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27 / M / The World God Onl...
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
This is a Fun Game For Anyone who luved the Series on Your Favorite Episode,Character,Song,And Why do u like it about the Entire Series (If you wanna). like for an example:

Song:Legend of the Mermaid
Why?Cause im a big fan of the show and i Luved the way they sing it makes me feel pleasent

Now its Your Turn What do u think about the show People?
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22 / F
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Episode: Episode 9 of Pichi Pure(Lady Bat's appearence)
Character: Coco the Yellow Pearl Mermaid Princess
Song: Hana to chou no Serenade
Why?: The villains are PWNful and Coco rocks, simple as that.
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33 / F / Puerto Rico
Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/8/08
Episode: 46

Character: Hanon, Luchia

Song: Aquamarine Melody; also Seira's song Beautiful Wish

Why: the show has a little of me, especially pure, wanting to be with someone, and you're almost there
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28 / M / Somewhere where u...
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/9/08
Episode: 10
Character: Lina
Song: Star Jewel
Why?: It's the first time that Star Jewel introduced
Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
Wth.. You have two fourms that are exactly the same...
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21 / F / any world i imagine
Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
well . here i go :
Favorite episodes:
season1 ep 1, why: cuz of course that is where Luchia and Kaito first met again in the beach 7 years later !
season1 ep 17, why: because thats where they first kissed :3
season1 ep 46 why: finally Kaito confesses to Luchia and kisses !
season2 ep 1, why: cuz that is where they finally had some time alone and slept in the beach alone <3
season2 ep 36, why: Kaito finally remembers luchia being a mermaid !

I have more favorites but this is all i could remember :p

Favorite Character:
Luchia why: i love her cuz she is like mee ! Her name starts with an L, she has the same birthday season, she is in love, she always talks about love :3, has friends that are always there for her, kinda like pink .

Legend of mermaid why: aha i don't know i just love this song and i remember the lyrics !
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