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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
What do other members said about Uruha

First impression on Uruha

Ruki: His face looked gentle, but I though he was a big brother of heavy metal.
Aoi: I first met Uruha among the other members. I was waiting him at my friend’s home and I heard the door opened. When I turned around I saw a heavy metal guy standing there. That’s my first impression.

Uruha's strong and weak points

Ruki: The good point is that he acts like a big brother, and that’s what he so-called himself as well. (laugh) And he is gentle too. The weak point is that he forgets what he said very soon. I hope he can take the responsibility of his own words.
Reita: Good point is, don’t judge by his appearance, he is actually a hardworking person. About the weak point, didn’t he said I am too talkative and i don’t listen to him at all in my interview? But he is also just talking about himself all the time.
Aoi: The good point is he can talk a lot with me about music without hesitation. And the bad point is just like the others said, he is a little impetuous. And I like to drink slowly, but Uruha get drunk very soon and go teasing people.

Things you don't like about Uruha and hopefully he can change

Kai: I hope he can have more interest in me. No matter what I talked to him, I found his face was just emotionless. It would be fine to tell me “It’s boring! if he felt like that, but he had no reaction at all.
Reita: May be Uruha is too self-paced. And it takes him so long in the shower, it takes long time to dry his hair, long, long, long, why is everything he does takes him so long to do? LOL! I only take 10 minutes in the bath room.

Debating with Uruha

Kai: Uruha is too self-confident. He once said himself looks like Imai Tsubasa or Hideki Takizawa. I want to know where does he think he looks like them?
Uruha: Kai doesn’t understand me much. What is the problem to look like them? My sister said my hair style looks like Takizawa before, and I was really happy about that.
Kai: Ah, I got it then, you meant your hair style. I can understand that. My question is cleared, next . (smile)
Aoi: I want to know why Uruha likes to occupy the bed everytime he stays overnight at people’s home?
Uruha: Because human beings are meant to sleep on the bed.
Aoi: Why does the owner of the bed has to sleep under the bed?
Uruha: I think the owner has his right over his property. The owner also has the right to tell me not to sleep on the bed when he doesn’t want me to. What is the problem of sleeping on the bed if you don’t tell me?
Aoi:Ok got it.

The difference when it's just the two of you instead of all being together
Kai: No matter we are all there or it’s just the two of us, he is indomitable all the time. Both Uruha and me like playing games, he won’t stop until he finally win. And he won’t admit it if I win.

What's so cool about Uruha recently?

Ruki: He has been more attractive

Something to say to Uruha?
All: We love you.
Reita: We talked a lot of this and that, but those are all comments of love.
Ruki: We wouldn’t have said that much if we don’t love him indeed.
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