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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/22/08
There have been many members requesting to join this group which i'm really happy about this.
This shows there are many fans who love kaichou like me as well!
But this group is starting to get less and less happening.
Therefore, i appeal to all the members here.
Do post more things related to Kaichou wa Maid sama such as news, photos, pictures or even chapters that i have not uploaded!
For uploading of chapters, do rmb to upload the last page of the chapters first den to the 1st (in an descending order) if not the whole chapter will be going backwards(hope you understand what i'm trying to say.. ^^")

Therefore, members.. please help to make this group a lively one!

Latest News!!! _wef 25052008

Had browse through chapter 26. Thus i had written a short or rough summary...
Do check it out! hehex..


Great news for Kaicho fans!!!!!
There is apparently a special chapter in Lala Special which features Yukimura's sister.
You can view it in the photos album!
Credit to
I got it from there.. ^_^ Hope they dun mind me sharing it here. Only for reading sake ok? hehex..

And bad news..... It's RAW Japanese scans.... No translation yet....
Well, here's a summary of the scans... My jap isnt good, but yup, i'll tried...
Basically its Yukimura's sister Rui who loves to play as a princess or rather imagines herself to be princess.
But she think his brother is not prince enough, eh, sounds weird in English... Yukimura doesnt have the prince image in her eyes. And Rui sees Usui Takumi and decided that Usui will be her prince....

Check out the summary that i've write up! ^^

Kaicho wa Maid sama 会長はメイド様!Book 5 is out in Japan!!!!
Misaki in the cover. So cute!
Cant wait for the chinese version in Singapore to be out!!!! >.<

Fujiwara Hiro sensei is holding an autograph session in Japan for the volume 5 release!!!
So envious the japaneses there... How i wish i could go too..
Sighhh... The info can be shown here....
There will sure be special gift or images of Kaicho wa Maid sama to collect! >.<

This group has been changed to closed group.
If you wanna see more scans, please request for approval, aka. Join the group!
Chapter 24 and 25 Scans is up!!!!
Please do not steal it.
Remember to credit it to Shoujo's World.
I do not scan these chapters. All thanks to her ^^, please do not take and repost in other groups as your scans.
P/s: Its still in japanese raw, translations still not out yet, do refer to my summary for it too!
Let's wait for Chapter 26 together!!
Release date for chpt 26: 22~24th May 2008

This group is dedicated to all those who love the manga series
会長はメイド様! Kaicho wa Maid sama! Student President is a Maid! by Fujiwara Hiro.
Share all your pictures, thoughts and craze about kaicho here!!!

This is the first Kaicho wa Maid sama fanclub in Crunchyroll!!!!The authentic club!
All images and info are fist handed! ^_^ Welcome everybody!!!!
For using the images, please be sure to credit this fanclub!No stealing please! Thanks!

From Aku Tenshi:
Ayuzawa Misaki is the student council president of the former all-boy school, Seika High School. In order to protect the girls, she battles the boys everyday. On the other hand, she secretly works at a "Maid Latte". But a popular boy from school, Usui Takumi, found out! Living in between the double identity of a Maid and a student council president~
What should we do Goshujin-sama!? <3

For reading of this manga:
till Chapter 9

Chapter 24 spoiler!!!!
In this chapter, Misaki went to Usui's apartment after taking a day's leave at Maid Latte.
When she reached Usui's apartment, she went o.O!!! How come there is such an extravagant apartment set in the middle of the neighbourhood or smth. Hahax.. it's funny...
But she found out that Usui was actually running a high fever and.....
Find out more in the forum! Updated!

Kaicho wa Maid sama special chapter and chapter 7 are uploaded!
See photos/gallery!
So sorry , it was in chinese, so sorry for those who can't read... >.<

Do check out this great site too!

There is another sub fanclub =-=
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
wow, so many info ..thanx so much XD
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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
Welcome! ^^
These are info from last time, dun wanna cluttered up the front page. So its in archived now! ( so to speak) Hahahx..
Glad its of use to you! ^^
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
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Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/12/08
it says that "You don't have permission to access /kaichouwamaid/583.html on this server."

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