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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Moshi~Moshi~!! Hokage-Kimmyukio is here. =DD

This is for fire clan members

There isn't anyone within the group yet! D= We need members and clans! =DDD

There will be ONE Hokage per clan. however, I will only allow the maxium of twelve Hokage Clan members.
So make sure you do your best! ^_^

Please state your user, and what clan you want to join.

There will be three fire clans. Within those fire clans, there are family clans. =] where your family clan leaders role is put into play~ =D

The Fire Element Hokage of this group is... TaiyoukaiKitsune

Clan names are:

Revelin Clan
This clan is made up of Fire, and a small amount of Earth elements. They have the ability to create volcanoes~ :O
They are known as the toughest to beat, due to their wise tactics with earth and the fire.

Hakumei Clan
Also made up of Fire, However, they are known to be quiet, and moody, They are known as the wisest of the Fire Element Clan. They are known to be the best in the medical field. And they heal their shinobi, with their abilities.

Ryusei Clan
They are known to be hard headed, but extremely strong, even stronger than the Revelin Clan. They can create, horrible fire tornadoes, and known to have dragon like eyes upon some of their children!

Please Choose wisely! ^_^
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