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What do other members said about Ruki

What was your first impression of Ruki?

Reita: When I first met him, I thought he was a vivid rocker. 'It would be fun to form a band with him'. But actually he is someone inconsistent. Once when we had a performance with this other band, I asked him “let’s go home together today? Although he answered “Fine! , when we found him he was surrounded by fans. Maybe he just couldn’t keep his promise.
Kai: I met him in a live house when having a bands companionship. We didn’t have a word before at all but he just lent his equipment to me. 'He’s really a nice guy' was my first impression of him.
Ruki was still a drummer at that time?
Kai: Yes.
Uruha: I really don’t remember. In my memory, I was interested in Ruki’s band vocalist. And after that the vocalist told us their drummer wanted to have some words with us. And I was like “Ohhhh, that guy!(laugh)
Aoi: I first met him in a studio. He suddenly came to shake my hands and didn’t get shy at all. I thought maybe he would be someone big in the future. But I don’t remember anything else other than shaking hands.

What are Ruki’s strong and weak points?

Reita: The good point is he has a good sense of whatever he is doing. It is fun to have him around. He will cheer the others up and have lots more to say than is necessary But he manages to merge into the atmosphere’s tension as a whole. The bad point is he really is a BAKA[バカ=idiot]. Clumsy in speaking. And messes up others houses
Ruki: I didn’t mess up your house!
Kai: The good point is he is curious about everything. I think it’s good to have a try at anything new. The bad point is he has too much to say. Sometimes I really wanted him to be quiet for a moment (laugh). I was half serious but Ruki just thought I was joking and kept on talking. (laugh)
Uruha: The good point is he is very intimate with the others and that’s the lovely place he has. It’s just like he doesn’t know what the worldliness is. And he is the “heart and “brain of the GazettE. And we are brothers, we all respected him so much. The bad point is he likes shirking. It’s like he will act like an ostrich when there are difficulties.
Ruki: Looked like he want to run away from there.
Kai: Ruki, that’s of no use. It’s over once you’re in that zone. You can’t escape just by running away. (laugh)
Aoi: The good point is he has the most knowledge of music in the GazettE. But in these two years we have been working together, we always help move out the equipments from the van. I only saw Ruki moving stuff about three times in these two years. Kai's the one moving the stuff. With the same B-blood type, there are still some differences between them.
Uruha: He doesn’t have that voltage at all!

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!”that you want to tell Ruki?

Reita: Please stop making up unreasonable lies. Once it was the meeting time already but Ruki still wasn’t here yet, so I thought he was still sleeping, I called and asked “Where are you? And he said “I am on the train now but it’s so quiet around that it didn’t seem like he was on one. The time didn’t match either. It’s okay to tell where is he now. Please don’t go making up bad lies.
Kai: In my circumstances for example, he’d asked me to give him a cigarette, but I find it all gone after that. Just say the word and I would have given it to him
Uruha: Once a time, Ruki asked me “may I stay overnight at yours and I said okay. And I let my mum prepare for his coming. But he still didn’t get here by midnight, so I called and asked “aren’t you coming? and he said “I am on my way.So I just kept waiting, but the bell didn’t ring at all that day.
Reita: Poor Uruha
Ruki: “That was SOOOO long ago murmuring to himself.
Aoi: I felt the same. He said “give me a cigarette and it would all be gone.
Ruki: “I am so sorry.And nodding his apologies.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.

Reita: I want to know why is he being so nice to me.
How nice is it?
Reita: I usually will take off my coat when I arrive at his home and he will take care of it for me. He will even hang it up with a hanger. Maybe he just didn't want to make his house dirty? But I’d like to marry Ruki if he kept on doing all those tiny kind things. (laugh)
Ruki: What? No way, it’s just because of me doing all those things you wanna get married? (laugh)
Kai: It’d became weird if you speak too much, Ruki. You’d get into that zone again
Did you really help take care of the clothes?
Ruki: Yes.
You will do the same for the other members?
Ruki: Yes. I just don’t like putting things around the house undisciplined.
Reita: I want to add supplement! Ruki will do that in his house ONLY. He put things of the other member's all over the place and in the van too.
Ruki: can i say anything now?
Ruki: I didn’t mess up. (angry)
Reita: He got angry now
Kai: Although I am bullied by everyone, but why must you hit me with the hand with rings on?
Ruki: It’s just by chance that I hit you with my rings on.
Reita: I felt the pain too! Please be measured.
Ruki: Really? Aren’t you joking with me?
Kai: It really hurts. (seriously)
Ruki: I know it hurts with rings. But you seemed happy with it, so I just kept doing that thinking it should hurt. (laugh)
ISo what about Uruha?
Uruha: Don’t you value your property much? Why would you forget your purse in the convenience store?
Ruki: You said something that happened long ago again.
Uruha: I still have your stuff in my car.
Ruki: my Hat?
Uruha: Not just that. I think I have a few punk CDs there and some clothes and shoes. I put them all in a trunk.
Please answer, Ruki.
Ruki: I forget things very easily. But that’s still something that happen long ago already.
Aoi: Then why do you always stop singing before the solo in rehearsals? Every time I am about to start playing the solo, He just sings when he feels like it. Are you thinking it has ended already?
Ruki: I am used to stopping when the music dies, that’s the reason.
Aoi: But that's what rehearsal is about! you have to check with the sound of solo right?
Ruki: I am just out of control. (laugh) I will notice that from now on.
Aoi: Please, I’ll count on you.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?

Reita: He will help pick up my things when I am lost. He won’t even complain about a word. And our stomachs have the same timing. I am so happy that every time I visit his house he will cook something for me to eat.
Kai: He is much more tender than when everyone’s around. Maybe he is just shy with all of us there. But when it’s just two of us, it’s like “Wow! Is that true of such an attentive Ruki?”
Uruha: I think he is chiyu-kei to me. When he came to stay at my house, it’s chiyu enough to see him sleep and roll all over my bed.
Reita: Lovely kid.
Kai: He is just someone recalling of the other’s maternity?
Aoi: I feel the same with the others. He is so much more gentle and somehow cute. Of course he is cool being as our “head" that’s very respectable, too.

What makes you feel cool of Ruki recently?

Reita: I was surprised that he brought his own equipment. He always seems unconcerned with the equipment. And now he was just walking around with his personal notebook in his hands, doing the design skillfully, that’s very surprising too.
Kai: Personally, he is starting to understand me and my feelings more.
Uruha: I became lonely. We used to hang out a lot before. And we had lots of topics to talk about before. Maybe he lost interest in me?
Aoi: Recently, he has been doing well on the MC. He would talk on and on for an hour in the MC.

At last, say a sentence to Ruki.

Reita: We all like you. No one will ever dislike Ruki.
Aoi: If someone hates Ruki I will just XXXXX him!
Uruha: The one who hates Ruki will just make all of us his enemies.
Kai: That’s right. We will take care of you!
Reita: Last time Ruki said he want to see my email, so I just let him. And there was email between Uruha and me which had Ruki’s name on it. He was froze with a “Huh" on his face but later his face softened when he understood that we didn’t say any mean about him. (laugh)
Uruha: That must be chiyu as well.
Reita: Who will be such a BAKA to leave the evidences behind? (laugh)
Ruki: What’s that mean?!
Reita: We love Ruki!
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