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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08

race: unknown

sex: male

mind: neutral


eyes: black

hair: white


clothes:straight jacket with tattoos on the shoulders,

other details about the looking (like earrings, shoes or other special things…) : on the tattoos there is energy surging out and makes a hand (since his are confined to the straight jacket). eyes glow with energy

Special abilities: limit unknown (total annihilation) so far just energy manipulation

Pet (could be a little demon, dog, cat, dragon…. what ever and it’s facultative): split personality that tends to destroy anything close

Special abilities of the pet: energy manipulation

What does the chara like? insanity

What does he/she/it hate? normality and weaklings

Bad and not really good parts of him: psychotic mentality

Bad abilities: psychotic mentality

What’s his work (demon slayer for example) ? wanderer quest unknown

Is he poor or rich? doesn't matter he takes what he wants when he wants it

About his family: presumed dead

His future plannings? to find a warrior strong enough to withstand his power

About the chara (how grew he up, what did he before, what are his intensions…. and so on. Everything you want to write about your chara) : for what is known he was an experiment by the druids a long time ago when scholars and alchemy's potential was unknown and limitless. something went wrong and in the process warped his mind and thus began the unspoken age of elision. for some reason he re emerged and is wandering the lands.
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