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hey birds how r u ? ^^

here u all u can make a story by ur self talking abut us by takeing the char u want to be in ur story &
u can be the hero & we can make it manga liter if we make it funny or something
my story talking abut me & all birds here:
the title is: hte kigdom sleepy birds & how did i make it ^^

there is a hungry bird was walking around she saw a sleepy bird < his story to call sleepy bird was roley saw him allways saying he feel sleepy so she call him sleepy bird ^^> & they talk after that the hungry bird was thinking abut how to make group with a rare birds she told the sleepy bird abut her i dea & he told her thats would be good idea .. then the hungry bird go to make a group & the littl poor thing she wants to name the group :kingdom sleepy birds but she didnt know she forgit the N xD so the group named : kigdom sleepy birds xD
so she inv the sleepy bird & after that he sleep xD then she go to the faty bird <his story to call this name :roley was always annoing him by calling him the faty bird so he was dont like this name bt roley cheng his mind & he like it & accepa it ^^> she ask him to join her group & he accepta to join her group..then she walk then she saw a kitty walking & meawing around cr she was cute kitty so roley ask her to be neko bird <neko bird like her name she loves neko> & she accepta 2....roley have friend the strong eyes bird she inv 2 & she accepat2 <strong eyes cuz she like to be eagle ^^>...roley wants more rare birds more more then she go to her friend rocky & ask her to join her group & roley call rocky by rocky bird its nice nake name for her ^^ ....then to another friend the angel bird & his bro the devil bird she ask them to join & they love to join ^^<devil & angel birds was name cuz they r allways fighting xD> then roley was with the faty boy & stol his food xD the faty bird has a friend .. his friend buddy me & i think abut why i ask him to join it will be great to inv him to kigdom sleepy bird & also i saw him pretty so i call him the pretty bird ^^ ....& all the birds they be friends thats becuz the hungry bird make them happy ^^...the end

write by : roley poley the hungry bird

i wish u like it all ^^
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Itz kawii roley!!!! XP Mi favorite part was...well...the partz bout me!!!! XP It was awesomes!!! XDDD wite more pweaze dachu~!! XD
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hehe im glad u like it
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xDD cute. rahh!!
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nice story sis will kigdom is soo nice for da group
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yup i know hehe ^^
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