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Shugo Chara like Rp..........
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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/22/08
This Rp is for something like Shugo Chara.........if u dont know wat Shugo Chara is then look at the animes...... and see if u would like to join.........

My Character!!

u can have at most 3 charas.......

Character Name:
Age or Grade or both:
Character/Background information:

Kyari nari(when in character transformation):

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24 / M / Cookie Land~!
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
Name: shugo izumi
Grade: 6

he is always happy and cheerful but when he is in a fight he focuses on strateges to win,he is kinda weak and he looks kinda kidish but due to that he is always picked on so one night he wished he could become stronger and that's how he got ryoichi,his hair is blond and his eyes are black,

chara: ryoichi
ryoichi doesn't smile alot and spends all his time training, his personality is calm and self-controled, he has a sheild and sword on his back and uses them for battle

character change:
his personality changes completly and he never backs out of a fight

chara transform:
he changes his clothes into a warrior clothes and he gains a sword and sheild:

chara nari: hero strike

signature move: guardian light (purifys X eggs)
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M / Who honestly care...
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/22/08

username: topjenkinz
Char name: Chad
Age: 12

Reina's boyfriend. Is cool and at the top of the class. Also one of the most athletic kids in the class. He tries to be as nice as he can to classmates and tries to joke around. Is serious when needed. Is out-going and is always pleased to meet new people. Is popular, but is also envied by some.

Backround: Comes from a rich family. Only has one little brother who's currently 8 years old: Seth. Chad was always spoiled by his parents but never really let it get to him. Chad also helps with the family business even though he's only 12. Had a slight crush on Reina since 3rd grade, thinking she was very pretty, smart, and kind. First tried to befriend her in 5th grade, since she seemed lonely. Eventually became best friends with her and at age 11, started dating her.

Chrona-Dark kid who is able to help with combat overall. Is crazy and is pesimistic He carries a Demon Blade around.

Rez-A normally light-hearted guy but is serious when fighting. Helps with speed and combat as well, but a different style. Carries a broadsword.

With Charas:

Chrona- Demon Blade wielder

Rez- Death Blade wielder
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23 / F / My DREAM LIVE sta...
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08

moonfairygrl wrote:

Here is my character ~ I wanna be Utau ~ but i edited her tho...

Username: Tsukishima_Amu
name: Tsukishima Utau

Age: 13

Background Information: Utau is a girl who is a little taller than average girls at her age , she done before a model's job when she was young and has a good body figure. She is a girl who hav many wishes to be her would-be-self....she dont noe wat she wanted to be actually... She has a amazing great voice and LOVE to sing and dance so she has finally becomes a famous star overseas , well-known in many countries and wish to become even more famous so more people could hear her voice and the top singer. Her voice and dance has the ability to control someone , changes someone's mood either into good or bad depend on how she wants but she wouldnt make someone sad purposely...She also looks up to her cool elder sister,Tsukishima Aimi. Their parents were in a accident when they were trying to save their friends in a car crash but pass away when trying to do so...that's why her elder sis is too protective of Utau and will always know where her whereabout is . Her charas were born one after one another continuously each day... She loves to sing and dance so much tat she actually will sing and dance in the street wearing disguise when she is free...


Seira is a cool vampire chara. She is cool and smart... She also doesnt like to smile... but is not evil... She believes in her own decision and is a little stubborn. Utau will chara change for a while when she smelled blood but will not be crazy over blood even tho she is a vampire....she will juz be chara change for a moment before turning back into her original self....She will say "lost, cold, vamp..." when chara change....She has ability to control fire and have lightning speed...

Hoshiki is a pretty,talented and graceful singer chara. She loves to sing and dance... She loves to smile and make ppl laugh or smile too when they are depressed... She is a little stubborn but believes in herself... Utau will chara change with her whenever she heard nice music and will sing and dance along with it...she will return to her usual self when Utau wants to as Utau also LOVE to sing and dance too...Utau's singing has more power after chara change with Hoshiki...Hoshiki will say "Sing ,dance, fun~" when chara change...Utau's chara change with Hoshiki can do anything she wants when singing or after singing....She has control over air, sound and movement and water...

Miku is a talented artist chara. She loves to draw...She is great in fashion sense and love to express herself by drawing...Her drawings can comes to life or become real when she wanted to... Utau will chara change with Miku when she saw people drawing ... Miku will say "draw, paint, life!!!" when chara change...She has control over earth...

Their powers when character transform are still inknown....

Personality: Utau is a cheerful, positive and a girl who doesnt like to express her feelings out THAT easily. She loves to smile and hate being lonely and being betrayed by someone she love...
Picture: [[optional]

Utau (when in disguised while singing and dancing on the streets)

Utau in normal out wear

Utau when character transformation with....

Seira- Lunatic Charm

Hoshiki- Amulet Rockstar

Miku-Amulet Artist

Thanks for reading !!!! Arigato !!!! ^v^

( So my character is actually Hoshina Utau from Shugo Chara, i edit ...
-Her personality
-Her shugo charas
-Her age
-Her surname (cuz i dun wan her as Ikuto's sister...XD)
-Her family
tat's all~ )

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Right Here
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Character Name: Sano....
Age or Grade or both: ... WHO CARES?
Character/Background information: ... hates BARNEY!.... I mean a big VIOLET DINOSAUR who SINGS!? wtf!.... ok i'll get serious ....

Sano is a happy-go-lucky boy who likes to play the violin and basketball.... (which is weird) he has a big heart, he is caring, has a great smile(im running out of ideas... ) he protect his friends, AND IS A MICHAEL JACKSON FAN! ... when he hears someone say foul words he becomes berserk! he becomes VERY demon-like when he becomes berserk...


a character good in playing the violin... has a cold heart and is amazingly evil (in a good way), not caring(at all) likes black cats... and black orchids... hates summer likes autumn... is very very smart...hates everything pink... good in combat... a way lot cooler than Ikuto (hahaha....)

a character who is quiet, but kind... who is good at sports, and smart... but is clumsy REALLY clumsy!... and is anti-KANAME!(haha... just kidding) he is good AT arts.. one of the Heartthrobs in school... hahah...

wen u chara change....

duhhh.... ?!?!... maybe thats why you DESCRIBE the character... i dont need to describe them! im tired alredy.. (haha... im sleepy)
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25 / M / cali
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
Username: Brotherhoodofthewolf
Character name: Reinin
Age: 15
Character background: he doesn't really remember any of his past but he has been living in a temple for since he can remember. he is usually calm and quite talking to the few friends he has, also likes to train but never likes to fight his specialty is with great swords mostly in the line of claymores. in reality he is a half demon (wolf demon to be precise due to this he has split personality's one is his normal human self Reinin and the other is his demon side Roe.


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20 / F / In my own room
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
Name:Tsukiyama Endo


Gender: Female

Personality:Kind,Help Poors,Scared In Horror Movie,Likes To Stare At The Sky,Likes To Read Books

Appearance:Blond Hair With Sky Blue Eyes,Wear Blue Ribbon Behind Her Hair,Wear Pink Dress Everyday,She Keeps a Light Green Bird With Her,She Have A Black Ribbon Behind Her Dress.


Trasformations/emblem items:When She Chara Change With Yui She Become Flyable Sweet,With Faye She Become Flyable Faith,With Cherry Is Flyable Peace.

Charanari names:Flyable Faith,Flyable Heart,Flyable Peace,Flyable Sweet






Flyable Sweet:

Flyable Faith Chara Change:

Flyable Peace:

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23 / F / My DREAM LIVE sta...
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08

hihi ~ oo!!~ Nice character u hav ~ wanna roleplay with me in the shugo chara rp ?? ^.^

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22 / F
Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/25/08
Ur character's pic (optional):

Character name: Haruno Kimiko
Character's age: 15
Username: dominicannena1

Background of ur character: When she was 5 yrs old, her mother died and her father left her in an old abandoned mansion. She lives with her older brother Kai, and her two older twin sisters, Mila and Kita. Her brother is a little over protected. Her sisters Mila and Kita are complete opossites, Mila is the straight A student and she's always nagging Kita to pay more attention in school, while Kita is very rebellious and often fails exams and pays more attention to playing the guitar. Kimiko is admired by all the the students of the school, the girls because of her personality and the boys....... because........ well..... yeah. She gave birth to the charas because she wants people to know her for someone else not who she is know.

Character's personality: She has a very cold personality. She is very rebelious, often skipping classes. Althought she is rebelious, she still is a straight A student. She is very athletic but never join a sport and the sports clubs are always asking her to join. She is also very good at singing but is too shy to join the choir.

shugo charas:
Maris is a vampire chara. She mimics Kimiko's current personality. When Kimiko character changes with Maris her rebelious side intensifies and begins to do even more dangerous stuff than usual.

Miko is a fairy chara. She is the complete opposite of Kimiko. When Kimiko character changes with Miko she acts extremely sweet and polite and will stop at nothing to make a person smile.

RinRin is the jock chara. She is very very energetic and is always like that. When Kimiko character changes with RinRin she starts to cheer and do all sorts of flips and moves.

Kyara nari(character transformation):
Maris- Vampire Kiss

Miko- Pixie Kiss

RinRin- Speed Kiss
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25 / F / ♥ In All Of YouR...
Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/6/08
Username: Sakura_Kinamoto
Character Name: Yuki Yamashina

Age: 15
Character/Background information: When she was 9, her parents sold her to a rich man, from that day on, she always being controlled by that guy. She was cursed, when ever she plays the music or sings ppl that hears it will have x on their eggs.


Kyari nari:
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20 / F / rainbow :)
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
Character Name:Jasmin
Age or Grade or both:10 grade 5
Character/Background information
Her family were rich , she is like a princes and when she sing with her happy mood all the X eggs will return to normal


Kyari nari(when in character transformation):

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26 / M / Portugal
Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/14/08
Name: Dasuko Kimituyo
Age: 11
Grade: 5th
Bio: Lino is a boy with a lot of doubts about his future. His parents are divorced and he fights a lot with his family. At school he is bullied and teased because he can't stand up for himself and he is very shy, yet never refuses any request anyone asks of him. He doesn't have any true friends. Because of that, he wished to be someone else. Either more confidant, more interesting and more mysterious. The next morning he finds three eggs. One light blue with a symbol of a yellow sun. Another one which is purple with the same orange sun symbol. The other is dark blue but with a white full moon symbol. When the eggs hatch they'll help him become the person he wishes to be.

Dei: The one which came from the light blue egg, it represents his wish to become more confidant. He is often cheerful and optimstic, but he is also very headstrong and brave, standing up for what he believes. He is also very stubborn and has a terrible temper. When Dasuko chara changes with Dei, he becomes incredibly headstrong and stubborn and, whatever he believes, is right! No one can contest him!

Tuairaito: The one which came from the purple egg, it represents his wish to become more interesting. He is very funny and bold, aside from the fact that he is somewhat more charming than the clumsy Dasuke. Also, he can become friends with anyone very easily. When Dasuko chara changes with Tuarat, he becomes more extroverted, his sense is humour is much better than he ever expected to be and girls find him more attractive. His self-esteem becomes so high that people mistake him as arrogant.

Naitu: The one which came from the dark blue egg, it represents his wish to become more mysterious and mystic. He is very calm and not the talkative type. He often talks by charades too, confusing his friends and fellows. He is also very intelligent and shows a slight romantic side to him... When Dasukie chara changes with Nait, he becomes very calm and rarely talks. However, he becomes very intelligent and can resolve problems easily.

Kyara Nari:
Shining Day: He can only transform into this form during the day. He becomes incredibly strong and his will much harder. When in a challange he never backs up or shows fear. Also, his faith becomes much higher. However he is shown as scared in this Kyara Nari. He attacks with "Rage Blast", in which his fury yelled up inside him blows in a wave of burning energy. Depending on how happy or hopeful he is, he will become stronger in this Kyara Nari. He can also perform "Light Curtain", which protects him from darkness attacks.

Charming Twilight: He can only transform into this form during the afternoon, when the sun is setting down. When he is in this form he becomes more agile and faster. Also his looks seem to become much better and, whenever girls see him, he turns their heels crazy. He attacks with "Twilight Nova", which throws a massive ball of light energy which damages the foe a lot. However, because he becomes very airheaded and slightly selfish in this form, he actually spends his time bragging either than fighting.

Mystic Night: He can only transform into this form during the night. He becomes a powerful magician with illusionary tricks to him. He is very silent in this form. He can create mists of darkness with "Shadow Fog" or he can use the positive and negative energies in the air to attack with "Positive Hit" or "Negative Blow". Using the first one will turn him kinder, using the last one will turn him more resentful.
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23 / F / Hamburger-a-gogo...
Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/5/08
Username: siarra122
Character Name: Hikaru Cross

Age: 16
Background: her mom left her when she was 8 then called her a discrase. shes been trying to get as far away from her family as possible and shes been getting into alot of trouble. shes not very nice, although, she is very beautiful. shes also very talented, she loves music, cooking, and dancing, but doesn't think that shes good enough to fufill her dreams anymore. she got her shugo charas for wanting to be something different than what she is right now.

Personality: shes very cruel and is very rarly nice to people. she likes getting into trouble and hardly every pays attention in class. she likes to seduce hot guys and almost always gets her way, but is never really happy.


Kyari nari(when in character transformation):
Posted 12/16/08 , edited 12/16/08
Character name: Karen uchiha
Background:A lonely orphan girl her parents died during a car crash she has no one to go live with she goes to school kids thinks she cool and but she doesnt cares she just wish she could find hope and love.

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F / My Pillow.
Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09
Picture of Rena

Character/background:You'll have to ask her.
tranformation with Silvia:

Tranformation with Rika:
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