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28 / M / ... no way ...
Posted 11/26/07 , edited 11/26/07
OK OK ... I kno that this is a totally new group ... but i kinda want sumthing like this to be a success ... I am trying to invite buddies that are in to that sorta stuff but thats one thing ...
to advertise I really think we should try doing other stuff too.
Here are some ideas that im not sure will work or be legal
1. Place video comments asking people to join.
2. Searching up users with "blade", "sword", ect. in the name
3. Post comments on recentlly active forum to join.
4. Basically telling poeple to join on your profile.

Here are some ideas that ARE ILLEGAL
1. Making a new forum topic whose sole purpose is advertisement (its been done and closed down)
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25 / M / my own little wor...
Posted 12/15/07 , edited 12/16/07
NO, NO, AND DOUBLE NO. althogh, #2 is a pretty good idea, but why advratise?
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29 / F / ΨThe world is my...
Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08
I say make it more interesting....give it a little more...oomph to the group......Like bring up anime topics involving swords, or something.....*shrugs shoulders* that's just my opinion....also, if you just invite people with their names being involved with any sort of weapon, they won't accept the group invite, or else they will and not even be active in it.....You guys have to look at it all in another point of view...and imagine what would happen if you do certain things in a certain way..... But again, just my opinion....
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