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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/24/08
Moshi-moshi! This will be where you guys buy your items, and speak with some of the characters here for information/rumors!

Normal Characters, I will PM you what your rumors will be. =]

When you have questions... Please speak with your Monk/Hokage. ^.^

Please note:

Items For Sale:

Revival Scroll: 1,000,000 yen

Shrukien: 10 yen per set.


Herbs: 50 yen

Wedding Ring: 5000 yen

Kunais: 20 yen per set

Sake: 500 yen

(Kimonos, go for the whole FAMILY clan)
Wedding/Formal/Battle Female Kimonos: 1,500 yen

Wedding/Formal/Battle Male Kimonos 1,500 yen

Monk's Services of Joining wedding: 50 yen per day

*** Please note that his money is added to the Normal People money***

Sushi: 500 yen

Crunchyroll Sushi : 10 yen per set

Beer: 500 yen
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