Post Reply Who can break my record Damage and Hit!!!!!!!!!!!
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29 / M / DuNno
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08


MAX DAMAGE is 160422!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAX HIT is 642!!!!!!!!!!

i give u some info how to make it..
go to a place call closed area there got a secert place.. inside there are strong version monster..
if u lucky meet a monster like two male and one female..
that the luck u can hit him alot hit but one thing there muz together.. so that roxis can his power can hit three of them..
remember juz use normal attack dont use secial attack cos it will cost alot of burst and easy to finish but only roxis can use..
remember all char muz have critical++..
try keep useing variable and roxis Chrona Drive.. so that ur burst mode will never finish!!..

if u can break my record take pic and post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

my second record!!!

my best char stats.. but he still can up until 999.. i now trying to get 999 all stat..
i think his attack will 999 first..
when his attack 999 i will post it!!..

all pic i take got my name if someone copy it.. still got my name.. wahaha..
it prove that all are mind.. outside cant find it..
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26 / F / North Jakarta, In...
Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
waow ^^ good job, haha
well, I hav fought 'em too but I don't remember my record ^^' hhh...
I used Chrona Drive too, I like to use it often ^^

anyway, but u know, even u hav ur name on it, it's not possible to edit it like erase ur name from ur pic...
I can do it if I want ^^' because in this technology era it can be said easy.... especially by the pro
need proof? haha ^^
but don't worry, fried =] of course I won't do it!!
coz I'm also hav a difficulty to protect my edited pics or my original pics
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