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[Fanfiction] my own creativity
Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08

Kawazoe_Tamaki wrote:

in my option.. i call this spam

y? (i don't get wot spam is :sweatingbullets:)
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24 / F / somewhere
Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/24/08
I liked this story ....what happend to the person who made it?
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F / Among the fluffy...
Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08
Pretty kool story but the thing that's innoying is that you keep on typing one sentence in one comment... Anywayz, please carry on writing the sotry!! Its good.
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24 / F / in front of you!
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/11/09
I want to join in on the fun...
Rick~ what happen to your head
Randy~ (pushes rick) she got attacked duh!
Malry~ no I didn't...(hesitating) I just fell its nothing..
Rick~anyways get ready for dinner then

Malry went upstairs to her room and put her backpack on a chair andthen looked at her mirror..
Malry~ what happend when I got knocked out? (rubbing her bump)
Randy~ (yelling) Malry hurry up
Malry~ (still thinking about what could of happend) oh...oh! I'm coming!

Malry went downstairs all readyfor dinner, but she still had the bump on her head
Rick~ are you okay?
Malry~ yeah why?
Rick let me heal your bump...
Malry looked into Ricks eyes and then she began to feel embarassed
Rick then leaned in more, and then more
Malry~ what are you doing?
Rick~ watching you fix your injury
Malry~ huh?
Rick~ look! ( showing malry her reflection off his phone)
Malry~ woah!
Rick~ (mumbling) youmust like me..
Malry~ huh?
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