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What do other members said about Aoi

First impression on Aoi

Kai: I think he was awe-inspiring, sorry. *sweat*
Reita: His wearing style really looked like a band man one.
All: *laugh*
Uruha: He felt like in a band from Saitama.
Reita: Isn’t that fine with Saitama?
Ruki: He seemed like a host in Kabukicho. (a host is a club boy whose job to entertain their female customers. You'll know if you watch Ouran High School Host Club 8D)

Aoi's strong and weak points

Kai: He is always very gentle. But may be that’s for me only. *smile* But sometimes our conversation can’t go on because his speaking is too blunt. Although I have a lot that I want to say, but he seems so indifferent and our chat can only end at the middle.
Reita: He is generous. If I asked him to buy something and told him “I’ll pay you back later and he would never say “give me back my money Of course, I had paid him back later. But if that was Kai, he would say “pay me back very soon.
Kai: That’s sophistic! You know how many months had I waited?
Reita: That’s why I’d like to return to you earlier. *laugh*
Kai: What do you think I am...
Reita: But it is confusing that Aoi will suddenly talk to me in a way that I don’t know how to response.
Uruha: The good point is, he is a very considerate person by natural. When I go visit him, he will ask me “want to eat? and go make me a meal. Oh, did Ruki cook me meals too?
Ruki: Hey! I had cooked for you, forgot?
Uruha: Miso soup, right?
Ruki: I cooked you spaghetti too.
Uruha: Yeah.
Reita: Right, you don’t need to say anything to Aoi and he will cook for you.
Uruha: Wait..., *sweat* Ruki too... *sweat*
Reita: Well, that’s a dilemma. You are undecided.
Uruha: When I go having drinks with Aoi, he will buy it for me and say “hai, coffee.He looked like God to me at that time.
All: Wow!
Reita: It’s good that your God is so cheap, just a cup of coffee.
All: *laugh*
Uruha: But sometimes he treats me very coldly. He seems indifferent even when deciding our guitar solo. May be we are both nonchalant.
Ruki: He is gentle as a big brother, he will cook for me whenever I visit him. No matter when he was performing in his previous band or after he came to Tokyo, he is the most hardworking member in it. But during the tour or visiting his home, I found him usually in a bad temper after waking up in the morning. Well, maybe I am the same.
Uruha: What’s that?
Ruki: He was like “Umm, Umm whatever you said to him. And that made me quiet and autistic. *laugh* Besides, there were many times that Aoi would make gag when we were having bad mood, that’s just annoying. I was thinking like “ go to die at that time. *laugh*

Things you don't like about Aoi and hopefully he can change

Kai: Sometimes Aoi will give up voluntarily when it’s almost there. I hope he can keep it up.
Reita: We are both standing at the right side of the stage, I will nudge him if I want to come up to the front. There is not much opportunities for me to stand at the front. It’s the same when filming the PV, I was always blocked by him. I was feeling like, “ at least give me a few shot!
All: *laugh*
Reita: I am fine with it if even it’s just a few shots. But I really want to be filmed in the PV, because I am the member of Gazette as well.
All: *laugh*
Uruha: I will always ask him to play games with me whenever I visit him. I really hope he can stop saying “No to me with a smirk. Isn’t that good to play a round with me?
Ruki: Sometimes he doesn’t understand whether we are making fun or meaning it seriously, and then he will get angry. I can easily feel his murderous-looking. It hurts like a baseball throwing directly

Debating with Aoi

Kai: Will I disturb you when I am at your home?
Aoi: Not at all.
Kai: When I went playing at Aoi’s home, he told me “may you stay there a while for me? May he has no interest in me?
Aoi: That’s because I was working damn hard on my computer and I couldn’t work with you beside me. As I just have one computer and wasn’t that reasonable?
Kai: Okay, I understand now.
Reita: I want to ask about the clothes. I bought a jupon from Yahoo! Auction for him, but he complaint about it when it arrived. When I saw the picture I asked him “So? I will get this one.and he said “fine.So I went on bidding it, but he just grumbled over it when it came! How do you guys think? That’s really bad. And that’s a jupon of American Army, I had paid a lot for it.
Aoi: I just want a double-sized pant. When I saw the picture I thought it was black in colour, but I found it was dark blue when it arrived. I was treated by Reita.
Reita: See! He said that again. It’s my fault anyway.
Aoi: Okay, I got it. *smile*
Uruha: Why did you stop wearing your navel piercing?
Aoi: The skin there was getting thinner. It felt dangerous so I took it off.
Uruha: Then how about the jupon I gave you?
Aoi: I had worn it until that American Army’s jupon came. That’s the memorial present from Uruha, so I have kept it carefully.
Uruha: That’s great.
Ruki: I said this about Uruha as well, but Aoi should stop pretending usual people.
Reita: Are you kidding?
Ruki: He said something like “The usual people must be me when I chatted with him before. I want to know which place you can tell as usual?
Aoi: I didn’t say that before.
Ruki: You have.
Aoi: If I had said that it should be something like “The most usual one must be me
Ruki: Yes, that’s the sentence.
Aoi: Can’t you tell by looking the 5 of us?
Ruki: I will arrest you if I am the cop.
All: *laugh*
Ruki: May it be then if he say like this. We won’t be able to get over this argument so let’s just forget it... I am not convinced though.

The difference when it's just the two of you instead of all being together

Kai: He is unexpectedly caring. Aoi would come checking on me when I was working on the computer and asked me “What do you want to eat? I will go get it. Then he would go buying it for me. I am really touched by his gentleness.
Ruki: I just understand it today, you are so easy to feel lonely.
Kai: I am very easy to feel lonely.
Reita: Sometimes I forgot my instrument at Aoi’s home and I would send him mail said “I am sorry but may you bring it to me tomorrow? It’s common to end with simply “okay But he will reply me “I will pack it up and bring it to you Maybe he just wants some attention?
Uruha: I hope I can have more topics with him. Aoi likes playing games too, talk about it more with me!
Ruki: He is basically very caring, and it seems he likes looking after the others. But we don’t have much topics other than the band. We just exchanging our CDs.
Reita: You think you guys are TATSUYA?

What's so cool about Aoi recently?

Kai: May be I am not in the position to talk say this about him, we are both the ones that usually forget stuff. But Aoi started noticing the things that he promised, I can see he is getting on his own way. I just feel like he is changing a lot.
Reita: He started wearing like a usual people, and I was like “ It’s another matter to say that suit him or not. I just feel like “Wowto! to see him want to have a change.
Uruha: He started showing of his forehead recently, I was thinking “Oh, that’s lovely!”
Ruki: He is getting more characteristic.

Something to say to Aoi?

Reita: You are not a usual nobody.
Uruha: I think we are speaking of him more modest than the other members.
Reita: Please take care of us brother.
Ruki: Please be our good brother forever.
Kai: Please take care of us
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