Most deserving love
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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/22/08
Which couple do you think deserves to be together the most?
The one who loves each other the most, who's been through the most to be together? The couple whose love for each other touched your heart?

3.Aya and Haruto from One Litre of Tears
A love that doesn't even end with death.

2.Xiao Longnv and Yang Guo from Return of the Condor Heroes
To ask, what is love in this world, that makes one dedicate its life for it?
This is love.
Sixteen years, they waited for each other. Despite all opposition, their love stood. What love is more beautiful? More deserving?

1. Huang Rong and Guo Jingfrom Legend/Return of the Condor Heroes
Years ago, they promised each other to live and die together.
We'll die together and live together.
Fourty/fifty years later, they said the same thing
If you die, I'll die. If you live, I'll live.
Their love was joyful in Legend of the Condor Heroes., but their love was admirable in Return of the Condor Heroes.
Jing gege, What's more important? The city or our love?
A love that extends to all people, to the whole world, is the greatest love of all.

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