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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
lol, I didn't make mine I don't have the program's to do that, nor the artistic ability, but I DID remember the D&D elemental tree so I just added four new elements (Not really elements, more of Element allies) to my mind XD
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Posted 1/20/10 , edited 1/20/10
the four main ones fire water wind and earth are standard, the other four, ice wood metal and thunder are ones I got from combining two elements. Bonus points if you can guess which two elements make up each secondary element
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Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/17/10
Giant scorpians found in Furen, hunted for bounties.
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Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
Le Canzoni di Morte (Italian for "The Songs of Death") is a unit that works for the New Government under the direct command of President Hansen, or to more precise, Nero. The 23 member unit is responsible for caring out the will of the President (actually Nero). The group's names and titles originate from the book Beloved.
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Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
Beloved is a book written by an unknown author. The fictional work is about the journey of heir to the throne Miguel the Genius, who is taking a trek back to his kingdom, Joshua the Kingdom of Love, with his close friends: Dmitri the Instrumentalist, Reiko the Foreigner, Syphl the Orphan, Maxwell the Athlete, Kindre the Poet, Blitz the Casanova, Mewt the Thief and Noctis the Nihilist. In their journey, they have occasional encounters with the groups Juuniviinjho and Le Canzoni di Morte.
The book was first brought to Jahan by the Seraphim Azazel. However, the original book was torn to pieces and the book's story has been fragmented over the lands. The biggest collectors of Beloved pages were Valentine de Invidia and Max Weber.
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Posted 5/7/10 , edited 5/13/10
The New Elemental Table

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Posted 5/13/10 , edited 5/14/10
Natalie's Summons - The Great Spirits (Unsummonable as of now)

Natalie's Summons - Vassals (First Form)

Natalie's Summons - Elemental Nobles (Second Form)

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Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
Nature Sprits/Pixies
Nature Spirits or also known as Pixies, are actually spirits of any part of nature that left its original body and went into the body of a human. They take their human form usually, but they are able to turn into their original form whenever they want. They also have the ability to summon any of their kind, control them when they are more powerful, and eventually have powerful abilities related to the essence of those creatures. The only kind of creatures that can never become a pixie, are those of beast/carnivorous status. Only creatures like wild boars, horses, birds, snakes, or even plants are allowed. Depending on their natural form, the pixie may have different powers. Another power that all pixies have, is the power to heal with any touch, and fly.

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Daemon Taint

An intangible entity that spawns demons and other untold horrors from a world of twisted reality called the Warp (not the same as Hell). They can happen anywhere since dark heretical cults can summon them through sacrificial rituals. The threat can vary depending on how far out the taint spreads out to. Not only does it spawns creatures but also change the environment completely leaving the ground barren and cracked with demonic energies, it can even affect those who envy the power of the warp turning them into foul monstrosities. If not stopped soon, the taint can engulf entire regions turning them into a nightmare landscape infested with endless hordes of greater demons.
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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/17/10
A sentient humanoid being that has the blood of liquid turquoise stone. Their blood is poisonous to humans and and any kind of vampire. They are generally pale, have turquoise hair and eyes and they are born from the earth wherever turquoise stone is present. Their main weapon of use in combat is turquoise daggers that their hands can morph into, more advanced warriors can morph the turquoise into other objects or even use it to cover the enemies whole body with turquoise and then solidify them(the turquoise stone weapons their hands/body turns into is produced from their blood). Their weaknesses would be the same as any stone creature... If they freeze, they can be frozen to the core and shattered into pieces, so generally they stay in very warm places and their body temperatures are usually around 106 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/22/10
The weapons of the Army of Faith - note: all of these weapons combust when closely examined by one who isn't of the Faith

Auto Gun - fires 100 rounds per minute

Heavy Auto Gun - fires 1000 rounds per min with a 2 man crew

Miner - carries an anti magic drill and can crush steel blocks with his claw

Cavalry (Light Tank) - fires explosive armor piercing rounds

Knight (Heavy Tank) - main cannon fires poisonous gas filled rounds while side guns fire armor piercing rounds

Serpent (Light Battleship) - fires explosive armor piercing rounds and anti ship torpedoes

Wyvern (Heavy Battleship) - fires AA armor piercing rounds, poison gas shells, explosive armor piercing rounds and a long range cannon

Dragon - fires a long range weapon called the mana cannon, fires AA, anti magic, and explosive shells as well as high caliber cannons

Assault Sub - fires torpedoes and drops depth charges

Sneak Sub - Carries Limpet Mines

Artillery - Fires heavy armor piercing exploding rounds - requires a crew of 5

Zeppelin - goes above dwarf armaments - drops explosive and poisonous bombs as well as fires AA armor piercing and anti magic rounds

Flyer - extremely fast - fires anti magic armor piercing bullets
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Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
The Weapons of the Dwarf/Gnome Alliance- Note: the "Round Codes" are the type of rounds those Weapons USUALLY use, NOT ALL THE TIME USE.

Dwarf/Gnome Rifles-
Top Gun: Sniper Rifle (Holds 5 bullet clip bolt action reload)
Middle Gun: Sharp Shooter Rifle (Holds 7bullet clip semi-auto)
Bottom Gun: Standard Issue (Holds 12 bullet clip Semi auto, Lower barrel 2 bullet Bolt Action Reload)

Top Gun Codes: #1, #2, #4, #12
Middle Gun Codes: #1, #2, #4, #5, #12
Bottom Gun Codes: #2, #3, #4, #5
Bottom Barrel of Bottom Gun Codes: #6

Dwarf/Gnome Pistol-
Standard Issue 1 round pistol.

Pistol Codes: #6

Dwarf/Gnome Heavy Rifle-
Holds 20 bullet clip full auto .50 cal rounds (Fires at a rate of 1.5 bullets a second)

Heavy Rifle Codes: #2, #4, #5, #12

Dwarf/Gnome Tank-

Tank Codes: #5, #12, #45

Dwarf/Gnome Mobile Long Range Cannon-

Cannon Codes: #5, #12, #45, #15

Dwarf/Gnome The Leviathan- Only one

Leviathan Codes: All Codes Apply

The Gnomes Guide to Magical Bullets and Gun Enchantments

First thing to note is.

-To fire magical bullets out of a gun you need a Special Enchantment on the gun.

-To Enchant a gun to imbue regular bullets with effects you need different enchantments (note that a gun that is enchanted to imbue regular bullets can no longer fire magical bullets due to the magical forces clashing and resulting in an explosion) also guns enchanted to fire magical bullets can no longer be enchanted to imbue regular bullets and vise versa (only one type of Enchantment can be placed on a gun to fire one type of bullet, ex: Gun has enchantment to fire “Piercer round” this gun will no longer fire normal bullets as anything else other than “Piercer round” and another enchantment cannot be placed on it.

-To do the Enchantment you need A Skilled Gnome Enchanter and a Skilled Dwarf Smith.

Magic Bullets and There Effects-

NOTE: These effects of these bullets are based on a standard issue bullet's size, not larger calibers, these effects can and will change with the rounds size.

Excellerant Bullet (Can also be a Gun Enchantment)-
Code: #01
This Bullet Flys about 5 Times faster than the normal bullets, Dodging or Blocking this bullet becomes extremely difficult, it also flys straighter and further than the normal bullets.
This Bullets is used on a regular basis by Gnome and Dwarf Snipers.
Also Sometimes used in Cannons to take out Larger Enemy's at long distances.

Piercer Bullet (Can also be a Gun Enchantment)-
Code: #02
The Piercer Bullet when Fired surrounds its self with Wind that will cut through objects like there butter piercing even the strongest armor or Barrier, and able to cut many layers of armor and such.
This Bullet is Regularly used by Rifle Infantry.

Air Burst Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-
Code: #03
The Air burst bullet fires a round that at a certain distance explodes and rapidly compresses the air in a 5 foot radius simulating the air pressure during an explosion cutting/shredding what ever is caught within the 5 foot radius.
This Bullet is used During Times of Siege, and missions to take out large portions of enemy's.

Sound Wave Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-
Code: #04
Similar to the Air Burst bullet, the Sound Wave will reach a certain distance and explode, though instead of a burst of air it will send out a wave of sound, and instead of cutting or shredding the air wave will temperately make the person def, it will also make the target or target (in a 5 foot radius) become disoriented and lose balance, it will also make there vision blur for a few seconds.
This bullet is used During times of large offensive's or siege to break up enemy formations.

Explosion Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-

Code: #05
The Explosion bullet, on contact or after a certain distance, will explode, the explosion is 5 by 5 yards large, and is very destructive.
This bullet is used on a regular basis to take out large groups of enemy's
This is the main shell used in Tanks and Cannons.

Flame Thrower Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-
Code: #06
The Flame Thrower Bullet, when fired, will launch out a 3 yard long stream of fire out of the barrel of the gun, the stream of fire covers a cone of about half yard and last for about 10 seconds before dying out.
This Bullet is used on a regular basis in Pistols, and the lower barrel on Standard Issue Rifles incase the enemy gets too close.

Combination Bullets and There Effects-

Combination P&E Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-

Code: #12
This is a combination of the Piercer and Excellerant Rounds, though it is a combination is only flys about 2 times faster than the normal bullet and can not pierce as many layers of armor as a piercer round or stronger barriers.
This Bullet is sometimes used for Specialty Missions.

Combination S&E Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-

Code: #45
This is a Combination of the Explsion and Sound Wave Rounds, though its a combination the explosion is dimmed down to about 2 ½ yards while the sound wave is sent out from the explosion another 2 ½ yards.
This Bullets is used to take out large numbers of enemy's and to confuse and make enemy formations panic.

Combination E&E Bullet (Can NOT be a Gun Enchantment)-
Code: #15
This is a Combination Bullet of the Excellerant and Explosion Rounds, though it is a Combination the man effect of this Bullet it to cause the Explosion round to go Further, and slightly Faster.
Usually used as Cannon rounds for Anit-Air

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Posted 6/30/10 , edited 6/30/10
A night spirit
A Baykok basically has the appearance of a walking skeleton but with a thin translucent skin and fearsome red eyes glowing from the sockets in its skull.
It preys only on warriors and kills either with its club or invisible arrows.
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Posted 9/3/10 , edited 9/3/10

Signism is the art of runes. Unlike most magic, runes can be used by mostly anyone as long as they know how. The most basic way to use runes is through an incantation, though masters of signism have been known to use them without incantations. While runes usually vary between users, there are 62 runes generic runes.

1. Sign of Force: Qian
2. Sign of Field: Kun
3. Sign of Hoarding: Zhun
4. Sign of Enveloping: Meng
5. Sign of Attending: Xu
6. Sign of Conflict: Song
7. Sign of Troops: Shi
8. Sign of Alliance: Bi
9. Sign of Small Harvest: Xiao Chu
10. Sign of Treading: Lu
11. Sign of Peace: Tai
12. Sign of Obstruction: Pi
13. Sign of Fellowship: Tong Ren
14. Sign of Great Possession: Da You
15. Sign of Humbling: Qian (or Sign of Force: Qian Level 2)
16. Sign of Excess: Yu
17. Sign of Following: Sui
18. Sign of Branch: Ku
19. Sign of Forest: Lin
20. Sign of Contemplation: Guan
21. Sign of Gnawing Bite: Shi Ke
22. Sign of Grace: Bi
23. Sign of Flaying: Bo
24. Sign of Returning: Fu
25. Sign of Innocence: Wu Wang
26. Sign of Potential Energy: Da Chu
27. Sign of Jaws: Yi
28. Sign of Critical Mass: Da Guo
29. Sign of Abysmal: Kan
30. Sign of Radiance: Li
31. Sign of Influence: Xian
32. Sign of Constancy: Heng
33. Sign of Retreat: Dun
34. Sign of Great Maturity: Da Zhuang
35. Sign of Aquas: Jin
36. Sign of Darkening of the Light: Ming Yi
37. Sign of Family: Jia Ren
38. Sign of Polarising: Kui
39. Sign of Limping: Jian
40. Sign of Deliverance: Xie
41. Sign of Diminishing: Sun
42. Sign of Augmenting: Yi
43. Sign of Displacement: Guai
44. Sign of Coupling: Gou
45. Sign of Clustering: Cui
46. Sign of Ascending: Sheng
47. Sign of Confining: Kun
48: Sign of Well: Jing
49. Sign of Skinning: Ge
50. Sign of Cauldron: Ding
51. Sign of Thunder: Zhen
52. Sign of Mountain: Gen
53. Sign of Infiltration: Jian
54. Sign of Marrying Maiden: Gui Mei
55. Sign of Abundance: Feng
56. Sign of Traveling: Lu
57. Sign of Calculations: Xun
58. Sign of Lake: Dui
59. Sign of Dispersal: Huan
60. Sign of Limitation: Jie
61. Sign of Inner Truth: Zhong Fu
62. Sign of Small Exceeding: Xiao Guo
63. Sign of After Completion: Ji Ji
64. Sign of Incompletion: Wei Ji
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Posted 9/7/10 , edited 9/7/10

How would a rune Spell look/play out?
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