Elision the unknown

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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
"I am your mysterious past and inevitable future, I do not hide from the light, I welcome it to the darkness." "Born into madness, my reality and methods are unconventional, yet to my liking." "I enjoy the pain an relish in the death and sorry of others, it is as omnipresent as air itself." "They look to me as a mistake wrought upon the world, conjured by some dark necromancer of sorts, yet i started off just like you, normal, frail, weak and pathetic but unlike you my strength is now limitless." I sat on my throne bored looking down on the The weak and how they banded together to form a even bigger pile of weaklings, i laughed." "but i was bored with the weak and so called (not-so) strong, i restricted myself to a fraction of my capabilities and they still fell, wave by wave." Yet it was my very own creators who managed to at least confine me, for this i was pleased, they were finally smart enough to stop me in this state, but they were no fools they knew my potential."" though alchemy and the very magic used to get me to this level they concocted a suit to keep me within this limited power." With my hands bound to this suit this handicap made it possible to actually have fun."" i was confined to the darkest dungeons where i gladly waited a warrior strong enough to ease this eternal boredom."" My name is 'Elision' and i released myself , just to see a world of warriors, sages and all matters of entertainment."
"I don't tell you to fear me, its already implied."
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