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Post Reply What is it about you that makes you "UNIQUE" ?
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F / Lost forever at sea
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/4/09

SailorFiona wrote:

hmmm well idk, i think differently than most of the people i know im more mature , um i feel im alone even if im surrounded by ppl. but idk wat else to say, ummmm, i have a lot of trouble with guys (ive been hurt(emotionally) by guys) i have unique hair without trying so thats kinda cool, i have a lot of emotion like a LOT its so overwhelming and i dont know how to express it, words just dont work, and it doesnt matter wat feeling, happy, sad, mad, its really frustrating. but i am happy most of the time so thats good. um thats about it.

hmmm thats the same thing about me...except the hair and the mostly happy part xP
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24 / F / everywhere
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
well i have to admit, lately i havent been my normal happy self..... i dont know exactly wat it is but i think it has to do with high skool =/ so maybe my thin is a little out of date haha
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