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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Glossary - Will be completed soon

A - a (ah) Mando'a: but
a'den (AH-den) Mando'a: wrath, rage
AA: anti-aircraft
AAA: anti-aircraft artillery
ad (ahd, s.); ade (AH-day, pl.) Mando'a: child, son, daughter
ad;ika (ah-DEE-kah, s.); ad'ike (ah-DEE-kay, pl.) Mando'a: child, son, daughter (used affectionately)
adenn (AH-tenn) Mando'a: merciless
aliit (ah-LEET) Mando'a: family, clan
an (ahn) Mando'a: all
ARC: Advanced Reconnaissance Commando
aruetii (ah-roo-AY-tee, s.); aruetiise (ah-roo-ay-TEE-say, pl.) Mando'a: foreigner, outsider, traitor
atin (ah-TEEN) Mando'a: stubborn

B - baatir (BAH-teer, v.) Mando'a: to care, to worry about
baay shfat: an obscenity of unknown origin about Hutt
bal (bahl) Mando'a: and
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