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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
Silver Armor with flowing blue energy lines
has wings and booster that can fly for a limited time
super speed
Sword which is from the wings
Can cut though anything
Has some chains on its sleeve for long range or middle range
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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/10/09
Let's see...Mine would have to have:
Metallic black armor, with light grey armor underneath, and it would have a red right arm & a blue left arm (think Gill from Street Fighter 3), as well as having wings of black light that can appear/disappear at will

Moderately high speed (faster than most Amalgams, but not faster than Malek) & the ability to fly, as well as being able to generate fire from its right hand & lightning from its left. A protective barrier would be nice too.

As for weapons, a broadsword with a blade made of black energy (like the wings).

Yeah, that would be pretty awesome. Perhaps I'll make a picture of it.

EDIT: Made it pretty much all black except for the arms.
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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/24/09
i say samurai-style armor clad with double katanas and it must look buff and dress in black-red colour. excels in speed and fast regen. have a wolf beast as transport/pet
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