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Shana: Hmm...Hi! It's my first shugo chara story! (Throws confeti)


Shana: Well...It means you're the star, you'll probably be tourcherd in my stories, and then I get to choose who you end up with in your love life Mabye Ikuto?

Tadase: What?! Hinamori-san, do you like him?

Amu: (blushes) . . . Uh... Oh, Hi Ran!

Ran: ? I've been following you for months and you just said hi?

Shana: . . . Awkward...Well, Disclaimer. I don't own anything to do with shugo chara apart from this fan story. Enjoy!

ありがとう! 、見直しなさい! 私は検討で、尋ねれば意味するものを知りたいと思えばある日本の単語を、従って使用する


"Amu-chan! Amu-chan!" Ran was whispering as she was floating above Amu's head.

Amu was sitting in her classroom, at her desk, with the sun hitting her work. She was in the middle of a test. Her head was blank. She studied all week for this test, but she couldn't remember a word of it.

''What?'' Amu hissed through her teeth, trying to concentrate.

''The answer's 27!" Ran smiled, holding up her thumbs.

''Ran! That's cheating!'' Amu whisperd back.

''Is there a problem, Himamori-san?'' Mr.Nikaido looked up right at Ran.

''Huh? No not at all!'' Amu nervously smiled as Nikaido watched Ran climb back into her egg.

Amu just pouted...This test was hard.And Nikaido keeps calling her 'Himamori-san' not 'Hinamori-san'

'How Am I supposed to comcentrate on a stupid test while X eggs are roaming free and I'm not there to catch them? Or when Ikuto and Tadase keep coming into my life? Or when I get to see Dia again?' Amu-chan thought to herself.

Amu-chan stared out of the window, hoping it would give her some answers for her test. All she could see from the 3rd floor was the playground, the royal garden, the planiterium, some tree's and a fountain.

No inspiration at all.

Amu-chan just sighed as she looked from the window and into her class.

For some reason, Amu-chan looked right over to Tadase-kun.

'Wow! Tadase-kun is great! His eyes are so bright!' Amu-chan thought to herself, completely forgeting the test. All she could see was Tadase-kun, Looking straight at her smiling, with his uniform so neat, his hair so silky and his smile perfect.

She could only hear her thoughts, as the sound of scribbling pencils was erased from her mind, with more light than usual shining on Tadase-kun.

'Tadase-kun is so perfect!' Amu-chan sighed, feeling lucky for knowing him.

Tadase-kun was looking straight back at her, smiling, making Amu-chan break from her little fantasy to realise her prince was staring right back at her.She was un-aware he was watching her admire him.

Amu-chan just started to blush, but hid it by smiling and relaxing.

Tadase-kun just kept on looking at her with dreamy eyes.

''How long has he been looking at me for?'' She whisperd to Miki, who was sitting on the window sill next to her, drawing pictures outside of the window.

''Hmm?'' Miki looked up, stopping her pencil scratching her pencil on the paper.

''Tadase-kun! how long has he been staring at me for?'' Amu-chan whisperd, kinda freaked out, wondering if she looked bad, pushing her hair back.

''Well, For a While, because I was able to draw him!'' Miki grinned, showing her a very detailed drawing of Tadase-kun looking dreamlily at a Amu-chan, who was writing on her test, with little hearts hovering above him.

''Miki!'' Amu-chan harshly whisperd, making Mr.Nikaido look up, and Tadase-kun quickly got back to his work.

Nikaido just smiled.He knew the king's chair felt something for the joker.

''Useless!'' A strange voice came outside of the window.

Everyone looked up and broke the silence. There was an X egg floating right next to Amu-chan, just on the outside of the window.

Amu-chan stood back in suprise,gasping, making Everyone look up at her.Rima, Tadase-kun and Kairi took this chance to stand up.

''Sensei, I have to go!" Amu-chan ran from her desk, with Rima, Tadase-kun and Kiseki right behind her.

''What's going on?" "All the guardians ran out!" "Do you think there's a problem?" Whispers filled the room.

''Okay,it's still a test! Anyone talking will receive detention!'' Nikaido told all the students, trying to distract them while the guardians delt with the problem.

-- Up on the roof --

A while later (As in a few minuets, after the guardians character changed as they went up the stairs) Amulet heart, Tadase, Yaya, Kairi and Rima just ran through the door of the roof, all gasped at what they saw. A huge gust of wind threw them all back, but luckily, they grabbed the handle on the side of the wall.

''Uh...That's scary!'' Yaya told everyone, hiding behind Amu-chan.

''Come on! We gotta get them away from here.

What they saw, was an angry Utau, in mid-air, surrounded my thousands of X eggs.

Utau had a crazy look in her eye.

''Hinamori-Amu...'' Utau softly said, as the guardians got back upto the top platform of the roof.

''Hinamori-Amu!'' Utau screamed as all the X eggs flew straight towards the guardians...


Shana: Yeah...So...

Amu-chan: What? She's coming after me?!

(Every-one rolls eyes)

Yaya: You stole her Ikuto from her! Remember?

Amu-chan: What?! He keeps coming after me!

Yaya: Give me some proof!

Amu-chan: He comes into my room all the time!...(Covers mouth)

Tadase-kun: He What!? Hinamori-san, did he hurt you? I swear, when I find him I'll kill him!

Eru: Note to self- Tadase-kun is overly protective over his girlfriend.

Amu-chan and Tadase-kun: She/He's not my girlfriend/Boyfriend!

Eru: Note to self- Tadase-kun and Amu-chan both deny their relationship.

(Amu and Tadase sit in emo corner)

Shana: Um..Hello! Stop your conversations please! Anyway, can you reveiw please? I want to know some great ways on how to torture all the guardians!

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it sooo longgg but read its gud i thk
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