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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Many lives where lost upon this land.. Legends say that this land if you walk upon it at night, that you can still hear the voices of the many clans that have died upon this land... Covered with trees, and lakes, and known to have the occasional wind pass by.. They say if you have a good nose.. You'd still smell the bloodshed from 6 centuries ago.. Now, this land hasn't been used for about 6 decades.. But the occaisional, traveler would come and pay their respects to their ancestor...
This land hasn't been used.. until recently.. the Dark Element Hokage, has taken out the bodies of this land.. and made them into his undead army... However, no one knew, but the Wind Clan..
Because of this vile act of disrespect.. many of the Element Clans, have been in Battle. Battling one another, assuming their clan did their disrespect to their Clan..
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