Tell us what your powers are
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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
This is where you list all the powers your character has, and describe it exactly. For clarification there will be no "ultimate power" no one is unbeatable in this group, so don't go over board. We will say something if it's too much. A fight is boring if someone cannot be beaten.

you may only use the powers you list here in your RP's, this is just to keep everything in order.

And each character gets only one post.

an example is this

Username: creepyfellow
Name: creepy
race: Demon

~X-ray vision- when he focuses he can see through walls, and watch the pretty ladies dress.
~Electrical fingers- he can send out waves of electricity through his fingers.
~sneak attack- he can move around unnoticed by anyone, blending in perfectly to his surroundings like a chameleon.
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28 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Username: Alixonzen
Name: Alixon
Race: Demi-god of Chaos

~Reality step - the ability to move large distances by Warping Realitiy
~Warping realities - the ability to warp time/space in a targeted area (size of area effect drain of power of user)
~Reality Seal - an ability to seal off warped realities
~Changing the fabric of Magic - Alixon's natural ability to warp active magic, pernament curses and blessings after awhile will become a part of the target and can't be effective magic of that type is called dormiant magic( Example:can turn blessings into curses,can cause magical backlashes)
~Summons Destructive Rift - Summons a Rift within a sealed reality it deal Immense Damage to anything is sealed Realitity(if it hits that is)

OK Red is active Magic and Blue is Dormint Magic/Natural Abitlites
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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 3/21/10
Username: assassinXfire
Character: Kaida (Empress Kaida)
Race: Assassin
Powers: (assassin is it's own race; they're not exactly human)
she knows a little magic.... you know the basics... fire, water, lightnin, blizzard, air, all that kinda stuff....
some say she has the ability to disappear or turn invisible.....
she's pretty handy with a blade... in other words it's scarry how good she is.....
when she kills an enemy she can obsorb their life fource, and heal herself with it..... (Sariyah{the assassin god} gave her that power)
and at night, the powers she does have, are increased 10 fold!!

Fire- she can summon a flaming ball of fire in her hand... i think you knows what happens after that... Boom!! enemy knocked right out of their seat.....
Water- she can control water
Lightnin- well does that really need explaning
Blizzard- she can either freeze people or create a blizzard.
Air- she can control the air...... ex. she can create a tornado...kinda

(i'm still coming up with her powers so give me some time....)


Character: Sariyah
Race: Assassin God
Powers: he can change day to night.
he can turn invisible/ disapear.
he also has power over the clouds and storms
if he needs to he can summon a small army of his followers..... in other words, an undead army of assassins....

(still working on it.... if you have any sugestions i'd be happy to hear what they are..)

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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/25/08
Username: LoveAngel604
Name: Nami
Race: Godess of Death (Soul Reaper whateverelsethathastodowithdeath)

Army lineup: calls undead soldiers, gods and godesses from other worlds(if a god/godess is beaten then they go back to their world and a undead can only be killed by a certain element) to attack my enemies.
Barrier:puts up invisable barrier to defend people from attacking armies.
Soul steal: steals the souls of many enemies or those that have souls.
Enternal Darkness: when I'm in my final form out of my puppet body. And sends waves of darkness over the enemy to dramaticaly weaken and to blind enemies(for a moment)
Desinagrate: breaks down enemy's armor no matter how strong and also desinagrates body if the body is possesed or if it has no soul...can only be used with sword
Regeneration: can regenerate yet can regenerate faster by eating souls
I think that's it for now

Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/24/08
Username: Mikky_
Name: Rhakael
Race: Demon-Elf
Corruption-using the Sapphire of Avarice I can temporarily corrupt either the leader of a battalion or the battalion excluding their leader into throwing the battle.
Rager-More of an ability, I can use 270% of my original power in battle triggered by the first wound I sustain in battle.
Teleportation-I can teleport to evade an enemy etc or I can teleport a foe temporarily away from me.
Regeneration-I can regenerate every part of my body unless I am killed in a very specific way in which I will keep secret.
Succumb-purely out of pleasure or as an attack I can drain the blood of an enemy in a most vampiric fashion and absorb their essence rendering it impossible for them to ever come back to their self. A slight drawback is that I lose much self control in this indulgence and occasionally tend to consume allies.

to add-I have 5000 soldiers that serve under me with absolute loyalty caused by their terror of me. Unfortunately my subjects are not as sturdy and reliable as I am

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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/25/08
Username: ex-i
Name: EX-I (c)
race: Extyrantis (c)

~ Alter Verse EX-I uses this ability to alter all of reality.
~ Space Storm EX-I can create massive space storms that warp time or restores time to the lost fabric of time in space for example a black hole stops time and devours it EX-I's storm would reverse this effect bringing life back to that part of the universe.(c)
~White Gigadrajei Flame breath this attack has all of the power of the elements .(c)

~ X Force a non element attack that rips apart time and space.(c)

~ X Revolution This ability allows EX-I to convert his foes into an Extyrantis and it allows him to take control of the enemy. (c)
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 9/9/08
Username : Hirata88
Name : Varius
Race : Aldamerian (a god clan)
Powers :

*The Netherworld : His mandate as a Rasphardanium gives him the power of creation where he can create realms of whatever he wants.

*Wrath of the Rasphardanium : The most terrifiying power thus reconsidered as doom's day to any nation or realms that rejected his rule. the nation/realm that under the Rasphardanium's wrath shall eliminated from this world and then all the souls of that nation shall be tormented in his Netherworld

*Bless of El-Khazaseth : A prosperous blessing to any poor nation/realm that pleased the Rasphardanium thus pray to El'Khazaseth to bless that nation/realm

*Creatures of the Netherworld : The Rasphardanium dosn't only have one huge mortal army but creatures of the Nertherworld, such as demons, dragons(serpent types),large beasts and angelic beigns.

*Artificier : Even he is an Aldamerian, the Rasphardanium has the expert to create magical instruments, items or artifacts that will bring benefit to his kingdom and the others.

*Deus Aldameria : A secret thus most powerful of all magic in this kingdom (maybe can compete others ), where if the kingdom is under a very dreadful threat or under most horrible crisis until the Rasphardanium himself can't solve the problems then he use this power. This power call the Aldamerian deities (including El-Khazaseth) to come down to earth and saves the kingdom. This magic is a final resolution.
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28 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08
Username: Alixonzen
Name: Theos
Race: Incarnation
Powers:There will be more

~ Frost Barrier - Conjures and Barrier of Freezing Souls
~ Essence Drain - Drain the souls and Energy of Targets
~ Netherworld's Blaze - Conjures the Flames of the Netherworld ...It burns on the Spiritual Level
~ Channeling Power- Can Channel the forces of the Netherworld into self or other
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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08

mastercheesu wrote:

Maybe you should have him

lol I would.....hehe maybe I'll throw him in somewhere lol you never know:P

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28 / M / antarctica
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Username - Shingledorfph
Name - LilB
Race - Human
Powers -

Mastered Earth Water Air and Fire magic
Magic Shield - Can cast a shield over himself making him unable to be hit but can only cast for 30 seconds at a time and only once per hour
Levitation - Can levitate
Invisibility - Can not be seen for a short while
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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08
Username : white_witch_01
Character Name : Youna
Race : Devil Witch
Powers :
Void Magic - Light will be gathered in one point, causing the surroundings to be dark, then the light will be released at such a fast rate, like an arrow, but a lot faster and powerful
Wind Arrows - Arrows that gathers the wind around it, very powerful and may destroy a whole forest if wanted
Speed of Wind - can travel at a very fast rate, just a little slower than the speed of light
Wind Sword - this sword can use various techniques, mostly Wind Blade and Air Cutter, mostly used just for combat, techniques are rarely used
~~~Air Cutter - can slice through anything but is dangerous to use
~~~Wind Blade - faster than Air Cutter but has the same effect, it uses more energy though
Reflect - creates a mirror that can deflect any attack, but can only last for 1 minute and has to wait for another hour before it can be used again.
Wings of the Wind - can fly and camouflage in the air but it needs a lot of energy and concentration before it can be used, can only be used for 3 hours and has to wait for another 10 hours before it can be used again
Fuzetsu - time-spell, time stops and only the user can move, it can only last for 30 seconds
Blessing of the Forest - using the lake in Purifying Forest, user can be healed, but only if s/he stays there for 12 hours, if s/he will go out, s/he MAY die

Teehee! I think my imagination is WAAAAY overboard XP YA-HA!!!
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23 / F / Bali, Indonesia
Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/20/08
Name; Darkurai
- invisibility
-Air Cutter - can slice through anything but is dangerous to use
-Water- she can control water
-can fly/levitate
-Soul steal: steals the souls of many enemies or those that have souls.
-Teleportation-I can teleport to evade an enemy etc or I can teleport a foe temporarily away from me.
-able to use magic

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