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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 9/7/08
Ok, This is my first Fanfic... It was originally on but I decided to post it here... The title is " What I'm engaged to him!! No way!"... so it's basically about Teukie and a fictional girl...


All the members of SuJu
Fictional girl aka Yaena/ Yuuna
Me aka Rey
Jess and


Yaena and Teukie
Rey(Me) and Ryeowook...
Sara(sara0397) and Donghae
Feera(musefeera) and Heechul
Amy(purposely) and Kangin..
Jess(teddielialia) and HanKyung
Victoria(hirovicky143) and SungMin
=Pairing request are now closed=

This will be a high school story and not about their singer life...
This story is completely fictional...

And I need an honest opinion from whoever reads this story please... Tq^^

Happy Reading^^
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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
Before you guys start reading there are some things you need to know. This story is a dialog story(That way it make it easier to understand). And there are also some terms you need to know...

*...* are actions
-...- are thoughts

OK? Well then happy reading..

Chapter 1: How did it turn out like that??

Scene 1.1- In an alleyway

Yaena: Get out of my way... If you want to beat that guy up, do it somewhere else. You're blocking the way...

?: Yah! Who are you to talk to us that way!?

??: Why can't you use another route, girl...

???: ShinDong, HeeChul. Just let her pass so that we can carry on...*sighs*

ShinDong: Fine, hyung. You're lucky...

Man: Miss, help me, please...*grabs hold of Yaena's wrist*

Heechul: So, you are helping him.. SungMin.

SungMin: Gotcha, hyung.

Yaena: Let go dude.*wriggling free*-Am I going to be late on my first day of school?-*sighs*

SungMin: *walks towards Yaena* You're gonna get it.*sends a punch flying towards Yaena*

Yaena: -Great and I have to fight this person as well..- *catches fist and bends it backwards* I'm not helping him idiots. I'm just trying to get to school.*tightens grip on SungMin's fist and bends it more then releases it*

SungMin: Owww...*rubs hand*(A/N Sry to all SungMin fans...*bows*)

Yaena: And you dude,*points to man*, don't think I'm helping you because you are in the way too. Good Day..*walks away*


Scene 1.2- In school

Yaena: *walks to principal's office and knocks on door* Excuse me, principal. May I come in?

Principal: Come in. Ah, you must be the new student. My assistant told me you were coming. Sit down..sit down.. Miss...

Yaena: Yaena.

Principal: Miss Yaena. I'm going to give you a test to determine which class you can join. It is going to be an oral test. Wait here a minute*walks to teachers' lounge*

Yaena: -Hmm... I wonder how the students are like..-

Principal: Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Yaena. These are the teachers that are going to test you.

Yaena: Good Morning.*bows*

Teacher 1: Good manners...

Teacher 2: So, this is the new student that I heard about.

Teacher 3: Just hope she is not the same as the other students.

Principal: Ahem... shouldn't you start the test already?? *raises an eyebrow*

Teachers: Sorry.

Teacher 1: Let's start with Mathematics... This is an easy one. What is the value of the square root of 256 and cube root it.

Yaena: Ummm... 4.

Teacher 1: Correct. Next question. Find the circumference of the circle given that the radius is 49cm.

Yaena: 77cm

Teacher 1: Good..good..

The test went on with History and Science.


Scene 1.3- In a classroom

?: *sits down*Hmph... that girl doesn't have any manners. LeeTeuk hyung, why did you let her go? She called us idiots...

LeeTeuk: Hey.. clam down, SungMin.

SungMin: How can I calm down!! She broke my arm..

??: Wassup, LeeTeuk, SungMin. Woah! What happened to your arm??

SungMin: Please don't ask YeSung hyung.

YeSung: Come on.

???: He got hurt by a girl when we were getting a guy's debt.

SungMin: *sighs* You just had to tell him, HeeChul hyung... *bell rings* I better get back to class.*walks to classroom*

HeeChul: If I ever see that girl again, I'm gonna beat her. *sits down*

Teacher: Good Morning, students.

????: - I wonder who she was.. How did she stop SungMin's attack so calmly...? And she's kinda cute... O////O.. OMO. What am I thinking..-


Scene 1.4- In another classroom

Students: *whispering* I heard that we are gonna have another student.... a girl??... cute?... Bla bla bla...

SungMin: Aish.. another new student..

?: You're in a bad mood... *rolls eyes*

SungMin: Whatcha think, Eunhyuk! A freaking girl broke my arm...

Eunhyuk: Ouch.. By the way have you seen Donghae?

??: Yo! What happened to your arm, SungMin

SungMin: Speak of the devil.. Please don't ask Donghae.

Eunhyuk: Where did you go?

Donghae: Library... A new student is coming to our class. I over heard it from the principal's office. And she's a smart one ..

Teacher: *enters the classroom* Good Morning, class.

Students: Good morning, teacher*stands up then sits down*

Teacher: From today onwards we're going to have a new student. Come in.

Yaena:*enters the classroom* -O.O.. No way! They're in this school too.. I'm doomed!- Hi, my name is Yaena..

SungMin: O.O.. Aish! It has to be her of all people...

Eunhyuk: Do you know her??

SungMin: She's the one who broke my arm!!

DongHae: *hiding his laughter* So.. a girl broke your arm... *fails to hide laughter and laughs like mad*

SungMin:Shut up, Donghae or yours will be too....

Teacher: Mr. Donghae, please keep quiet. Ms. Yaena, please sit in front of Mr. SungMin.

Yaena: -No way! After what happened this morning...- *walks to seat and sits down..-*sighs* why did she have to come out-

Teacher: Now, who will be Ms. Yaena's partner..?* looks through class list* Hmmm.. Mr...

Yaena: -Please don't let it be him..Please don't let it be him..- *crosses fingers*

SungMin: -Oh no! I'm the only one who doesn't have a partner .. But then again, I could make her life a living hell...- *grins evilly*

DongHae: Hey, SungMin. You're the only one without a partner...

SungMin: I know...

Teacher:.....Mr..........cliffy....(A/N LoL!!)

OK.. that's the first chapter.. hope you guys will tell me what you think.... and someone please tell me if you want to pair up with anyone... Reminder Teukie and Wookie are taken^^
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22 / F / UK
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
wowwww love this!!! i like stories with fictional characters <; plss write more XP
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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
Thx^^ you wanna be in this story? I ran out of characters to write... hehe^^''... if you are interested, just tell me a fictional name you want and who you want to pair with... hehe^^...
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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/22/08
OK.. new chapter... and new pairings....

Pairings so far:

Yaena and Teukie
Rey(Me) and Wookie
Sara(sara0397) and Donghae
Feera(musefeera) and Heechul

Another thing you need to know..
-...- can also be when Yaena is talking to Yuuna..
~...~ is when Yuuna is talking to Yaena..


Chapter 2- Great...-_-.. A Fight..

Scene 2.1- In a classroom

Teacher:... Mr. DongHae.. you're Ms. Yaena's partner. Mr. EunHyuk.. your partner is Mr. SungMin.

EunHyuk: What! Why!?

Teacher: Because I said so... Home room is over... Be nice to her, class.*leaves the classroom*

Students:*crowds around Yaena's seat* Hi, I'm..... you from?..... do you.... Bla bla bla...

Yaena: Can you people talk one at a time...*sighs* -Control.. control... don't let her come out again.. calm dowm, Yaena-

Feera: Hi, I'm Feera. The female class rep. Nice to meet you... *whisper* Make sure you stay away from SungMin and his gang. Their leader is LeeTeuk from the upperclass. There are 13 members in total.

Yaena: Thanks for the warning -But I think it's a little too late... hehe^^''-

Guy 1: Do you have a boyfriend?

Yaena: Uhh.. What kind of question is that.... No, I don't...

Guy 1: See, I told you guys! Pay up!*walks to friends*

Yaena: *sighs*

DongHae: *gets up from seat*

SungMin: What are you doing?

DongHae: Greet her.. She IS my partner now... *walks to Yaena's desk*(Donghae sits behind SungMIn) Hi, I'm Lee DongHae.. I'm you partner.

Students: *whispers...* What's this... he's nice?... never...

DongHae: *twitch...twitch...* Yah! I can hear you people you know...!!

Students: O.O*whispers* I knew it... his partner... that's why....

Yaena: Nice to meet you... ^^'' ... -Is he in sungMIn's gang too? Gotta watch myself...-

SungMin: Yah!*kicks Yaena's chair* DongHae, don't waste your time with her... *continues kicking chair*

Yaena: *turns around*... *twitch* I'm very sorry about your arm... Can you stop kicking my chair now?

SungMin: Just a sorry won't fix my arm.. Meet us behind the school during break. I don't care if you're a girl...

Yuuna: OK! Fine! I'm telling you, you're just gonna get the other arm broken..-Graet, Yuuna.. you just had to come outand say that...-~Hey, it's not fair that I hardly get any time out.. plus he IS just going to get the other arm broken...~*sighs*

SungMin:Are you saying that I'm weak!! You are so going to get it!!

Yuuna: Yea... whatever..-Hey, stop it!-~Why should I! It's fun...~-That's it I'm taking over now-

Students: O.O*whispers* So, does....a fight!?.. My dibs on... Yaena... SungMIn... no chance...

Teacher:*enters the classroom* Good Morning, class! What's happening here??? Get back to your seats...

Students:*rushes back to seat*

Teacher:*whispersto one student* What's going on? A fight?

Guy 2:*whispers back* Yea.. during break. Behind the school...

Teacher:*whispers* Ohh! My dibs on the new student!(A/N I have no idea why I decided this decision..LoL)

Guy 2: Sure thing.

Teacher: Okay, class. Turn your text books to page 107...


Scene 2.2- In LeeTeuk's classroom

Students: Did you hear?.... A fight... SungMin.. a new student?.. Behind school... break time...

YeSung: What did SungMin do this time?*sighs*

LeeTeuk: He must have put up a fight with a new student in his class.. I guess he expects up to back him up...

HeeChul: Aish... that SungMin..

Students: They say.... the girl who broke his arm?... DongHae's partner?

HeeChul: What!? It's the girl this morning? -Bwahahahaha!! She's gonna suffer..-*grins...grins...*

YeSung: Is it just me or is HeeChul releasing his "Revenge-Is-Coming" aura...*points to HeeChul*

LeeTeuk:*sighs shaking his head*


Scene 2.3- School Canteen(Break time)+ On the way to the fight

Yaena-*sighs* -Why did you have to accept the fight... I wanted to enjoy break by myself...-~Can't youat least give me some time out.. I've never gotten time since you quit...~*buys a chocolate bun* ~When are we going?~-Now I guess.. I just wanted to buy lunch- *heads towards the back of the school* -One more thing, I'm only letting you out during the fight, but if anything bad happens I'm taking over..-~Yeah!! I get time out!! Thanks Yaena~

Students: *whispers* The fight... start... let's go... *Goes to the back of the school*


Scene 2.4- Behind the school(The fight)

Yaena: ~Wow! That's a lot of students... I'll make sure I embarass them~-Why did it turn out like this..- *opens the packet of the chocolate bun and takes a bite* -I see 7 people with SungMin.. Feera said the were 13 people right?-~Yea~

SungMin: There she is.. *points at Yaean*

ShinDong: Isn't she the girl this morning?

HeeChul: Yea... We're gonna make you pay for breaking SungMin's arm and for being so rude to us...*takes out a wooden bat*

Yaena: You guys are armed with weapons and I'm not.. That's not fair..

KangIn: Who said this was a fair fight..

Yaena: Fine.. fine..*takes out gloves and puts it on*-You can take over now, Yuuna-~OK!~

Yuuna: 4 against 1.. I guess I'll just have to win..*grins*

KangIn: Why you little...!!*charges at Yuuna*

Students: KangIn... KangIn... KangIn...

Yuuna:*yawns and avoids stick*-Hey, Yuuna make sure you don't hurt them...-~Okay..Okay...~

KangIn: *swings stick towards Yuuna*

Yuuna: *catches stick and breaks it*

LeeTeuk:*sighs* Why did you even put up this fight, SungMin? And where is RyeoWook?

SungMin: She broke my arm, hyung... And I don't know where RyeoWook is...

HangKyung: *punches Yunna on the face*

Yuuna: *skids back a bit* I didn't want to hurt you guys but nevermind.*starts attacking as well* -Hey, I said not to hurt them -~What can I do now.. They just damaged our pretty face...~(LoL)

LeeTeuk: Did she say sorry?


LeeTeuk: SungMin, answer me...


DongHae: She apologised in class.

LeeTeuk: *sgihs* Why can't you just forgive her?

???: Sorry I'm late, hyung...*pants*

YeSung: Where have you been, RyeoWook?

RyeoWook: the teacher asked me to do something for her... What's going on?*looks at fight* O.O -OMO!!-

DongHae: Well, She has only fought KangIn hyung and Hankyung hyung...

RyeoWook: O.O... Oh no... This could turn out bad.. -It can't be ... I've got to stop this fight-

SungMin: Yea... She's gonna be beaten real bad...

RyeoWook: No, she the one going to win...

DongHae: Are you on our side or ours??

RyeoWook: I'm not on her side but... LeeTeuk hyung, you gotta stop this fight.. It could turn out bloody!!-This is bad..-

YeSung: And is that a bad thing that it could yurn out bloody? Don't our fight turn out bloody as well?

RyeoWook: Yea. I know that but.. this bloody is different.. hyung you HAVE to stop this fight now...

LeeTeuk: Do you know her??*notices that RyeoWook is serious*

Ryeowook: She's........

OK! that the second chapter... Some characters are not in here yet. They are soon to come... even my character hasn't come into the story yet... LoL... Well.. Byexx.. on my way to writing the next chapter....Hohoho...

Ps: Request for pairings are still open

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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/24/08
Hello, people.. School is going to start soon... I might not be able to update very often 'cause I will not be able to use the computer on weekdays... ... So, I'm very sorry..... I will try to post as fast as possible... ....
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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/31/08
Hehe.. I finally can use the internet.... There is a new couple... Amy(purposely) and KangIn... I will do my be to write a special chapter for the couple....^^

Well then, this is chapter 3..


Chapter 3- Long Time No See

Scene 3.1- Behind the school(The fight)

LeeTeuk: Do you know her??

RyeoWook: She's... well.. how should I say this.. She's my cousin.

SungMin+ DongHae: What!?

RyeoWook: And hyung, if you don't stop this fight now.. Like I said, it could turn out bloody.. Bloody as in no mercy...

LeeTeuk: O.O.. KangIn, HanKyung, ShinDong, HeeChul.. withdraw now...

Students: The fight..... over?... Who wins??.... go back...*goes back to classrooms*

HeeChul: Why did you ask us to stop? Oh, RyeoWook, when did you come?

RyeoWook: Just now.

Yuuna: -Why's they stop?-~I don't know.. but I thought I heard someone familiar~*rubs bruises*

RyeoWook: Yaena noona!

Yuuna: Eh?-Who's calling??-~It sounded like...~*looks around*-OMO! RyeoWook!! Yuuna, I'm takign over now-

RyeoWook: *waves and smiles*

Yaena: RyeoWook!! It's been a long time! How are you, little cuzzie!*glomps RyeoWook* ^w^

RyeoWook: Get off me...TT_TT My hair...

HeeChul: Wait!?.. She's ..she's.. your cousin!?

Yaena: Is there a problem with that?*gets off RyeoWook*

SungMIn: *mumbles* Yes, you're nothing like him 'cause you're rude...

LeeTeuk: SungMin, I think you owe her an apology.

SungMin: ......

LeeTeuk: SungMin.

SungMin: FIne... I'm sorry, Yaena...

Yaena: No biggie.. Well, I'm sorry that I broke your arm... I was just grumpy this morning^^. And its been a long time since I fought. Good fight..*thumbs up to KangIn, HeeChul, HanKyung and ShinDong* even though I was weaponless.-He's the guy this morning..*blush*-~You like him don't you.. He is kinda hot...~

ShinDong: *whispers to HanKyung*Err... Did she just have a personality change??*confused*

HanKyung: No idea..

RyeoWook: Noona, where have you been all these years? I've lost contact with you ever since it happened and what do you mean 'It's been a long time since you fought'??

Yaena: Don't remind me of that day, RyeoWook. And I quit. I guess I couldn't take it anymore.

RyeoWook: Oh...-But she was a hero to the school... How did they last-

Yeana: By the way, what are you doing with these people? And how is KyuHyun?

RyeoWook: KyuHyun is fine. And well, I wanted to be strong like you so that I can take care of myself.

Yaena: So it runs in the genes..hehe*pats RyeoWook's head*

KangIn: Ahem... Don't act as if we are not here...

RyeoWook: Sorry hyung. I think I should introduce you to them but some of them are not here yet including KyuHyun.

Yaena: So, you and KyuHyun joined together.. So far I only know SungMin and DongHae. And EunHyuk too^^.. but he's not here...

RyeoWook: Oh.. Well then, that's KangIn hyung, ShinDong hyung, HanKyung hyung, HeeChul hyung, YeSung hyung and LeeTeuk hyung..*points from KangIn to LeeTeuk* Hyungs, this is my cousin, Yaena...

Yaena: Yo!-Should I introduce you too??-~Do you really want too?~Hmm...

RyeoWook: *notices Yaena debating with herself* Maybe later, noona. Whwn the rest are here..

Yaena: Good idea.-That's our RyeoWook_

The rest: *confused*

The School bell rings....

Yaena: We should go back to class..

SungMin: Let's go, DongHae.*leaves with DongHae*

RyeoWook: See you later, noona.*runs to class*

Yaena: Hey, wait up! We're in the same class you know.*catches up with SungMin and DongHae*

HeeChul: Let's go back to.. *walks away*

YeSung: *follows HeeChul*

?: -There's something about her...-


Scene 3.2- The school yard(after school)

Yaena: ~Hey, Yaena.~-What?-~How do you think they're doing now? Without you that is..~-Who knows..- ~You were a hero to the school... how did the cope with your sudden disappearance... How long has it been? Two years?~*sighs and walks to school gates*

??: Yaena noona.

Yaena: *turns around* Hi, KyuHyun!^^

KyuHyun: How are you, noona? And how is Yuuna noona?

Yaena: Fine... fine... I can't believe you still remember her. Have you seen RyeoWook?

KyuHyun: He asked me to ask you to wait. He wants to introduce you to some people.

Yaena: Ooo... I see.. I see... So, you joined the gang with him?

KyuHyun: Yea, we didn't want to be so useless. I still remember that you were always protecting us from bullies when we were younger.. Hehe..

Yeana: Those were the days when I used to be taller than you.. Now, I'm so short...TTwTT*beep... beep* -Where did I put that thing?-*looks through bag*-Found it...-~Why are they calling you?~

KyuHyun: Are you going to answer your phone?

Yaena: *beep...beep*Yoboseyo?

???: Yaena unnie...

Yaena: Why are you calling me? How did you get this number? I never told any of you my number... *narrows her eyes*

??: We need your help unnie! We got the number from Rey's phone... *crashing sound in background*

Yaena: -Rey!?-Is she okay? What is happening?

??: Rey fainted from the impact she received from an explosion. You remember 'Him'? He is the one attacking the school.*more crashing sound* Save us please...*beep...beep...beep*

Yaena: *punches the wall making a hole*

KyuHyun: What's wrong?

Yaena: If RyeoWook asked where I went, tell him I have something to do...*runs to somewhere*-I hope she's okay..-~Your assistant..~-I should have brought her along with me~

A few minutes later,

RyeoWook: KyuHyun, where is noona?

KyuHyun: She had something to do.

HeeChul: Woah.. what's with the hole in the wall?

KyuHyun: Noona punched it. She received a call from someone and she sounded mad..

RyeoWook: Oh no... I think we should stop her before something goes bad.. You remember don't you?*shivers*

YeSung: Okay, is there something you know that we don't know?

RyeoWook+KyuHyun: *looks at each other and nods*

KyuHyun: Do you know 'The Blood Butterflies'?(A/N No idea how and why I picked the name)

KiBum: You mean the one from Seiyo Girls' School? I've heard about them.

KyuHyun: Yea. The leader?

SiWon: She was a hero to the school... saved them from attacks from other gangs.. And she beat up a whole street gang single-handedly because they were attacking one of her gang members.. But then she disappeared two years ago.

RyeoWook: Yea. But now she's back...

EunHyuk: And what does that have to do with us or your cousin??

RyeoWook: Well, the leader was *stops* Yaena...

There we go.. chapter 3 is done.. hope you guys can wait for the next one. I might be slow because I have to update my blog as well... ^^...
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30 / F
Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
is the paring still open ?
if it is i would lik to be with hankyung '
i'm jess
lik ur story lots thx for uploading
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/7/08
yea.. is it still open?? can i be paired up with sungmin? since teukkie is already taken here.. haha... my name is victoria ^_^

btw.. i like ur story.. keep up the good work~!!!
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24 / F / Wished she was in...
Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/7/08
It's the time of the week again... Sry I'm very slow I have school work filling my time I had less time to write the upcoming chapters... Gomenasai...*bows...bows* I will try and do my best...Well, this is chapter 4..

To: teddielialia and hirovicky143
"No problem^^..."


Chapter 4- We come to the rescue??

Scene 4.1- At Seiyo Girl's School

Yaena: -What has he done!-~He totally trashed the place...~*clenches fist*-I've got to find Rey-~ My guess is that they are at the hideout~*runs to the hideout*


Scene 4.2- At the school gates

KangIn: Wait a minute. So, you're saying that Yaena is... the leader of 'The Blood Butterflies' who disappeared two years ago and then she came back again??

RyoeWook: *nods*

SungMin: Why did she disappear anyways?

KyuHyun: That's something that needs to be kept confidential. Sorry, hyung.. RyeoWook, what are we going to do now?

RyeoWook: I don't know about you but I'm going to help her.. *runs to somewhere*

YeSung: LeeTeuk? What are we going to do?

LeeTeuk: I think we should help.

HanKyung: But we barely even know her.

LeeTeuk: Are you just gonna leave our RyeoWook alone to fight?

HeeChul: I agree. I'm not gonna let RyeoWook have all the fun...

They ran after RyeoWook..

?: -Hope she's not hurt... I think I'm falling for her*blushes*-


Scene 4.3- At the hideout

Yaena: ~It looks like trash~-He blew it up...- Rey!*runs to the hideout entrance removing planks which were covering it* Anyone here!?

??: Lookie here guys! It's Miss Leader who abandoned her school..

Yaena: *turns around* Kaz...*narrows eyes* I knew this was all your doing. Why are doing this?

Kaz: Revenge... And since you left, it was so much easier to do it.

Yaena: I've never done anything to you, Kaz.

Kaz: Never done anything to me? Then, why'd you dump me? The whole of my school knows all about it. I was so humiliated!!

Yaena: That was because you took things too far. And you've taken it too far to damage this school. They have nothing to do with it.

Kaz: *smirks* You're right. They have nothing to do with this but it's too late for this place. And that doesn't stop me from getting you. Guys, get her!

A group of 20 people surrounded Yaena.

??: Unnie!! We'll back you up.

Yaena: No! You girls get out of here...~Yaena, do you want me to take over?~-No, this fight is mine-

??: But..unnie...

Yaena: I said get out of here! Rey, get them out...

Rey: Okay,unnie. Girls, let's go. Yaena unnie, Good Luck!*runs away*

Yaena: Kaz you coward!! Sending your 'minions' to do your dirty job. You are going to get it later.

Kaz: Tch. Guys, get her now!!

The group attacked Yaena.


Scene 4.4- At Seiyo School gates

RyeoWook: *pantss...pants..*

KyuHyun: RyeoWook! You could have waited for us...

RyeoWook: *turns around* Hyungs.

ShinDong: What happened here? It looks trashed. *points to the school*

KyuHyun: I think this is the reason why she was so mad.

???: RyeoWook oppa, KyuHyun oppa!!

RyeoWook: Rey.*blushes* What happened here?-*sighs in relief*She's fine..-

Rey: *blushes* Well, you know, Kaz. He decided to take revenge. And unnie is fighting him at the hideout.

KyuHyun: He still didn't get over the getting dump thing.

Rey: Oppa, you got to help her. You don't want it to happen again, do you?

RyeWook: Of course I don't. That's why I'm here.

Ray: Thanks, oopa.*blushes* I'll show you the way to the hideout.. Follow me. * runs*

They all followed Rey.


Scene 4.5- At the hideout

Yaena: *pants..pants*

Kaz: You still haven't had enough?. All right I'll give you what you want. Guys...

Yaena: Hehehe...hehehe...~No, Yaena! Don't lose it... You don't want me to do it again...~Hehehe...Kaz, Kaz, Kaz.. you don't get it do you?* looks at Kaz* No matter what you do, you won't be able to baet me. You coward, you hink sending people after me would stop me from reaching you?..

Kaz: Guys, get her.. -Oh no-*terrified..*

Guy 1: *attacks from behind hitting Yeana's neck* I got her..

Yaena: * blood trickles down her head*(A/N The impact cause it..) Heh.. What kind of attack was that!?*grabs stick and swings it sending the guy flying*

Guy 1: Argh...*hits a stack of boxes*

Yaena: *runs towards Kaz*

Kaz: *tries to run away*

Yaena: *grabs hold of Kaz by the collar* I told you it's no use.*pins Kaz to the ground and punches him furiously*

KiBum: O.OWhat's wrong with her eyes?

Rey: -Oh no!!- Oppa, we got to do something fast.. before both turns red.

RyeoWook: *runs towards Yaena* Noona, stop it!! Don't lose it!

KyuHyun: RyeoWook,*stops RyeoWook* If you go to her now, you're the one going to get hurt.

RyeoWook: But at this rate. She will have one eye red. And you know when that happens there's no way of stopping her.

SungMin: Exactly, what is going on here?*cuts in*

RyeoWook looks at KyuHyun who looks at Rey who looks back at RyeoWook who looks back at her. Then, they all nodded.

RyeoWook: Well, you see. Noona has.. how should I explain.. a

KyuHyun: A split personality.

RyeoWook: They one you fought at school was not her. It was the other self, Yuuna..

ShinDong: No wonder her attitude changed when she saw you.

KiBum: So, it has something to do with the colour of her eyes?

Rey: Yes. If both of them turn red.. We're all doomed. That is when she goes on a frenzy.

KyuHyun: But still, if one of her eyes turn red, there's no way of stopping her. She will just have to fight with the inner her.

RyeoWook: Which might take a long time.

Rey: But I think Yuuna unnie told me that there was another way to stop it..

RyeoWook: O.O Really? Do you remember what it was?

Rey: Let me think..-_-'' I forgot.

HeeChul: But we still have to stop her now. She's gonna beat that guy to a pulp.

LeeTeuk: We can try to get hold of her first.

Rey: I'll help too.

RyeoWook: I don't think you should with your injury.

Rey: *hides hand* Fine. I'll try and recall what unnie told me.*pouts*

Kaz: Argh..*knocked unconscious*

Yaena: *continues punching* Kaz, you are so weak...

LeeTeuk+HeeChul+SungMin: *grabs hold of Yaena from the back*

Yaena: Let me go or you'll end up like him.*struggles*

RyeoWook+HanKyung: *carries Kaz out of the school*

KyuHyun: Noona, please calm down.. Don't let her take over you.

Yaena: What do you know, KyuHyun!? You can't do anything now. You're all weak.. *still struggling*

RyeoWook: Remember what you said to me, noona. Never give up(So cliche). Fight it. I know you can do it...

All done. I'm still writing chapter 5. I hope you guys can wait. Pairing requests are now closed because I think there are enough characters now.. Thanks to all of you..^^
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Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08
Sry for not updating soon... my brain was dead... This chapter will be quite short...


Chapter 5- A what?

Scene 5.1- At the hideout

RyeoWook: I know you can do it, noona...

Yaena: RyeoWook... RyeoWook.. It's no use. Stop trying..

HeeChul: Yah you little.... That's no way to talk to your cousin..

Yaena: Shut up!*manages to break free* Hehehe... Now you're all going to pay for going against me. Starting with you*points to SungMin* putting up a fight when you didn't do anything..*runs towards SungMin*

SungMin: -Yikes!!- *runs away*

LeeTeuk: *manages to get hold of Yaena's wrists*

Yaena: Let me go!!*moves around frantically trying to break free*

LeeTeuk: No way I'm letting you go...*grips Yaena's wrists tighter*

Yaena: You...! *trys to kick him but fails miserably*

Rey: Oppa, I remember what it was!!

RyeoWook: Really? What is it??

Rey: Well... Eheheheehe... Someone has to...

At the same time, Yaena tries to kick LeeTeuk again. She then accidentally trips pulling LeeTeuk with her. When they hit the ground.. LeeTeuk ends up on Yaena.. and *SMOOCH* Their lips met.. (Ahahhahaahaha)

Rey: Someone has to...

*THUD* All heads turn to the scene.. O.O!! OH MA GAWD!

Rey: kis..s.. he..r..?

All of them: *In shock*.. O.O!

LeeTeuk: *widens eyes and quickly gets of Yaena* -OMO.. OMO.. What the heck just happened...!? Her lips were so soft... O/////O What did I just say(or rather think)?-

Yaena: *unconscious*

Rey: Great.. now she unconsciuos.. do any of you mind taking her to her house??

RyeoWook: Where does she live now anyways?

Rey: Errr.. Hehehe.. I have no idea actually.. I thought maybe you would know..

RyeoWook: -_-'' She disappeared for two years.. do you think I know?

HeeChul: Why don't you ask THAT gut over there since he just made a "special bond" with her.. Kekekeke

LeeTeuk: HeeChul!! O/////O I don't like her..

YeSung: He never said you did...

LeeTeuk: >//////<! I'm going home.. *walks off*

DongHae: Who's gonna bring her back?-I have somewhere to go...-

RyeoWook: I'll bring her back to my place.

Rey: I'll follow you oppa.

HanKyung: Do you need help carrying her?

RyeoWook: It's okay, hyung. I can do it. *carries Yaena and walks away.

They all left thier separate ways...

Like I said.. this chapter is short.. my brain is currently dead so it might that a while for me to write chapter 6.. Sry.... And my exams are coming up in 3 weeks.. My mum is cutting down my computer time... Bye.. How you guys can wait...
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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
I really llike this story...ill be waiting to finish it....oh yeah if you can...
can you pare me up Kyunhyun or else Eunhyuk since Hankyung is already taken....
and um my name is Sunny!!!thanks
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Must Read

I may not be able to update until after my exams.. I'm very sorry.. my mother killed my computer time...>.>.. Once again, I'm very sorry... Gomenasai.. Miane... Maafkan saya.....
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Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
Please write the next chapter as soon as possible. It's so nice!
I can really imagine the scene when LeeTeuk kissed Yaena, Hahaaaa

Such a sweet and mayb, violent story.

Keep up your good work, i'm waiting for Kangin's turn to come up!!!
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Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/12/08
People... sorry for not posting.. I will try and get the next chapter up by next week.. give me some time... ><.. my brains cells died..
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