Post Reply Hitman Reborn is Licensed by Funimation!!!
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/22/08
Read This:

At this point, as the talk turned to some of the specific ways in which both anime companies and anime fans can react to unauthorized distribution, Heiskell also revealed that his company had recently been retained by the Japanese anime production house d-rights to "preemptively" take down fansubs of a slate of anime that have currently aired in Japan, including Nabari no Ou, Hitman Reborn, Bamboo Blade, Monochrome Factor, and Cazador de la Bruja. He emphasized, however, that Funimation does not hold a license to distribute any of these, and in fact, may not necessarily end up licensing all of these series.

I am Shocked...and sad :tears:

Heres the whole Article and a Vid:

Oh and also Yurissan(Hitman Fansub Group) Dropped the project and funimation said nobody is allowed to pick-up the project anymore ~~~
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