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Chapter 28 Summary
(Please do not repost anywhere without crediting to NatsuRin. Thanks)

This chapter we starts off with The Seiga High 3rd day training in the high mountain of desoluteness.
The guys seems really disciplined after the few days of training and vegetarina diet.
The girls are a bit worried. Sakura is worried because according to the senpai that the 4th day is a danerous day for the girls... Just when they are discussing halfway, a short can be heard by Hinata (Misaki old childhood fren who likes Misak)

He is seen fighting with Usui in a showdownish style.. hehe...

Misaki been a bit pissed.: "Since yesterday... what the hell you guys are doing?!"
Hinata said that they are having a showndown , a heated talks between the guys...(lol, dun get wad he meant here, gomen)
Yet Usu keeps calling Hinata names other than his own. "Sanshita kun"
Hinata is angry and keeps correcting him yet Usui kep calling him other names, "ICHIRYUU KUN"
Having them keep arguing and fighting Misaki ordered them out of the room to reflect upon it.

The guys inside suddenly become so changes and in a peace mood, wih their bodies emitting a san=int and sparkling aura....
Some comented: Its a great happiness to live in a healthy lifesype, the training is great for one's soul etc...
Misaki thought the guys are getting bran washed and acting delirious...
She left them since all start to sleep

Outside the room, Hinata keeps biten bythe mosquitoes and keep swatting them away.
Hinata wondered aloud: Why the mosquitoes keep biting him and how can Usui still remain so calm and collected in this midst of 'ichiness'
Usui den replied:" Oh, that's so sad.Sanshita kun is such a mosquitoe attraction. Which means he is also the same kind, irritating pest etc." (Rough explanation, but Usui is practicallyquite sarcastic towards him.)
Hinata den ask him is Usui in love with Misaki, are the two dating?
Usui said smth on the line that it is troublesome......

Next scene we see Misaki and the guys in raincoat under the rain. Some are worried about the warning on the 4th day being the girls in great danger.
Finally they reached the Onsen shop?(or a resort house)
All the students were relieved that they finally reached a shelter. The girls took off their raincoats and the boys being brainwashed by the monks there and had a vegetarian diets had gone bersek.
In their eyes, the girls who were taking off their raincoats turn ten times sexier and appealing to them than ever before and some were losing control....

Just then, Hinata jumped in trying to deliver a kick towards Usui which as usual, was blocked beautifully by Usui saying.'Just like a irritating mosquito, Sanshita kun."ducking below and reacing for a punch under hinata's chin. Seeing hnata being no way to escape, he prepared for the impact, yet Usui stopped and instead hit him on the head with a 'Pechuuu~~~~'(Sorry, its a sound effect in a comical way the author is trying to draw.)
Usui:"Hey, this is one persistent mosquito..."
Hinata:"I am not a mosquito!!!"
Their funny fight was interrupted by Misaki's shouts:

Stay away from the girls!!!"

Sakura said th waring by the senpais are coming true..
The guys being subjected to doing cleaning, mediating,waking up early in the daybreak, having a vegatarian diet will finally collasped, reaching their limit at the 4th days and turn into a mob of girls-preying monsters!!!!!.

Misaki brought the girls to the another house/chalet type structure and sits in front all spike up and fury emiting out to guard the girls against the mad guys...Witht he girls holding broom or anything that might help to protect themselves against..

The guys at the other sides are starving due to lack of food and the teachers cannot make it in time to send the food supply due to the flood which stopped them due to the heavy rain. Thus, as the guys were thinking, the image of the girls taking off the raincoats emerge again and they all agreed on a hunt for the girls again tonight, since the teachers are not gonna be there tonight.

The girls are worried and felt something bad is gonna happen to them. Misaki reassured them and went out to tak e a look over the boy's side to check on them and to reassures the girls' worries. While she was halfway through, she met the guys and discovered Hinata is amongst them.
Misaki questions and hinata said he came for the sake of fun and the guys said and something like to see Misaki cahan as well.

BUt all of a sudden , the guys initaite an attack against the kaichou Misaki whike Misaki effortlessly defeated the first few with perfect swing down and aikido skills....

Hinata saw the commotion and gets really pissed that he cant forgive anyone who bullies his Misaki.
Misaki:"Who's YOUR Misaki..-___-\\\
HInata saying these kinda acts should not be done to the girls etc wwihle fighting with the guys who tries to attack Misaki.
While there were so much guys , some took that opportunity to slip past Misaki trying to head to the girls dorm.

Justthen Usui made a very handsome appearance!!!!!
"What are you guys playing? I am joining too. "

Misaki:"Usui? Why you..."
Usui:" I am the oni * (demon in the term being the ghost/catcher for the game)
Misaki: " let's catch all these troublemakers! I'm an oni too!"
HInata:!!!! Den I am an oni as well!!!!

All 3 of them: So let's start the fun shall we?" (Wow, trust me! this part is soooooo cool!!!!!)

In the end all the guys run away.
Misaki:"Isnt this goofd? That's the result that we wanted too."
Usui:"In this case, the oni won?"

*Waaaa... this part is sweet!!! especially for the usuixmisaki fans!!!"
Misaki turns and replied with a gentle yet happy look on her face:: Ooohh... (Yess) We won."
Usui returns with his ever charming and only gentle smile to Misaki back.

HInata: Those guys sorta change once Usui appeared.
Misaki: Of course, Usui is greatly respected/feared/awed bythe guys in the whole school.
HInata den said Usui is such a great man. Very power person)

Usui with a bored look: For wad?
Hinata with an excited look: For wad u said? For many things and lotsof great things osmething like that?
Usui starts to taunt HInat aby calling him sanshita again and HInata yell at him to stop that, and heusual quarrel starts again.

Misaki laughed at the scene and ask them not to mind her.

The gitrls held out and is sooo glad that Misaki came back.
They all ran to hug her saying how they worried for her safety and regret making her go out alone to confront hte guys...
Misaki conforts all the girls....


Misaki later saw Usui stilll lurking near the area and went over to ask him why is he still aroud the area.
Later Usui pins her upon the tree and ask her is Hinata a special guy to Ayuzawa(Usui starts to call her by her first name when he was breaching a serious talk/topic with Misaki)
Misaki: Not really special, just that HInata is a childish,playful boy who always make people worried about him. a really wild boy who never think much in his action.
Usui continues to questions her and Misaki answer saying he is troublesome and difficult to handle.

But Misaki continues blushing:You are much more troublesome and even more difficult to handle, Idiot Usui....
Uusi was surprised and dazed a while.
He leans forward and rest his head upon Misaki's shoulder while still pinning her in between.
Misaki was shocked and still blushing..: Wait....Usuiiii...

Suddenly, a really loud rumbling of stomach can be heard coming from Usui
Usui: I'm reaching my limit.... It's all that guy's (Hinata) fault. Wasting too much energy.....[He is refering to constantly being attacked by hinata earlier, though he always perfectly dodged them]

Misaki: Tsubo ha.. (she is laughing trying hard not to, yet fail....XD)
Usui with a really-__-\\\\\ : What's so funny about....
Misaki (note: Usui's head is still leaning on her shoulder): No, Look! The guys' BBQ is about to start, can start filling up your stomach soon....

Usui: Too tired to move at all.........-__-\\\\

:" The rain had stoped"
"Yes, it had"

( This part i guessing Misaki saying the rain had stopped to break the awkwardness and we can see Usui smiling genlty towards Misaki on her shoulder....

On the other hand, the guys seems to be starving with Hinata the worst hit
He was calling out for his mum with all the sunken look. hahahax...

News: Book 6 is scheduled to be release in September 5th, next issue of Lala is its cover!!!!


YES!!!! Phew!!! Finally finish the whole chapter. Sorry it took a few days, caused am busy with the Fireworks celebration volunteering these 2 days plus readings in campus...
Hope this is good enough....
Took me a few hours to type them out fully.....Enjoy!

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