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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08

=P I thought this would be fun X3

-~ Quote this post before you reply or else your reply will be ignored
-~ Do not make a club that is similar than other clubs
-~ Do not make a club by yourself, I will make it for you
-~ Do not make any kind of club that is above PG-13, we have kids here (like me! i'm just like 11 years old)
-~ If you want to edit anything in your club's first post then please pm me telling using the club edit form only if you fail to use the form I will either delete your club (when i'm in a bad mood) or say that you must use the club edit form (if i'm in a good mood)
-~ You may join as many clubs as you want but make sure you are active in the club by posting in the club at least once a month or else I will delete you from the club

Note to Owners (and maybe future owners) of a Club
-~ Please do not make silly club rules
-~ Just because you're the creator of a club doesn't mean that you are going to be a mod nor creator of Baka Graphics
-~ And under any circumstance, please do not be mean to the members of your club. If it sounds like you're being mean just say something along the lines of gomen if this seems to be mean but then after or before that you may continue with whatever you will say that sounds sorta mean ;3

-~ Now you can make your own club! A club is just like a group but it's smaller and it only is in a topic so you don't have to manage the whole thing and all you have to do is talk! This is just a fun thing that I thought of. I don't know if other owners of groups had thought of this idea but if there are then i'm sorry i-i I just thought of it to make Baka Graphics way more active ;3

The Clubs
-~ none at the moment ='[ make one now by using the registration form below ;]

Club Registration Form
-~ club name:
-~ club description:
-~ club rules:
-~ about the club:

Club Edit Form
-~ club name:
-~ what you want to edit (be specific pweze, kanee!):
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