RAW Championship Scramble: Who will win?
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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/24/08
Well on Raw it's announced that there will be a Championship Scramble Match for the World Heavyweight Championship here are the rules:

The match will have a 20 minute time limit. Two Randomly selected Superstars will begin the match with a new, randomly selected wrestler entering the match every 5 minutes until all 5 men are in the ring.

Pinfalls or submissions can happen at any time. Should a wrestler score a pinfall or submission, he will be recognized as a "temporary" champion until the match either ends or he is pinned or made to submit. Whoever is the "temporary" champion when the 20 minute time limit expires will be recognized as the current champion

So who will win?

And Keep in mind Smackdown is also making one and I already know qualified (spoilers).Two of the qualifiers really deserved to be in the match, one says he'll be World Champ since day one and one is someone that I never thought will be included in the match. I'll post the Smackdown Championship Scramble Forum when Smackdown airs on TV.
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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Batista deserves it back cuz edge took it then cm punk and now interuptions
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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/24/08
Good summary of the competition. I'll say it that I hate the idea first of all-it comes right right from a mix of the old match from the Smackdown! Games for the timed idea, and mixed with a mini-Royale Rumble and the Hardcore title 24/7 rule. In other words for a main title (if it means anything anymore as this is likely going to be another PPV where a non-title match will be the main event-HBK vs. Jericho in some stipulation match) this is straying to TNA too complicated levels, also lazy to book 2 of the same match, as if it worked for the double elimination chamber idea a while back...but I digress a bit from the topic.

Again will go over the competition. Sadly I'm not sure if Punk will get more time and I really want them to push the Straight Edge champ, and all he needs is someone he can work with, which SHOULD have been Jericho last PPV who earned a shot with a great heel gimmick, the best heat in the best angle right now with Michaels, and even a win recently yet no title shot on the horizon.

That said this is sadly where I see Punk dropping the belt, and way too soon. JBL's body shouldn't even be in a ring as it's approaching Kurt Angle danger levels of damage so I don't see him winning. Somehow I don't see Cena getting it back yet and he's on an odd streak of losing of late, jobbing like the Rock used to but never losing steam or fans. I was going to cancel both Kane and Batista with the new feud over Rey, but somehow I think they will keep Batista strong since he doesn't want to be heel, so I see the belt back on him and Punk and Kane and Cena chasing him for it, and hoping JBL simply goes back to announcing.
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