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hi minna!!! next contest wil be oracle academy history....

the contest is simple...make a story on how oracle academy was founded....and i want it to be somewhat classical....and not cute......and i want to see the following words here:

different clans
rosabelle rousseau
oracle academy
civil wars

and the one who wins will have the title "ace writer of oracle academy"

oh and you could add more names ^^ i don't want to put mine i could give the chance to others
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how nostalgic...=]
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After the Civil war,a girl called:rosabelle rousseau make a academy called:Oracle academy.She made different clans in it,classes,club.She made it looks elegant and elite.A lot people from different other clans that survive found the school and joined it.The clans soon made themsevles ally with each other and there is no more wars every.*what is neutral?me not good with english me japanese XD*
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a Goddes named Rosabelle Rousseau who was also an oracle, made different clans namely Vampires, Demons, Faries, Magicians, Humans, Spirits, Samurais, Ninjas, Angels, Warriors, and of course gods/goddes.. She saw that they were not getting along that much, her people started the civil war because they couldnt understand each other.. the war went on, and on.. finaly Rosabelle Rousseau was fed up of the war and hatred that went over her land.. that she used her powers to bring peace to the land.. she teached every clan that they can be allies with the other clans.. Peace was among them.. One day Rosabelle thaught, why not make an academy, an elegant and elite first class academy that would help others be neutral to each other.. vampires could get along with humans, demons can be friends with gods and angels.. She thought of this and she was happy of what she imagined what life could be in this academy.. a year passed and the Oracle Academy was found.. each and every clan lived happily inside the academy.. and the people who lived outside as well.. and until this day the Oracle Academy stands firm and strong to give and teach others to love and to live together as one..

like it..?
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Long ago, there exist different clans across the world. There were Demons, Vampires, Angels, Gods, Spirits, Samurais, Warriors, Magicians, and Faries. Peace was spread throughout but a huge and terrible civil war occurred. Each and every single clan was neutral and did not like each other very well. They feared and hated what was different from one another and a war started because of it, of segregation. Countless lives was lost because of the civil war, neither clan was seizing victory, therefore, they were struggling and suffering of becoming victorious. Soon some clans joined alliances to defeats other clans. Warriors allies with Ninjas, and Samurais, The Vampire allies Demons, The Humans allies with Magicians, and Spirits, and The Angels allies with Gods. The war became more intense as more and more lives were lost everyday, a never ending conflict. As the war drag slowly along, soon there was some people who despise fighting and the war because of the lost and suffering. Among the gods, a young lady who was the leader of the gods, Rosabelle Rousseau , had an ideal to bring peace between the clans, she hated fighting and never like to fight. The Angel’s Leader, Alexander Saraelia , a wise old man who agreed to the words of Rosabelle. Rosabelle and Alexander went together and negotiate a peace treaty among all the clans. Most clans leaders immediately accepted the treaty because they were desperate and couldn’t afford to lose any more of their people. There was one problem, The Demons. They were outsiders who never liked to socialize themselves with others. They wanted to be by themselves instead of relying on others. Among all the clans, rumors says demons were the most powerful and destructive because of their way of teachings. Rosabelle didn’t gave up on the Demons. She thought of something that can profit the Demons. An academy , a symbol of peace and friendship between the clans. A place where anyone could train themselves and get along with one another and that was what Rosabelle strived for. When Rosabelle offer the Demons to join this academy that would be built, at first they refused when they heard it they could become more powerful, they decided to join the peace treaty, Finally, the war was resolve, the bloodshed was over, but one more thing was needed to be done. Even if there was a peace treaty, there needed to be an academy. If there wasn’t an academy, the demons would abandon the treaty. The another war may broke out but Rosabelle wouldnt let that happen. Every clan camed to see Rosabelle built this academy. Rosabelle used an ultimate magic, as the ground shook and the wind blew hard, a extremely gigantic place appeared out of nowhere, she built an academy by pure magic! Everywhere was elite and elegant , almost as if the paradise of utopia. There was something wrong, after the academy appeared, Rosabelle life energy was empty, the magic was too much for her and it took her life. Her body felled down on the ground, but she was smiling. The clans went to awe and wonder of the academy but when they found out Rosabelle passed away, they were into shock and despair. A funeral immediately went into place, everyone mourn of Rosabelle’s death. Everyone soon realize the work she had done and the peace she work hard for. The next day, the academy went into place. Everyone went along so well together and lively place. The Demons weren’t comfortable at first but they soon began to be in contact with other clans and socialize. Everything worked out as planned. The academy was soon to be named, Oracle Academy , and what lies in the entrance was the statue of Rosabelle Rousseau, the person who brought peace to the world. No one ever forget about her and what she done for the clans….

that was long, didnt realized
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Long ago, a civil war raged between all different clans. They all thought they were better than the others, except for one: the Goddess Rosabelle Rousseau. She knew that as long as they couldn't see the faults in themselves that they were all equally shameful. She dreamed for peace, and for an elegant yet elite place where no blood would be shed. She shared her thoughts with her father, Damien. Damien was the head God and was making sure that the Gods and Goddesses clan stayed nuetral and not get involved in the war. For this reason Rosabelle thought for sure he'd listen, but instead he simply gave no care for what Rosabelle had to say and shooed her off without a second thought. Rosabelle felt disappointed but not defeated, she still knew she must do something. She climbed the tallest mountain in the clouds and drew in a deep breath. Being the daughter of her clans leader she had much more power than ordinary gods. She built up her magic, then sent it out in a mindwave across all the lands where the clans raged in war. She stated 'Let us stop! This will get us no where, no one is better than anyone else when we're all like this' . It felt like the world was holding it's breath as Rosabelle waited for the response that was sure to be coming to her in one way or another. Unfortunately the clans misinterpreted her message. They believed that she was simply trying to get all the others to stop fighting so that she could take claim of being the best. The clans thought she was being a over-confident goddess with an even bigger ego. They all formed a silent alliance against her. Rosabelle was attacked over and over again, but she didn't fight back, instead she used defensive magic to protect herself as she tried to get her point of peace across. None of the gods or goddesses knew of these attacks, and if there were ones that did, they simply ignored it knowing they stood no chance. Eventually Rosabelle's defensive magic died out. She would either have to start using her life energy to attack or be killed. Rosabelle climbed to the top of the mountain and once again took in a deep breath. This time instead of using magic she simply fell. She fell into the clutches of all the other clans who killed her instantly and the dark wizards put her body in a magic transparent casket to show their victory. Damien stared in awe as he looked down to see all the clans and his daughters body. He was infuriated and launched an all-out attack on them. When his win was apparent he gave them all two choices. Either follow his daughters dream and make peace or be killed by him. They all signed a treaty. Damien threw the treaty on the ground and used his magic, they all watched as the treaty illuminated and then grew into a school. Damien thrust his arms in the air and declared, "This is Oracle Academy! All clans can attend under the peace treaty!" he took in a sorrowful breath and added, "Founded by Rosabelle Rousseau!"

<- sorry if it's not good, I like putting twists on stories so I made the heroine the assumed bad person ^^
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nice works.......
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......nice kimmiekit XD
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you too Chaoz! ^-^
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ahah im not good as u, urs is written like a professional author
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^^ nice work anyway......
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