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Hi well this is my own original story that I just thought of a couple of months ago but I could never seem to be able to type it all out. So updating might be slow. Well this is basically a story about five girls' friendship. It's like a drama kind of story. I'm gonna first post the prologue to the story first. It's quite short. I'll start posting the chapters soon I hope. I have a major writer's block.(btw, does anyone know how to change the size? Please tell me.")


What is the true meaning of “friends forever”? Does it mean to remain friends even in the afterlife? Or is it just a saying that has no meaning? As the years past, I realized it’s the latter. The only time people actually do stay friends forever is in movies and books, but I know the truth. Friends don’t last forever. I know this because long ago I used to be naïve enough to think that friends really do last forever. When I was 12, I met these girls. We all became the best of friends for six years, but then I realized I was just fooling myself. I admit, the six years were truly amazing and I would give anything to relive it, the best and worst times. It’s so strange how one beginning could lead to four different endings….
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March 1993

Chapter 1: New Home

I stared out the window of the car as we drove by a Tamila Middle School. The school that I, Robin Firtch, will be attending in a couple of days as a 7th grader. My parents and I were driving through the city we just moved to and we soon stopped in front of a small house, a house that I will soon be living in. The moving trucks with all our furniture were all behind us. My parents and I got out of our car and admired our new home.

“Isn’t this a lovely house, Robin?” My mom smiled. I nodded as we all walked in. It was a pretty ordinary house with all the works: kitchen, living room, dining room, garage, one bathrooms, two bedrooms, and one master bedroom with a bathroom. I went inside one of the bedrooms.

“This will be your new room, Robin. Do you like it?” My dad asked as he stood beside me.

“What’s there to like?” I replied and then soon added, “There’s nothing in here.”

“Well that will change soon enough, dear.” My mother said as she came into the room.

“I know.” I said before leaving the room to help unload the trucks.

By the end of the day, the house was filled with boxes, some were emptied out and some filled with stuff that we haven’t unpacked yet. The only thing we managed to do was arrange all the furniture. I went back into my room and just crashed on the bed. I stared at the boxes in my room; one of them carried my bed sheets, pillow, and blankets. I was too exhausted to even look for them. I just laid there as I tried to get used to being in this new room, in this new house, in this new city, and in this new state. I signed before shuting my eyes and falling fast asleep.


The next day my mom took me with her to a local diner, called Davie's Diner, that she was thinking of working in. I was sitting on the chairs while my mom and the owner of the diner, which I presumed to be named Davie, was talking when I noticed a girl, that seemed to be around the same age as me, looking at me. When she noticed that I saw her, she just smiled. I was a little confused so I just turned around. That's when the guy my mom was talking to noticed me.

"Oh, is that your daughter?" he asked.

"Yes, this is Robin. She's 12 years old." my mom answered.

"Oh what a coincidence, I have a daughter that's 12 too. Come here Ayla." Davie then beckoned towards the same

girl that was looking at me before. "Ayla, this is Robin."

Ayla looked at me and smiled again, "Nice to meet you Robin."

I hesitatated before saying, "Nice to meet you too."

"What school will Robin be going to?" Davie asked.

"Umm I think it was called Tamila Middle School." my mother answered for me.

"That's the school I go to." Ayla said.

"Well then I hope you and Robin will be good friends in the future." My mom smiled.

"Mhmm" Ayla smiled and nodded. I just nodded.

"Well Sara, you can start waitressing tomorrow, and if you want, you could bring Robin as well." Davie said, "Ayla here would love to have someone to actually talk to."

"Yes of course, David. I'm sure Robin would love to come, isn't that right Robin?" I nodded, "Well I guess we will see you both tomorrow then." My mom and I then left. While we were driving back home, my mom said, "Ayla seems to be a lovely girl."

"Yeah, she seems nice." I agreed. Tomorrow would be Sunday, and then after that, Monday, the day I have to go to school.

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Chapter 2: Friends

“Class, I would like you to meet our new transfer student.” The teacher announced. She then put of hands on my shoulders, signaling me to introduce myself.

“I-I’m Robin Firtch. Pleased to meet you.” I stuttered slightly. The whole class just stared at me, making me more nervous than I already was.

The teacher then looked at me and said, “Robin, I’m Mrs. Coleman, your history teacher. You may sit anywhere you like.” I nodded and looked around the classroom for an empty seat. I then saw a girl waving her hand at me and pointing at the empty seat beside her. I then noticed it was Ayla. I signed in relief to see her and quickly walked towards the seat. “Okay everyone, I would like you to get into your groups from last week.” Mrs. Coleman then added, “Oh and Robin, since you seem to know Ayla, you can be in her group today.” I nodded.

Ayla smiled at me, “Hey Robin, what a coincidence that we’d be in the same class.”

“Yeah it is.” I agreed. Then I noticed two girls walking over to Ayla and me. One of the girls had short, light brown hair and the other had short blackish hair.

“Robin, this is Paige, “Ayla pointed at the girl with black hair, “And this is Riley, “she then pointed to the girl with light brown hair.

“Pleased to meet you Robin.” Riley smiled.

“Yeah nice to meet you. Hopefully you won’t get picked on since today is your first day and all.” Paige smirked. She then leaned over towards me and whispered in my ear, “A couple years ago, we had a new transfer student, just like you, and he was picked on so badly that he had to transfer back to his old school.” I gulped and Paige laughed.

Riley signed, “Hey Paige, you’re scaring her.”

Ayla laughed, “Don’t worry Robin, you won’t find any trouble in this school.”

“Yeah and if you do, I’ll beat them up for you. How’s that?” Paige then rose up her sleeve and flexed.

I laughed, “Alright.” I guess this school isn't that bad after all



The bell just rung signaling school was over for the day. I was putting my stuff in my backpack when I noticed that Ayla was waiting beside me. When I was done, I looked at her.

“Lets go?” she asked.

“Go where?” I questioned.

“To the diner of course. That’s where your headed right? Isn’t your mother working today?” Ayla tilted her head slightly. I nodded, “Well then lets go there together.” Ayla smiled.

“Ooh I want to come!” I turned around and saw Paige looking eager.

Riley walked over to us, “Why not, we have nothing better to do.”

“Umm okay then.” I swung my backpack over my shoulder coolly and walked out the door, the three girls following close behind. While we were walking to the diner, Paige decided to ask some questions about me.

“So Robin, where do you live?” Paige asked.

“Why do you ask?” I asked back.

“Woah you don’t need to get so defensive, not like I’m going to stalk you or anything.” Paige smirked, then whispered, “Well maybe.” I glared at her and Ayla and Riley laughed and I soon joined them. “No seriously though, where do you live?” Paige asked again.

I looked ahead, “It’s actually really close to the diner. Maybe just a five minute walk away.”

“We live fairly close to each other then,“ Ayla stated, “I live a couple minutes away from the diner too.”

“Cool, “I stated. After a minute or two, we reached the diner.

“Hey Pops!” Paige waved at Ayla’s dad, David.

Surprised, I quickly turned my head towards Ayla, “P-Pops?”

Ayla giggled and shook her head no. Riley smiled, “That’s what she calls my dad too.” Riley then lowered her voice, “Truth is, Paige doesn’t have any parents. They both died in a car accident when she was little. She just lives with her alcoholic aunt now. She treats her friend’s parents like they’re hers to fill in the gap.” My eyes softened as I looked at Paige, who seems to be the happiest girl on the planet, now I realized how much she has to take on.

“Oh hey Robin. “My mom walked over to us, “How was your first day of school?”

“It was good. Ayla introduced me to some of her friends.” I replied.

“Hello Mrs. Firtch. I’m Riley.” Riley greeted.

“Yo, I’m Paige.” Paige said.

“Nice to meet you both.” My mom smiled.

“Why don’t you girls all sit down and I’ll get you something to eat.” David suggested. We all nodded and sat down at a booth.While we were waiting for our food, we began to talk again.

“So Robin, what’s you favorite animal?” Ayla asked.

“I really like wolves.” I answered.

“Really, why?” Riley asked.

“Well because they work well together as a pack and they’re very mysterious creatures.” I replied.

“Interesting. My favorite animals are pandas.” Ayla smiled, “They’re just so cute.”

“Pandas are fat and lazily.” Paige laughed.

Ayla frowned, “That’s not true! They are cute and cuddily and sometimes active!”

“Well then what’s your favorite animal then?” Riley asked.

Paige grinned, “A turtle!”

We all looked at her like she was crazy, “I, for one, like snow leopards. They’re so beautiful and delicate.” Riley stated.

“Here’s you food girls.” My mom brought us some fries, burgers, and sodas.”

“Thank you Sara.” Ayla said to my mom.

“No problem, just doing my job.” My mom gave us one last smile before taking the other customers’ orders. While we were eating, I thought of a question I had been curious about lately.

“So Ayla, where does your mom work at? I’ve never met her before.” Right when I asked that question, I could feel Ayla tense up.

Riley, who was sitting next to me, nudged me from under the table and whispered, “You shouldn’t talk about that kind of stuff in front her.”

“It’s okay Riley.” Ayla said before looking at me, “M-my mother, when I was six my mother left my father and I. I haven’t seen her since.” Ayla spoke softly. This was the first time I’ve seen Ayla like this, even though she is trying to hide it, I can still see the sadness in her eyes. I felt guilty for bringing it up.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say.

Ayla shook her head, “What are you sorry for? It’s not your fault.” Riley and, even Paige knew this was a time to be silent. “Well anyway, lets continue eating.” Ayla said. We all nodded and ate in silence.

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These are the girls' class schedules (This might come in handy one day, but it might not.) The faces represent who they are and if you see a face near their classes, it means they are in that class too.





by the way, the colors on their names are their favorite colors.
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