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Don't judge;; story is under construction! And chapter 1~ CHAPTER 1 IS AVAILABLE NOW! NOT FINISHED WITH IT THOUGH...

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C O N S T R U C T I O N !


Rikka was often considered as a 'diabolical child'. Ever since she was born she gained a strange, great power; manipulation powers. She can make a person do whatever she pleases, no matter how much they resist. Every person alive was looking for a way to find that special power for their own selfish reasons. Mikato Village is a peaceful, prosperous village where people with special powers- like Rikka can peacefully carry on their lives, without having to use their powers. Every time she does use it she becomes weaker, and weaker. Over the years she has grown fond of every village boy and girl. Building new friendship day by day. Causing her to forget her ways of manipulation. Having forced a power inside of her since she was born how long does she have before she is forced to use her powers after 15 years? The villagers at Mikato village are almost close to being immortal; they can either chose the light, or dark path. Either way using their powers weakens them, and they will eventually die. None the less if they don't use their powers it will also weaken them; the fact still stands that every Mikato villager was born with special powers. Until Rikka can find a different path things will remain as they are. She will re-gain a very rare, important power as well; Changing the outcome of the future or past.*


Tags: adventure, drama, fantasy, shounen, supernatural

Chapter 1:

On a rainy day in Mikato Village;;

Chikako, Rikka of village Mikato; report to the village chief immediately! Shouted a fellow village man as he read the words that were on his piece of paper.

"Oh great! What could i have done this time..." I explained rushing to the village chief in my kitty cat pajamas while noticing a small little girl crying on the ground grabbing her knee tightly.

"A-are you okay?" I asked the little girl nervously awaiting her response while sitting on the ground with her.

" knee, it hurts really bad!" She explained moaning in pain.

"D-don't do that! I'll tend to it right away!" I said as i wiped her tears. It looks really bad... i thought.

"E-eh... uh-uh..." I mumbled as i carefully removed her grasp from her knee."

"" She groaned shutting one eye.

"Uh... don't worry the whole situation is under control! So... what should i call you?"

"Y...y-yume. Call me Yume please..." The little girl replied trying not to feel any pain.

"I-I... will be right back! Please, stay there for just 2 seconds! I will be back with bandages!" I replied heading toward Village chief's place. "Uh-oh... I totally forgot i was supposed to meet him!" I shouted out loud running in a different direction.

"Rikka!? There you are!" The Chief shouted out loud.

"N-no time! Chief, I'm really sorry about this! But there's a problem i must attend to at once!"

"R-Rikka! Maybe i can be of some help?" Chief replied calmly.

I stopped my running.

"B-bandages! I need bandages, quickly!

"R-right! I will get them right away!" Chief replied going into his house looking for bandages.

*5 Minutes after*

"CHIEF! It's been 5 minutes! Where are the bandages?" I shouted un-calmly sliding the door to his house and rushing inside.

"C-Chief?!" I screamed.

I stood there in shock as i saw cuts all around his body, he was laying on the floor with open eyes as if dead. I opened my eyes widely as i screamed in fright.

"W-what...!? CHIEF?! Blood... blood everywhere!" I rushed out of the room without a single thought. All that was on my mind was the scent of blood surrounding me.

"Huh!?" A strange man in black said as i ran into him.

*Grunts* "S-sorry!" I yelled while on the ground.

He took my hand and lifted me back up.

"You shouldn't run into people like that when your eyes are closed." The man said with no emotion in his words. As if he didn't care about anything.

*Stares*. Where is he from? I thought.

"Were you on your way to the Chiefs place? Your going the wrong direction." He said to me with a slight chuckle, then frowned at me again.

"N-no... but the Chief-" I was going to continue my sentence but he stopped me.

"I don't have time right now, I'm a messenger from Shumune village, here to deliver an important message... excuse me. He said while walking past me.

"I felt...a chill. But at the same time... when i first saw him i felt... normal. What is this strange feeling?" I thought deeply.

I tried to look for the answers; but all i could think about was the Chief!

I stared at the man dressed in black.

"Chief of Mikato village, are you inside?" He said while sliding the door open to find...

nothing...but a long, sharp sword in the middle of the room...

I ran into Chiefs place really, really confused. "D-didn't i see his body here...?" I thought staring at the ground. There is no blood. "Was i just imagining it?!" "I couldn't have... it felt... so real." I mumbled to myself.

"What are you mumbling about?" Asked the man in black.

"N-nothing..." I said nervously trying to change the subject.

"Strange..." Mumbled the man.

"W-what is?" I asked the man while gazing into his dark black eyes.

"Why is there a sword in the middle of this particular room? Could this be a death threat?" The man stated.

"Death threat...?" I thought. "I don't understand that..." I said out loud.

"What don't you understand? Further more do you know where i can find him since hes not at home?" Asked the man.

"How could this be...? Has his death not happened yet...?" I said to myself ignoring the mans question.

"Uh...oh sorry! What was your question again?" I said stammering. "Gee... how stupid of me to block him out like that!"

"You obviously have things on your mind that doesn't including my question. I'll be on my way now..." Said the man with an angry look.

I looked down to the floor again starring at the mysterious sword, as the sun shined into the room.

"The sunshine..."
The man said to himself also glancing at me.

The sun shined on my face, sparkles from the sun were all around me, as i slightly tried to smile... But i ended up with a single tear.

"The sunshine..." I thought to myself.

The man had a surprised look on his face.

"You know where the Chief is, don't you?" The man asked me coming closer, beside me.

"I'm always wrong... but... I'm positive i saw his dead body here..." I said with difficulty as another tear slid down my cheek.

"Dead body!? Are you positive?" The man asked in a slight shock.

"I'm sure... he... he had cuts-" I said as i got interrupted.

"That's all i need to know." The man says staring at me strangely." "I'm sure she can change this outcome...If what she says is true, she is from the past so this event hasn't occurred yet and i am from the future. Chief died in her past. Is it fate the past and future met, me and her?"

"What are you thinking about?" I asked the man in deep thought.

"I consider not telling any of the villagers here about this..." The man said.

"But, they will realize it sooner or later! It's best to let them know something as important as this!"

No, i didn't mean that. We don't really know for sure what happened to the Chief."

More later!

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